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Interview run by Michael at the 3rd German TR Meeting in July 2002

HorstHorst Kolodziejczyk started with the level editor like many others I would guess. Horst KolodziejczykAfter buying TR Chronicles and being done with it about a week later he was looking for more value for his money and as he is working 3D-desgin for a living he always wanted to create realtime animations and the editor offered an easy way to do that in an interactive way. And of course he did rebuild the tutorial level as any wannabe designer should and then canceled New Years Eve and instead spend time working on his debut level – Hunt for the 5 Artefacts, which he then advertised at Theresa's forum and she actually wanted to add the level to those hosted at, but this was just the time when Theresa suddenly disappeared from the scene, so it never happened. So, Hokolo hosted the level on his own webspace and soon after released his second: Lara's Return. About this time he also decided that with each new level he wanted to add something new that he had not done in his prior levels and so in Cave of Pandora the pushable blocks appear and in Twilight City he used sinks for the first time.

Hokolo does actually spend 5-6 hours daily on level design and then of course the weekends, mainly because of all the testing, testing, testing that he does Horst and Larato make sure the level works. Usually, with an idea in mind he builds, starting from a room and then growing and expanding from it and as soon as his world is created the way he wants it, he begins adding puzzles and traps.

Hokolo does not like pure shooting levels and useless violence, so he is actually desperately searching for 'monsters' where people would not have such a bad conscience when killing them. While he has downloaded quite a few custom levels, he never actually played any, so cannot quite imagine to work on a project jointly with another builder, but the talks and sharing of thoughts and ideas with the other German level designers at the meeting really inspired him a lot. Hokolo does read reviews written about his levels and makes use of the critique and ideas mentioned. For example, he had a lot of comments that his masterpiece to date Deep in the Jungle was very chaotic in its 'non-linearity',Mysterious Alien Cave so his current work is a bit of a step back from this. The most memorable international contact Hokolo remembers is when Torry commented in his very own way about Twilight City (quote: 'Hokolo, you should be tied naked over a bull ant nest in central Australia and left in the noonday sun to suffer') – he is still laughing about this one. Hokolo grew up in Osnabrück and now lives in Hanover and is a 'happy single in his early 50s' as he says – quote: 'you can either build levels or be married'. When he travels, he usually ends up on the Canary Islands and funnily enough keeps meeting Lara there… (see picture on the left)

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