Optional additional installation instructions


Although the builders are not permitted for competition purposes to add sounds to the catacomb.sam and catacomb.sfx files, this does not mean that you, the player, are not. In Windows Explorer, go to the trle\sound\LevelSFX Creator folder and open the Sounds.txt file, and locate the following lines: WATER_FLUSHES (a little more than halfway through the file)

TEETH_SPIKES (near the end of the file)

FLAME_EMITTER (the next-to-the-last line in the file)

At the end of each of these lines, please add a #s (case sensitive) separated by a space from the #[letter] preceding it.

Next, save the file and close it. Open the MS-DOS Prompt and go to the trle\sound\LevelSFX Creator folder. (If you have difficulty with this, please refer to the DOS 101 section on p. 95 of the TRLE Manual & Tutorial.) Type pcwadsfx catacomb s (again, the s is case sensitive) in the DOS window. This will create new catacomb.sfx and catacomb.sam files. Back in Windows Explorer, move these files into the trle\graphics\wads folder (make a back-up of the originals if you really want to), and then convert normally with Level Converter. Again, these changes to the catacomb.sam and catacomb.sfx files are optional, as converting with the original catacomb.sam and catacomb.sfx files will cause no problems.


Bugs inherent to the revised Catacomb WAD

1. If Lara gets stuck in a crawlspace use binoculars and she'll start to work again.

2. Always pick up the Mechanical Scarab after you use it or a level may create serious bugs that will prevent you from finishing the level.

3. If there are polygons stretching from Lara then save and reload and they will be gone.

4. If a pushable object suddenly starts to flicker, disappears or Lara simply cant get a hold of it, simply run around the close by rooms and it should return to normal.