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TR4 - 2681
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TR2 - 81
TR1 - 27

55082 reviews (18.7 / level)
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LB Advent Calendar 2016 - A Letter from Santa mugs MizzCroft 9/7/10/9 22-Aug
Lara Croft and the lost City of Gold 1: Memory Lane sleeper Jay 4/5/7/6 21-Aug
TR Forge Advent Calendar 2010 - Winter Choice Tifa Nazah Ryan 7/9/8/8 21-Aug
The Lost Pyramid (revised version) Ewing2 Jay 7/7/8/8 21-Aug
Lara Croft and the lost City of Gold 2-4 sleeper Jay 6/7/6/7 21-Aug
Grail trlestuff Jay 3/4/7/6 21-Aug
Q-tech Base Pregusia Ryan 8/8/8/8 20-Aug
LB Advent Calendar 2007 - FF7 Snowboard Minigame Tifa Nazah Ryan 5/8/7/7 20-Aug
Bedazzled Aza sonnyd83 10/10/9/10 20-Aug
The Trench Will Gell Ejecta 7/6/7/6 20-Aug
VC in Paris Lukasz Croft Phil 6/6/6/7 20-Aug
One Room Challenge - Mars Orbiter rufierto sonnyd83 8/7/7/8 19-Aug
One Room Challenge - Grandmas Recipes Pilip sonnyd83 7/8/7/8 19-Aug
Pakistan (Demo) Lukasz Croft Phil 7/7/7/7 19-Aug
Karels Manor Ruu11 TheStig 6/7/7/7 19-Aug
Tomb Raider City Remake Christian_c Ryan 7/8/8/7 19-Aug
Level 0 - Tutorial NepT1 Ryan 7/5/5/5 19-Aug
The previous Mission in VCI Pedros Ryan 4/5/6/6 19-Aug
Catacombs of the Guardian NG GMac eRIC 7/8/8/8 18-Aug
Desert Jirka008 Ryan 5/5/5/4 18-Aug
The Loch NG GMac eRIC 9/8/9/8 18-Aug
Laboratory MBog eRIC 1/2/3/4 18-Aug
Jurassic Park NG GMac Phil 9/10/10/10 18-Aug
LB Advent Calendar 2016 - Another Present several builders sonnyd83 10/10/10/10 18-Aug
La Ville (The City) Rutabaga Ryan 5/7/7/8 18-Aug
Arctic Ship Raider of Tombs Ryan 2/3/3/3 18-Aug
Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Rome (Beta Demo) DCW123 sonnyd83 8/6/6/8 17-Aug
Babilonia: The Dream of the Darkest Night Salvin Ryan 5/6/7/7 17-Aug
Black in, Black out nada Jose 2/3/5/4 17-Aug
Expedition for Amulet of Horus Lukasz Croft Phil 7/7/7/7 17-Aug
Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Scaramucce Talos Ryan 7/7/8/8 17-Aug
Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Runes of Dawn Sponge Ryan 9/9/10/10 17-Aug
Aspidetr Easter Time 2017 - Holidays with Spirits Greywolf Ryan 8/8/8/8 17-Aug
The Lost Coast Pregusia Ryan 3/3/4/4 17-Aug
Courel's Sands (Remake) AngelR Jose 4/5/7/4 16-Aug
Tomb of Creatures Lukasz Croft Jose 7/8/9/8 16-Aug
The forgotten Volcano Raildex totizedger 7/6/6/7 16-Aug
Tomb of the Ancient Warriors Feder Jorge22 9/8/9/10 16-Aug
Back to Basics 2008 - Lost Treasure of Primal Breathe Oxy Ryan 7/7/8/8 16-Aug
City of Dahaffy Daffy Ryan 9/8/8/9 16-Aug
Tomb Raider Re-Imagined - Peru AoDfan TheStig 8/7/7/7 16-Aug
Hollywood Mini Adventures - Jungle MBog eRIC 3/3/1/3 16-Aug
LB Advent Calendar 2010 - One Day Before Christmas dh5696 Ryan 5/6/6/7 16-Aug
Dangerous Antarctic Circle Slash Ryan 3/4/2/2 16-Aug
Hollywood Mini Adventures - Egypt MBog eRIC 1/3/0/2 16-Aug
One Room Challenge - So many Memories MBog eRIC 4/5/5/4 16-Aug
Hollywood Mini Adventures - Alien Escape MBog eRIC 2/2/2/2 16-Aug
Hollywood Mini Adventures - Survivor MBog eRIC 2/3/1/3 16-Aug
Frosty Mansion Oxy Ceamonks890 9/9/9/9 16-Aug
Gold of the Aztecs Samu Jose 4/6/7/8 15-Aug
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