The Storylines


Another Catacomb

While exploring some caves, one day, Lara follows a narrow passage to a fairly deep shaft. Suddenly, behind her, a gate shuts. 'Hmmm. There appears to be no going back the way I came.' thought Lara. 'I suppose I must continue downwards.' So begins another adventure.


Catacombs of Tisaria

Lara is in search of the legendary Seal Of Tisaria - a solid gold token said to have magical powers. As she slides down inside the tomb she realises immediately that this is not an easy quest and she must find her way through the dark and spooky passages where the dead refuse to lie at rest and the way is paved with danger. The tomb was built by Tisaria himself, a man with a warped mind and said to be possessed by the spirits of the old ones. With his last breath he vowed to roam the tomb forever and bring swift death to anyone brave enough to venture inside.

Desert Ruins and the Serpent Tower

A bizarre sandstorm reshaped the Egypt desert recently, revealing age-old pillars to the surface. Archeologists found no record of any temple-like buildings around that unchartered location in the middle of the desert in the library. They started digging after the sandstorm has settled, it was not a hard job to dust off sand anyway. It only took them 3 days to unearth an entrance around the ruins. As they proceed further, there was a cold feeling in this sun-heat desert sands. Transported underground, it wouldn't mean anything good was going to happen. The archeologists walked out of the serpent tower - dead. It seems that something Ancient killed them, and a mystical artifact formed a kind of strange energy to keep the dead walking. With the tower unearthed, the energy wave would spread further. Lara, as always, was the one who can undo the crystal's power. She discovered in her own library that golden stars were keys to shield the leaking crystal energy.
Dwellers of the Abyss

As she was exploring coastal ruins on the Mediterranean coast, the world-renowned archaeologist Lara Croft stepped onto a soft spot in the sand and fell through to a large cavern deep underground. While she was fortunate that no bones were broken, the ramp she fell down was too steep and sandy to allow her to climb out. Groping her way through the cavern, she soon came to a gaping abyss, in whose walls were the long-abandoned ruins of Saqqarah, whose rulers were rumored to have a powerful talisman that allowed them to raise the dead ...


High and Low

Yet again Lara has tripped on one of her quests and dropped unexpectedly through a hole into an underground area. Luckily unharmed she sets out to search High and Low to find her way back out of there and while she is exploring the place tries to bring back as many of those secret tridents as she can find.



Many places in the universe have been explored by Lara Croft. After the past years Lara decides to reflect upon her origins. Of course these are ruins and catacombs. So Lara reads through geography and history books, pins a land map of intimate Egypt and with closed eyes shoots an arrow at it with her bow. The arrow marks a place near an old catacomb she has read about in her books before. It's said that this catacomb was a part of the Egyptian water supply during heydays of the Egyptian Empire. Expecting to live adventures as in past days Lara starts her journey to Egypt. What lies in front of her is uncertain. When Lara enters the catacomb and slides down the ramp she noses an aroma she hasn't smelled a long time ago. It smells of old days. It smells of new adventures.
Lara of Persia

Ancient legend recounts the evil deeds of the wizard Jaffar, who possessed the Jewel of Marduk. This mysterious blue gem was endowed with the power of the Tablets of Destiny, the magic which Marduk wielded when he created the world. Jaffar ever sought a way to unlock that power, to employ it in his lust for power to rule the world. But his plans were ultimately foiled by a bold and valiant Prince ... But the Jewel of Marduk was lost, together with the Palace of Jaffar, to the sands of time ... until now. Following the trail of the ancient legends, the redoubtable archaeologist Lara Croft discovered the long-lost Palace of Jaffar in a forgotten valley amid the Elburz Mountains in northern Iran. From its pristine condition, it was clear that the Palace had been supernaturally preserved by the mystic power of the Jewel of Marduk. As she sought for a way in, the ground gave way beneath her feet, and she fell through a tunnel too steep to climb into a dungeon far beneath the Palace. She looked about and thought, ‘This place looks deserted ...’. Lara also knows that the Prince had a talisman that protected him from Jaffar's spells. The talisman was in the shape of a beetle. When Lara finds it, she must NEVER leave it behind or she'll be trapped in the palace forever. It may happen that if Lara leaves the beetle on the floor and goes away, it disappears. So remember, to ALWAYS PICK THE BEETLE UP after using it or some really strange things may happen and she may start hearing strange noises...
Mourning Palace

One misty morning at the end of September Lara was once again in her library of choice to grub out one of those halfway rotten books about ancient treasures and ruins when she found a tattered diary among the books that looked like no one touched it for decades. All excited about her discovery she immediately pulled it out and pitched into it. After looking through it without finding anything interesting she threw it away behind her. Trying to concentrate on an old book she was interrupted by a faint wheeze behind her. Turning around she saw the diary was lying on the floor flipped open on a page with red ink. Wondering how she could have overseen that page she knelt down right next to it and read the contents of that page:

'Daylight has finally reached its end as evenfall strikes into the sky. Far away in the dark glimpsing moonlight sickening souls cry out in pain.
Hear the cries from the Mourning Palace, feel the gloom of restless spirits…'

'Awesome' Lara thought, happy to finally find something interesting she read on to find out more about this Mourning Palace. Few days later she was already travelling through the Egyptian desert and stopped where the palace was supposed to be. Patiently she waited for dusk to come. And as the sun touched the horizon and tinted the landscape into red and orange the sand began to shift in front of her eyes and revealed a stone panel in which a big crystal has been engraved. She pushed it aside. From underneath she heard the soughing wind that sounded like a faint whisper, but she didn’t hesitate to enter the Mourning Palace…

Operation Golden Star 

Briefing: Find the Golden Star and get out of the Catacombs. 

Palaces of Pharaoh Hepatitis

Lara finds herself thrown in the dungeons of the great Pharaoh Hepatitis son of the great Pharaoh Hepatitis I (the son is sometimes known as Hepatitis B). Hepatitis carried out experiments with the undead in order to find the secret of eternal life. The palaces are littered with these undead. The only escape is to find the crystals of the Great Horseman Nevertitties so called because he was not breast fed when an infant. There is one secret.

Pseudo Tomb

IMPORTANT: This Level needs to be converted with the ORIGINAL Catacomb WAD (not the revised one) 
You can download it here.

Once upon a time, long ago in Egypt a Pharaoh caused a lot of controversy by building his tomb on the land of the living ones. Though this was never confirmed by the Pharaoh himself, the rumours spread far and wide, and the people felt that the Gods would not accept such blasphemy, even from their own chosen one. A young warrior from the Pharaoh's court noticed the anxiety among the people and took up the chance to take over the Pharaoh. He secretly conspired against him and when the Pharaoh with a dozen or so of his warriors were checking out how the construction went, entombed him alive. Ever since then nothing was heard of the Pharaoh or his men, though strange things started happening around the tomb so the place was soon abandoned. Yet the legend of the Pharaoh who was entombed alive remained, and it was only a matter of time, till someone would dig this up. And so it happened that when a group of archeologists examined ancient scrolls they found out about the location of this mystery tomb, and the Pharaoh's real motives with it. It seemed that the Pharaoh had found out about a golden power that lay hidden deep beneath the desert sands, and dug his way down to the bottom of it. A single contact with this power, with a wish in mind could change the world as it was known to the humanity, ‘one touch to change it all’. That's why the Pharaoh was so obsessed with finding this source of power and didn't notice the plans of his enemies. Whether he found this power is still unclear, and that's where Lara comes in. The group of archeologists knew well that the Pharaoh, comprehending the value of the power, wouldn't leave this structure unguarded, so they called the best (wo)man in the business to explore this Pseudo Tomb where the excavations had started. Lara, of course, intrigued by the story, simply couldn't decline the generous offer and the deathtraps and Pharaoh's awaiting undead troops were no reason for her to back out....


Quest for the Golden Beetle

By now, Lara is getting terribly pissed by the way amateur level builders, seemingly think they know what’s best for her. She has other ideas.
Lara puts herself into 'noclip' mode and walks straight out of my level through a wall, but unwittingly ends up in another level I built right next door.
This level however has 'noclip' turned off in the script, and so she is stuck to endure yet another beastly level…

Rapid Fall

Lara must explore an underground tomb dated from 987 C.E. and located close to Baalbek in the Lebanon. In 1996, the company Mid Eastern Electric S.A. acquired the contract to construct a hydro-electric scheme for the immediate area (and Beirut in particular) but owing to faulty trigonometric calculations in the pre-construction of the water-supply Aqueduct, it was discovered that the porous geological strata was causing the tomb to be gradually flooding. Now Lara is asked to discover and remove the Blue Diamond in the Tomb before the water submerges it and the Gem is lost forever.



Lara is wandering around an old Temple that's been turned into a museum when she discovers something interesting. She just can't keep her hands to herself...



The Origins

After the trouble in Egypt, when Seth was banned and von Croy dead, Lara decided to return to the old catacombs of the coast of Alexandria and to breathe the ancient air again; just for fun this time, relaxed and enjoying the atmosphere.Join Lara on her excursion back to the catacombs; back to the origins.
The Red and the Blue

Alesandro Azzuri-Rosso, a wealthy and prolific 16th century composer, had built a magnificent palace for his two sons above some ancient catacombs. Alesandro’s elder son had a fiery temper, whereas his brother was cold and calculating. One day, the two sons stole a scroll containing one of their father’s most magnificent symphonies and hid it somewhere within the palace, or perhaps in the catacombs beneath. 

To prevent anyone from retrieving the scroll, the brothers devised ingenious traps to prevent anyone from locating and retrieving the famous Music Scroll, and they even found a way to raise the dead to serve as an additional line of defense against intruders ... Then one day, the renowned adventurer and explorer Lara Croft discovered the existence of the Music Scroll and learned of the steps the brothers had taken to guard it. As she imagined the pleasure she would derive from solving the puzzles and traps the brothers had left, a devilish smile graced her face, and she set off at once for the Palace of Alesandro Azzuri-Rosso.

The Underground City


‘So this is the place....’ Lara wanders her eyes around the area. During Medieval times there once were tribes which settled on this land, forming cities. But as time passed by, the tribe, along with the civilisation they created, diminished and eventually disappeared from the rest of the world. What remains are just ruins. Lara looks back at her jeep, ‘Damn it, breaking down at such an inappropriate time. How am I supposed to go home?’ Just wanting to go for a ride, Lara didn't expect to be stuck in such a remote location. In an urge to find the way out, she accidentally slipped into a concealed crack which turned out to be a tunnel. Thanks to the fall, it gave way to Lara to discovering the buildings underground. Lara suddenly realises the tribes continued their lives underground for some reason. Now Lara has to explore the underground civilisation and find a way to leave, back to the surface....


Through the Shadow of Death

In ancient times, philosophers learned of the Music of the Spheres, a perfect, harmonious music inaudible on earth, and created by the stars and planets in their movement across the heavens. The Greek philosopher Pythagoras deciphered the meaning of the music and copied the Music of the Spheres onto a scroll near the end of his lifetime. Upon his death, this Music Scroll, along with many other scrolls in his collection, was delivered to the Great Library in Alexandria, Egypt for safekeeping. When the librarians learned of its special significance, they realized the tremendous power that it could unleash if ever someone were to play the Music of the Spheres in acoustic perfection - one could gain control over the movement of the stars and planets, causing widespread devastation through earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, meteorite storms, and the like. To prevent this from happening, the librarians hid the Music Scroll in a special vault in the catacombs beneath Alexandria. For added protection, the catacombs were guarded by the souls of the dead that would prevent any from passing. In modern times, a secret society called the Illuminati has learned of the existence of the Music Scroll and its whereabouts. Knowing that it was buried deep in a tomb, they sought the services of the world-famous Archaeologist/Adventurer Lara Croft to recover it. However, before she accepted their commission, Lara decided to infiltrate the Illuminati's secret headquarters and there discovered the reason why they wanted it: world domination. To prevent the Illuminati from ever finding the scroll, she decided to find it herself and relocate it to a secret place they would never think to look for it ...

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