Back to Basics - Asia

Due to the great participation and enthusiasm triggered by the BtB Catacombs Project 2005 another BtB competition was planned. This time Lara will travel to the Far East. In order to prevent the player from playing dozens of monotonous levels the rules have been changed - but still this is a "Back to Basics" contest.

Each participating levelbuilder has to use a special texture set; further the audio files of the original Level Editor have been enhanced and now additionally provide a range of audios from Tomb Raider II and some Asian tunes. There are two wads to choose from with a variety of different objects and possibilities. The only thing the builder can and has to do by himself is the script file.

The finished levels shouldn't contain much more than an hour of gameplay, so that each player will be able to play them all and sent in his or her reviews. The levels will all be released by the author "BtB 2006", in order to avoid reviewers from favouring any level. In the following two months the player will have time to play all levels and review them. On March 1st, the builders of all levels will be made public and the winners will be announced.


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Don't forget to ENABLE Vol FX AND Bump Mapping!

Happy Raiding!





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