The Travels of
Miss Lara Croft

Riga, Latvia

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April 2009 ::: eTux


eTux The dog pretending she's not interested in the new visitor
Lara and eTux' homework and a project in progress Lara overlooking the souvenirs traveling with her The (hopefully) last snapshot of Latvia's winter this season
eTux dog
travel kit
Lara's Easter celebration with willow-catkins and a new souvenir

By the University of Valmiera. The Statue is of 3 characters from a book, the plot of which is about the 1905 revolution in Valmiera

A close-up of the statue Lara visits a nearby bakery ..and has some fun on the playground
Easter University Statue Bakery Playground
A close up for those who had to squint to see her in the picture before St. Simon's church of Valmiera An old watchtower on the coast of the Baltic Sea
A Dog and some painted rocks Panorama of the Baltic Sea's coast
Close up St.Simon Watchtower painted rocks Baltic Coast
Riga's Central Railway Station
Going along one of Riga's streets... ...and enjoying the architecture...
...and enjoying the architecture...
...and then some
Railway Station Riga Riga Riga


The central canal with the Opera building in the background The Monument of Freedom St. Gertrude's church Out in the countryside...
...enjoying the local landscapes
Canal Monument St.Gertrude Countryside Countryside
First shot at the ethnographic museum, with a traditional Latvian home in the background
Another old building with a cane roof A windmill
Colourful beehives Lara posing at the shore of a lake, before she takes off to go to Germany...
Museum Museum Windmill Beehives Lake


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