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TR4 - 2811
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 143
TR2 - 92
TR1 - 28

61079 reviews (19.7 / level)
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Jurassic Park NG GMac DJ Full 8/8/8/8 16-Jul
Don't Kill The Monkeys! Dino Tolle87 10/10/10/10 16-Jul
Ramla mugs DJ Full 9/10/10/9 16-Jul
BtB2014 - Fire Path A_De eRIC 8/10/9/8 16-Jul
The Vagrant's Journey to Sumeria Remake Dustie Jose 6/7/8/8 15-Jul
Nevada Adventure StormChaser Jorge22 7/8/8/8 14-Jul
My Home Zip Jay 1/2/2/2 14-Jul
The Power from Mind Pedros Jay 4/6/8/7 14-Jul
Tut Revisited FX active - A Time Forgot Jeff Sadler Phil 5/5/5/6 14-Jul
ORC18 - The Ancient Hourglass LoreRaider eRIC 8/9/10/9 14-Jul
Tomb Raider - Crystal of Life Remake (Demo) Sabatu eRIC 6/7/8/7 14-Jul
The Lost City of Pompeii Cowboy Jay 9/9/10/10 14-Jul
Green Base Gary Jay 3/3/3/4 14-Jul
A Spooky Tomb Melvin Hall DJ Full 7/10/10/9 14-Jul
Tomb Raider: The Little Things - Prologue Uzi Master DJ Full 9/10/10/9 13-Jul
Nevada Adventure StormChaser Ryan 7/7/8/8 12-Jul
Nevada Adventure StormChaser eRIC 7/9/8/7 12-Jul
Aspidetr Easter Time 2014 - On the Paths of Forest Greywolf DJ Full 8/9/9/8 12-Jul
Nevada Adventure StormChaser DJ Full 7/9/8/8 12-Jul
Quirks of Time - Part 1: The Building Trent Kurtis DJ Full 9/10/9/9 12-Jul
Shipwreck Ithaca Colin Benson DJ Full 7/7/8/7 11-Jul
Don't Kill The Monkeys! Dino Jorge22 10/10/10/10 11-Jul
Quest for Immortality Sabatu eRIC 8/8/10/8 11-Jul
Nevada Adventure StormChaser Jose 7/8/8/9 11-Jul
BtB2016 - The Prison of the Daeva IvanTRFan DJ Full 9/9/8/9 10-Jul
BtB2016 - Finding Aladdin Isis DJ Full 10/9/10/9 10-Jul
BtB2016 - Sandstorm over Daraya Lara Croft DJ Full 9/9/9/8 10-Jul
BtB2016 - In Search of Immortality LoreRaider DJ Full 8/9/8/8 09-Jul
The Coast of France Rudolf Josey 7/6/10/8 09-Jul
BtB2016 - Before the Afterglow eRIC DJ Full 10/10/9/10 09-Jul
Tut Revisited FX active - A Time Forgot Jeff Sadler Ceamonks890 1/2/2/1 09-Jul
Nevada Adventure StormChaser Jay 7/7/8/7 09-Jul
Shalebridge Murder Mystery Richard Lawther Mman 8/10/10/10 09-Jul
BtB2016 - Secrets of a Lost City Mr XY DJ Full 10/10/9/9 08-Jul
BtB2014 - Banteay Kdei mugs DJ Full 9/9/10/9 08-Jul
Tomb Raider 2: Legend Of Xian (Demo) Gabriel Croft Phil 8/8/8/9 08-Jul
BtB2016 - The Tale of the Lost Brother Jesus C.Croft DJ Full 10/10/9/10 08-Jul
BtB2014 - Quest for the Soma Mman DJ Full 10/10/10/9 08-Jul
BtB2014 - Above the Khmer Islands Lara Croft DJ Full 9/9/9/9 08-Jul
Imprisoned Spirits Forever GMac Mman 8/9/9/9 08-Jul
BtB2014 - Sumeru Illusion Blacksheep DJ Full 9/9/9/8 08-Jul
BtB2016 - The Buried City of Susa Jose DJ Full 9/10/9/8 08-Jul
Temple of Merenptah Duffgamer Mehrbod 7/6/6/7 08-Jul
Jungle Falls Simon Woodward Mehrbod 1/0/1/1 08-Jul
Water Library M@ster Mehrbod 5/2/3/3 08-Jul
Escape with the Amulet of Horus MichaelP Mehrbod 5/6/7/6 08-Jul
Home Attack (TR2) Fabio Mehrbod 7/4/6/5 08-Jul
The Quest for Golden Lara TiZook Mehrbod 6/5/5/6 08-Jul
BtB2014 - Submersion of Angkor Tombraider95 DJ Full 9/10/10/10 08-Jul
Return to Tinnos Salvin Mehrbod 1/1/0/0 08-Jul
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