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TR4 - 2819
TR5 - 19
TR3 - 145
TR2 - 93
TR1 - 28

61304 reviews (19.8 / level)
3099 (99.8%) walkthroughs
352 Hall of Fame levels
1005 levels rated >= 8



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levelname author reviewer scores
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A Very Bad Grund several builders Jorge22 10/10/10/10 15-Sep
A Spooky Tomb Melvin Hall JesseG 6/9/8/7 14-Sep
Princess Lara of Persia (Demo) Drakan eRIC 8/10/8/9 14-Sep
Arctic Ship Raider of Tombs eRIC 2/4/2/2 14-Sep
The Tomb of the Cat Raider of Tombs eRIC 4/6/6/5 14-Sep
Horus Treasure House Crespo eRIC 2/2/2/2 14-Sep
Stronghold of the four Elements Crespo eRIC 5/5/6/4 14-Sep
Recovering the Starship Jose Jay 10/10/10/9 14-Sep
Guarida Scourge05 JesseG 4/5/5/5 14-Sep
TR Rude and Crude EssGee Mehrbod 7/8/8/7 13-Sep
Jerusalem - The Dome of the Rock Nella Orbit Dream 7/8/7/7 12-Sep
Recovering the Starship Jose eRIC 10/9/9/8 11-Sep
Guarida Scourge05 eRIC 5/5/6/5 11-Sep
Train Demo Pwhirl lilutong 6/6/6/6 11-Sep
LB Advent Calendar 2003 - Lara's House in the Mountains Dark Death lilutong 6/5/5/5 11-Sep
Lara at the Games - Bubsy 3D Alex Chap lilutong 7/6/6/5 11-Sep
Recovering the Starship Jose Jorge22 10/10/10/10 11-Sep
Recovering the Starship Jose Ryan 9/9/9/8 11-Sep
The Lost Mountains of Heroic Madness Mulf Jay 9/9/10/10 10-Sep
The Lost Mine Pouco2 Jay 9/9/10/10 10-Sep
Lair of the T-Rex Jamie White Orbit Dream 3/3/2/3 10-Sep
Rescue Hannah Dreamfall Orbit Dream 7/8/7/8 10-Sep
Kartvelishvili Perceiver eRIC 9/9/10/9 10-Sep
Maze Fresztof Ryan 3/5/5/4 09-Sep
Maze Fresztof Phil 5/5/5/6 09-Sep
Egyptian Paradise LionGirl_90 Orbit Dream 5/6/4/5 08-Sep
Snowy Glacier thewolf JesseG 8/8/8/8 08-Sep
Beneath Vilcabamba justin eRIC 6/5/6/5 08-Sep
Within the Sanctuary justin eRIC 7/6/5/5 08-Sep
Snowy Glacier thewolf Jose 8/9/8/9 08-Sep
Beyond the Sanctuary justin eRIC 5/6/5/5 08-Sep
Tutorial City justin eRIC 6/8/8/6 08-Sep
Horizons - The Darkhouse (Demo) justin eRIC 8/10/9/8 08-Sep
Lara Croft and the Knights of Terafosia MagPlus eRIC 9/10/10/9 08-Sep
Find the Four Crystals Formel 16 eRIC 3/3/7/6 08-Sep
Palace of Death Majid Kazmi eRIC 1/2/1/1 08-Sep
The Dark Temple of Kakan Hubert Mutsaert eRIC 1/2/1/2 08-Sep
Tut Revisited FX active - A Time Forgot Jeff Sadler Jose 3/3/4/4 08-Sep
Snowy Glacier thewolf Jorge22 9/9/9/9 07-Sep
Snowy Glacier thewolf Ryan 8/9/9/9 07-Sep
A Weird Place Osvaldo Ryan 6/7/7/7 06-Sep
A Weird Place Osvaldo Phil 7/7/8/8 06-Sep
Snowy Glacier thewolf Chel 8/10/8/8 06-Sep
Don't Kill The Monkeys! Dino Jose 7/10/8/9 04-Sep
A Weird Place Osvaldo Orbit Dream 6/7/6/6 04-Sep
A Weird Place Osvaldo Jorge22 8/7/7/8 04-Sep
A Weird Place Osvaldo manarch2 5/5/6/5 03-Sep
Escape from the Dragons Lair Ex Core Design Cowboy 9/10/10/10 03-Sep
Snowy Glacier thewolf manarch2 7/8/8/8 03-Sep
A Weird Place Osvaldo Jay 7/7/7/7 03-Sep
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