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TR4 - 2706
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 136
TR2 - 85
TR1 - 28

57198 reviews (19.2 / level)
2973 (100.0%) walkthroughs
322 Hall of Fame levels
949 levels rated >= 8



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Lara Croft Regresa 12-13: USA Raider Croft alan 5/6/8/6 12-Mar
Lara's Nightmare Clara Torry 9/10/10/10 11-Mar
Send Nero to Hell! Marcos Phil 10/9/10/9 11-Mar
Desert Dam Michal Mularz Ryan 6/6/6/6 11-Mar
TombRaider: True Story several builders Ryan 6/6/8/9 11-Mar
The Lost Temple of Zeus Lakota Amethyste 8/7/6/8 10-Mar
Send Nero to Hell! Marcos Jorge22 8/10/10/9 10-Mar
Lara Croft Regresa 8-11: Spain Raider Croft alan 6/6/7/7 10-Mar
John's First Level JHN PolishRaider 2/1/1/1 10-Mar
Roy's London Level RGBold PolishRaider 3/3/5/5 10-Mar
Trapdoor RGBold PolishRaider 1/0/1/1 10-Mar
Emerald Dreams GMac Ryan 9/9/9/10 10-Mar
Labyrinth M@ster PolishRaider 1/0/3/2 10-Mar
The Amazonian Scroll Gabriel Croft misho98 5/7/8/7 10-Mar
The Wall - revised Stone PolishRaider 2/2/3/4 09-Mar
Jungle TB PolishRaider 1/2/1/1 09-Mar
Caesar's Palace Leandro Dubost Phil 6/7/7/7 09-Mar
Blue Spirit Ernie Ryan 9/9/9/9 09-Mar
City at Crocodile Lake 6 of 9 Ryan 7/7/7/7 09-Mar
The Mansion 6 of 9 Ryan 4/6/7/8 09-Mar
The Wall Eep2 PolishRaider 2/2/3/2 09-Mar
1943: The Black Diamond Part 1 sonnyd83 Torry 7/4/8/7 08-Mar
The Castle (Le Chateau) Claude Gross Sakusha 8/7/8/8 08-Mar
Cosmos 2199 JP Phil 6/6/6/8 08-Mar
Lara Croft Regresa 1-4: India Raider Croft alan 5/7/6/5 08-Mar
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Catacomb Sabatu Torry 7/7/7/7 08-Mar
Lara Croft Regresa 5-7: Chile Raider Croft alan 5/6/6/5 08-Mar
In the Wrecked Ship Tom Brood Torry 9/9/10/7 07-Mar
Mercenary Depot Trocinth alan 6/7/7/8 07-Mar
Aftermath 3 - One Step further Sheevah Ryan 7/8/8/7 07-Mar
Beyond the Shades (Demo) rowadie Ryan 9/10/10/9 07-Mar
Gallery of Jeanne d'Arc Marzio Jay 5/7/8/8 06-Mar
City Cem Filiz Jay 3/6/6/6 06-Mar
Tomb Raider Requiem vinraider Torry 9/10/10/10 06-Mar
The Other Humble Abode Elpasodude alan 2/1/2/3 06-Mar
A Stroll Down Memory Lane AngelR Torry 7/7/8/7 06-Mar
Level 2 - The Cliff of the Mine NepT1 Phil 7/7/6/7 06-Mar
Anywhere/Nowhere 1+2 Sheevah Ryan 8/8/8/7 06-Mar
LB Advent Calendar 2017 - Forest Kingdom AgentXP SeniorBlitz 9/10/10/10 05-Mar
The Ruins of a Castle Ego alan 6/6/7/5 05-Mar
Gold of the Aztecs Samu Ryan 7/8/8/8 05-Mar
LB Advent Calendar 2010 - Lonely Christmas (Platinum Edition) several builders High Priestess 10/8/10/10 05-Mar
Lost City of Ubar Samu Ryan 8/8/8/8 05-Mar
Dominik's 2nd Level Dominik alan 4/4/6/6 05-Mar
Underwater 1 Psxsaves Treeble 3/3/5/4 04-Mar
The Hidden Dagger Feder Nuri 10/10/10/10 04-Mar
Return to the Maria Doria Jamie White Treeble 1/1/1/1 04-Mar
The Zamar Lab TombRaiderFan Treeble 5/8/8/8 04-Mar
Level 2 - The Cliff of the Mine NepT1 Treeble 4/4/5/5 04-Mar
Level 3 - The Great Temple NepT1 Treeble 7/7/7/7 04-Mar
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