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level list

no levelname - number of secrets download
01 Escape to St Paul's (3 secrets) TR4 file 7.43 MB
02 An Adventure in the Night (2 secrets) TR4 file 7.31 MB
03 Hell Hath No Fury (5 secrets) TR4 file 7.66 MB
04 Key to the Mutant's Locker (5 secrets) TR4 file 7.06 MB
05 Jobmond & Co (2 secrets) TR4 file 8.22 MB
06 Another Metro Station (3 secrets) TR4 file 6.56 MB
07 Lara and the Pit (3 secrets) TR4 file 7.66 MB
08 The Escape (2 secrets) TR4 file 7.81 MB
09 Docklands (1 secret) TR4 file 7.92 MB
10 Following a London Sect (3 secrets) TR4 file 9.80 MB


Complete TR4 package- including all TR4 levels


TR4 file


77.39 MB


builders' list in alphabetical order

A Adngel F PaoloM
B dennis16 G Skyld
C Isis H staticon
E mugs J TimJ
Have fun!






1. Make sure you have a clean copy of the level editor on your hard disc!

2. Don't forget to download and install the audio package!

3. Download either the complete TR4 package or the single levels on the left.

For detailed information on how to install the levels, follow the installation on the left.