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Levels listed...
TR4 - 2742
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 137
TR2 - 86
TR1 - 28

58319 reviews (19.4 / level)
3005 (99.8%) walkthroughs
335 Hall of Fame levels
977 levels rated >= 8



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Oasis of the Primordials Adriel manarch2 6/7/9/8 20-Jul
Slaying in London Lukasz Croft Ryan 4/5/6/6 20-Jul
The Power from Mind Pedros Ryan 4/5/6/7 20-Jul
Return to Greece Opaque79 Jorge22 7/7/8/8 20-Jul
The Last Artifact Dark Death Ryan 7/7/8/8 20-Jul
Twenty-minute-tales 2: The Damsdrak Diamond Marksdad Torry 8/8/8/7 19-Jul
Oasis of the Primordials Adriel Jay 8/8/9/9 19-Jul
The Palace of Hera Brad Casali Ryan 6/6/7/6 19-Jul
The Catacombs of Sri Lanka Brad Casali Ryan 3/3/5/6 19-Jul
Ice Age (Eiszeit) Clara Ryan 8/8/8/8 19-Jul
The Stolen Coffin Dnf Productions Ryan 7/6/7/7 19-Jul
Caverns of the Dead Tony Tomb Ryan 8/8/8/9 19-Jul
Save two Baby Dragons Oxy Torry 5/9/8/8 18-Jul
Twenty-minute-tales 3: There and Back again Cory Smith Torry 10/10/10/7 18-Jul
Oasis of the Primordials Adriel LoreRaider 8/8/9/9 18-Jul
Temple Sewer Opaque79 manarch2 6/6/6/6 18-Jul
Temple Sewer Opaque79 Drakan 8/8/8/8 18-Jul
Lara's Awakening austriawing Ryan 5/5/6/7 18-Jul
BtB2018 - On the Edge of Forever Kitkat Phil 8/9/8/9 17-Jul
Star Raider TimJ Ryan 8/7/8/8 17-Jul
Return to Greece Opaque79 Torry 9/7/8/8 17-Jul
Twenty-minute-tales 4: Bartoli's Last Stand Marksdad Torry 7/7/6/6 17-Jul
Lost World (Mondo Perduto) Franky manarch2 3/5/3/2 17-Jul
The Lost Trident Osvaldo Jay 7/7/7/7 17-Jul
Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Scaramucce Talos Gerty 7/8/8/7 17-Jul
BtB2011 - Madness is not a Shame uranos1 Gerty 6/8/9/8 17-Jul
The Falls of Nefertiti Morgoth Minox 7/7/7/7 16-Jul
Return to Greece Opaque79 Jay 7/7/8/8 16-Jul
Return to the Pacific - Dutchys Rescue rufierto Jorge22 9/9/9/9 16-Jul
Catacombs Revisited Titak Ryan 8/8/8/9 16-Jul
The Haunted Mansion TrueRaider Ryan 5/6/6/7 16-Jul
The Quest for the Stargate TimJ Ryan 5/5/6/7 16-Jul
The Untold Adventure thewolf Nuri 6/7/8/7 15-Jul
TR Forge Advent Calendar 2015 - The Train to Nowhere several builders Ryan 8/9/9/9 15-Jul
Tomb Raider II Revised - Part 1 Tombraider95 JoeTheCrazyGamer 9/10/10/10 15-Jul
The Electric Crystal Osvaldo Jay 8/9/9/9 15-Jul
The Castle (Le Chateau) Claude Gross Ryan 7/7/8/8 15-Jul
Enchanted / The Quest tombrdr Ryan 6/6/7/6 15-Jul
Arctic Hole 3 Agnes Torry 8/9/9/9 15-Jul
Hypersquare Seasons 1 + 2 Psiko Ceamonks890 8/9/7/9 15-Jul
Islands of Kirobore Sakkemix Ryan 7/7/7/8 14-Jul
One Room Challenge - Return to the Maria Doria Tombraider95 Ryan 5/6/8/8 14-Jul
The Lost Trident Osvaldo Phil 7/7/7/8 14-Jul
Parisian Catacombs sonnyd83 Ryan 9/9/9/8 14-Jul
Horizons - The Darkhouse (Demo) justin Ryan 7/8/9/8 14-Jul
The Rescue 8-10 MagPlus alan 9/9/8/9 14-Jul
Accessing Noe Jay 8/8/9/9 13-Jul
Climb up Daoine Sidhe Ryan 9/8/9/9 13-Jul
The Town of the Doomed MpGrill Ryan 7/8/7/7 13-Jul
The Mayas Treasure spooky shadow Ryan 7/8/9/9 13-Jul
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