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Forbidden Houses of Ni Leng Hua:

After opening the trapdoor to the shaft with the spikes (you can see the shaft from an earlier passageway) you have to climb up a ladder. Please don't let Lara fall down, because there is an invisible floor which isn't meant to be there and which I couldn't remove in any way. If you fall down you're not able to climb up anymore, so please just stay climbing.

The Riddle of Master Lu:

Please make sure you switch Volumetric FX OFF!

An Oriental Adventure:

In the lava room with sliding blocks, sometimes when shimmying out of the alcove near the lava flow, Lara sticks at the corner. If this happens, just go back to the alcove, drop to the floor and start again. She will make it eventually.







Rules & Prizes


Bugs, Comments ect.