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TR4 - 2719
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 137
TR2 - 85
TR1 - 28

57751 reviews (19.3 / level)
2985 (99.9%) walkthroughs
326 Hall of Fame levels
962 levels rated >= 8



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Om Nama Shivaja Nusrat Ryan 8/8/9/8 20-May
Journey to Sideral Space DaroRaider Torry 8/8/9/7 17-May
Forgotten Island Samu Jorge22 9/9/9/9 16-May
The Cottage MpGrill Hdoyle11 7/9/10/8 16-May
Silent Hill MpGrill Hdoyle11 8/10/10/7 16-May
LB Advent Calendar 2014 - Fireworks Talos Hdoyle11 7/9/10/8 16-May
Send Nero to Hell! Marcos Hdoyle11 7/8/9/9 16-May
Gargoylian Brotherhood Nusrat Ryan 8/8/8/8 16-May
Panne d'Essence (No more Gasoline) Rapetou Hdoyle11 2/1/1/1 16-May
TR5 Test Level - Vinci's TR5 Test level Vinci Nuri 4/5/5/4 16-May
TR5 Test Level - Deep Sea Dive Demo Skateboard Kid Nuri 4/8/8/9 16-May
Aspidetr Easter Time 2018 - Charades in Venice Greywolf SeniorBlitz 8/9/9/9 16-May
Khal Agnes Ryan 6/6/6/7 15-May
The Loch NG GMac Mortensmor 8/8/10/8 15-May
Lost City of Delsaracary (TR2) wdavid Ryan 7/7/7/7 15-May
Dholavira Surroundings Forger Ryan 3/3/3/4 15-May
Bravo Alarm Peppigno Rafiele Nuri 2/3/1/2 15-May
Adventure in Candy Land Gravastars Ryan 7/7/7/7 15-May
Dholavira Surroundings - Remake Forger Ryan 3/3/3/4 15-May
Nite Tripper 2 The Vagrant Torry 5/8/8/7 15-May
Uncle Silas (revised) The Vagrant Torry 9/10/10/9 15-May
Hindenburg 2 Laraitaly Torry 10/9/9/9 15-May
Catacomb Towers Piega Gorty 9/9/9/9 13-May
Shattered Ties Dreamfall Gorty 7/8/10/7 13-May
The Tears of Sun 1 - Phuket posyd Ryan 8/7/8/8 13-May
Shattered Ties Dreamfall Hdoyle11 9/10/10/10 13-May
In the Wrecked Ship Tom Brood Ryan 8/8/8/8 13-May
Cakeworld Rebake DJ Full Gorty 8/10/7/4 13-May
20x20x20 Challenge - Lara's Mansion Klona Ryan 7/8/9/8 13-May
Serpent City Beck Torry 10/9/9/9 12-May
Harpy's House Oxy Ryan 8/8/9/9 12-May
The Cube Room pvonr Ryan 3/3/2/2 12-May
The Legend of Chaaba 1 - The Tomb of Kassua posyd Ryan 7/6/7/7 12-May
Tutankhamun's Tomb ggctuk Ryan 2/2/3/3 11-May
Aspidetr Easter Time 2018 - Louloudaki Island Talos DJ Full 8/9/9/8 11-May
Accomodation in Meat Lukasz Croft DJ Full 4/8/7/5 10-May
Cakeworld Rebake DJ Full Torry 5/5/8/9 10-May
Search in the Lost Temple(Demo) PedroTheGamer manarch2 3/4/4/4 10-May
Search in the Lost Temple(Demo) PedroTheGamer Cerebralfire 5/5/5/8 09-May
Search in the Lost Temple(Demo) PedroTheGamer Ceamonks890 3/3/2/3 09-May
At Home with Lara Carlos De La Calle Ryan 2/2/2/3 09-May
Fenician Temple III Turbo Pascal Torry 9/10/9/7 09-May
TR5 Test Level - Treditor3D v2.0 Testlevel Vinci Nuri 7/4/3/4 09-May
Searching the Iris Raider Croft Nuri 5/4/6/5 09-May
TR5 Test Level - Del - The Unfinished TRC level V1 TRWad Nuri 1/3/1/1 09-May
TR5 Test Level - Del - The Unfinished TRC level V2 TRWad Nuri 1/3/1/1 09-May
Caves of Manaus (Demo) raiderromero DJ Full 5/7/7/5 09-May
The Dream Raider Croft Nuri 4/7/7/6 09-May
Vikings Taras Ryan 8/9/9/8 09-May
Crystal Mines GameGlitcher77 Torry 9/9/9/7 09-May
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