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TR4 - 2769
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 139
TR2 - 90
TR1 - 28

59403 reviews (19.5 / level)
3041 (99.9%) walkthroughs
340 Hall of Fame levels
990 levels rated >= 8



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Incan Ruined City Mohrruebe McRaider 9/9/9/9 18-Nov
BtB2005 - Skellycombs GMac Drakan 9/9/10/10 18-Nov
BtB2009 - Just Another Raid Gerty Drakan 6/6/6/6 18-Nov
The First Classic Basic Nika Drakan 1/1/1/1 18-Nov
Quest for the Golden Armour Opaque79 Drakan 9/8/8/9 18-Nov
Underwater 1 Psxsaves Drakan 5/4/5/5 18-Nov
Catacomb Towers Piega Drakan 10/10/10/10 18-Nov
Lara Croft and the Holy Grail Thierry Stoorne Drakan 10/10/10/10 18-Nov
Weekly Business - Monday Titak Drakan 4/6/6/7 18-Nov
Tomo's House Level Tomo Drakan 5/6/6/6 18-Nov
Tomb Raiders of the Lost Ark Yonatan Drakan 6/6/8/8 18-Nov
Incan Ruined City Mohrruebe MichaelP 9/9/9/8 18-Nov
The Cathedral of the Fallen staticon Ryan 6/6/6/6 17-Nov
Search for the Lost Gold Hand (Part 1) PedroTheGamer Ceamonks890 3/3/3/3 17-Nov
The City of Broken Dreams staticon Ryan 7/7/7/8 17-Nov
Office of Pain Alex Davis Ryan 2/3/4/5 17-Nov
Dominik's 2nd Level Dominik Ryan 4/5/6/6 17-Nov
L'Antica Akragas Marzio Ryan 6/6/7/6 17-Nov
The Tower Bridge Incident (Demo) Dhama Ryan 5/6/8/8 17-Nov
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Search for the Sun Seraph kaufi-lc PedroTheGamer 10/10/10/10 17-Nov
Search for the Lost Gold Hand (Part 1) PedroTheGamer Woops 3/2/4/1 17-Nov
Incan Ruined City Mohrruebe Woops 8/9/9/8 17-Nov
A Room Osvaldo Phil 3/4/3/5 17-Nov
ORC18 - Gateway to Atlantis AgentXP Phil 9/10/10/9 17-Nov
Aspidetr Easter Time 2018 - Louloudaki Island Talos High Priestess 8/6/10/9 16-Nov
The Lost Castle Osvaldo manarch2 6/5/6/7 16-Nov
The Lost Castle Osvaldo Jorge22 7/7/8/8 16-Nov
Italian Exploration tweetygwee manarch2 8/8/7/8 16-Nov
Andreas' Sword Part1 eRIC DJ Full 10/10/10/9 16-Nov
ORC18 - Heir of Sharabhang Bigfoot Phil 10/9/9/9 16-Nov
Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Scaramucce Talos High Priestess 10/8/10/9 16-Nov
Lost Lunar Complex The Eye of Isis Gerty 9/8/9/8 16-Nov
Baboon Temple LionGirl_90 Ryan 5/4/4/4 16-Nov
Temple of the Naked Women Kjartan Ryan 4/5/5/7 16-Nov
Let's get it on LePerk PedroTheGamer 8/8/8/8 16-Nov
Asphaeings Amulet 1 - City of Blezqi Zatsaz Phabius Phodes Ryan 8/8/9/9 16-Nov
Baboon Temple LionGirl_90 Phil 4/5/5/6 15-Nov
Dracula's Return several builders Gerty 8/10/10/9 15-Nov
Playable Tutorial Level revised Osvaldo DJ Full 4/5/5/5 14-Nov
The Quest of Gold (Gold Edition) TC14 LionGirl_90 10/10/10/10 14-Nov
The Lost Castle Osvaldo Jay 7/6/7/7 14-Nov
A Room Osvaldo Jay 5/3/3/4 14-Nov
Blue Sphere MichaelP Ryan 8/7/7/7 14-Nov
The Lost Mine Of Solomon I+II Billy the Kid Ryan 6/6/7/7 14-Nov
Palopique's First Level Palopique Ryan 7/7/7/7 14-Nov
Incan Ruined City Mohrruebe PedroTheGamer 8/9/9/10 14-Nov
A Room Osvaldo manarch2 4/2/3/2 13-Nov
ORC18 - Lara in a Dream Baslakor Phil 2/2/2/2 13-Nov
Baboon Temple LionGirl_90 Gerty 5/5/3/3 13-Nov
A Room Osvaldo Orbit Dream 4/1/3/6 13-Nov
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