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TR4 - 2857
TR5 - 19
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TR2 - 93
TR1 - 29

62502 reviews (19.9 / level)
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The Wrath of Thor Isis Torry 9/10/10/9 24-Jan
Franco Bula's Searching For The Savegame Crystal Remake Feder Phil 8/8/8/7 23-Jan
Create a Classic 2019 - Sleeping with the Fishes tombraiderxii Jose 5/9/10/10 23-Jan
Amber Life Inchdix Jorge22 9/9/10/9 23-Jan
Franco Bula's Searching For The Savegame Crystal Remake Feder Ryan 8/8/8/8 23-Jan
The Great Pyramid abbath81 The Snarky Lesbian 5/5/5/6 21-Jan
The Deadly Cave alan The Snarky Lesbian 3/4/6/2 21-Jan
Recovering the Starship Jose Juno Jim 10/10/10/10 21-Jan
Return to the Maria Doria Jamie White Jay 3/3/4/3 21-Jan
The first trip to Crete Firoxis Jay 5/4/5/5 21-Jan
Return of the Inkas Hubert Mutsaert Jay 1/2/3/4 21-Jan
The Peridot of Sinooh Jungle Raider Torry 8/8/9/9 20-Jan
Don't obey the Virus Scourge05 Phil 5/5/5/6 19-Jan
Recon Labs 1/2 - Recon Lab/Empty Office of Recon Emoo alan 6/6/7/8 19-Jan
Create a Classic 2019 - Rome Streets Mystery 911 Jose 6/7/8/7 19-Jan
Village of the Damned Dhama lilutong 4/5/5/5 19-Jan
The Magic Garden Martins manarch2 4/5/6/5 19-Jan
Test Levels Turbo Pascal Treeble 4/4/4/4 19-Jan
Nevada Adventure StormChaser Treeble 7/7/8/8 19-Jan
Prison Break / Chemical Factory leveldesigner1 Treeble 5/5/5/5 19-Jan
The Lost Ruby StormChaser Treeble 6/7/8/8 19-Jan
Tinnos Challenge Karol Treeble 6/6/4/4 19-Jan
Behind Closed Doors CelticGuard Treeble 8/9/9/9 19-Jan
Don't obey the Virus Scourge05 Ryan 4/5/5/4 19-Jan
Disney Village Nightmare (Incubo a Disney Village) Mikki SeniorBlitz 10/9/10/9 19-Jan
Franco Bula's Searching For The Savegame Crystal Remake Feder The Snarky Lesbian 7/8/9/8 18-Jan
Turin Incident Naxheel manarch2 6/7/7/7 17-Jan
Lara against the Borg Franky manarch2 3/7/5/5 17-Jan
Cold Chamber M@ster JoeTheCrazyGamer 0/1/1/1 17-Jan
The Zamar Lab TombRaiderFan Jay 6/7/8/7 17-Jan
Nethermore Castle maxx Jay 8/8/10/9 17-Jan
Poseidons Sanctum Reboot Sarikman SeniorBlitz 10/10/10/10 17-Jan
Fake Dagger Tr1997 Torry 6/6/7/5 17-Jan
The Catacombs of Sri Lanka Brad Casali alan 5/2/8/8 16-Jan
Create a Classic 2019 - Monastery of Talion PhryneCroft Jose 8/9/9/9 16-Jan
Create a Classic 2019 - Strange Catacombs Scourge05 Jose 4/5/6/7 16-Jan
Create a Classic 2019 - Legacy of the Scion Baslakor Jose 10/10/10/10 16-Jan
The Vagrant's Villa Mortal 2 revised grinder1 Nuri 5/8/9/8 15-Jan
The Base (v.2.00) Tomo alan 7/6/6/8 15-Jan
Create a Classic 2019 - Abandoned Cathedral Osvaldo Jose 6/7/8/7 15-Jan
Lara Croft Regresa 12-13: USA Raider Croft Nuri 5/6/5/8 15-Jan
Snowy Glacier thewolf Nuri 7/9/8/8 15-Jan
Isla Nublar Inyx Nuri 6/7/7/5 15-Jan
I heard something Franco Bula Nuri 5/9/6/7 15-Jan
The Great Pyramid abbath81 Ryan 7/7/8/9 15-Jan
Lara against the Borg Franky Jose 6/8/8/8 14-Jan
The Lost Secret of Egypt Mehrbod Casual Raider 9/10/10/10 14-Jan
Eyes Vic Torry 6/7/6/5 14-Jan
The 4 Secrets abbath81 Torry 10/9/9/9 14-Jan
Freezing Islands 2: The Movie Slash Torry 8/8/8/4 14-Jan
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