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rules and prizes

players' contest

If you would to take part in the players' competition, you should play the Back to Basics levels from January 1st to January 31st 2007. (This year the competition will be running for just one month.) You can submit your guesses as to which author built which of the Back to Basics levels by using the competition form on the left. The actual builder of each level will not be made public before February 1st. The builders will be announced and prizes awarded to those players who have correctly guessed the most builders. If there are several players with the same number of accurate guesses then the winners will be picked by a lucky draw.

builders' contest

On February 1st, the scores will be calculated for each of the participating levels and prizes awarded for the highest scoring levels (each with a minimum of 5 reviews required, with the highest and lowest scores being eliminated for the calculation). Only reviews received during January 2007 will be considered. For the calculation reviews at both and will be included.


The respective Top 3 in each the builders' and players' competitions will all receive a Legend Lara sticker and a mini Legend flashlight. On top of that the prizes are:

... for the builders' competition:

1st: Tomb Raider Legend Bag

2nd: Tomb Raider Legend T-Shirt

3rd: Tomb Raider Legend T-Shirt

... for the players' competition:

1st: Tomb Raider Legend T-Shirt

2nd: Tomb Raider Legend Notepad

3rd: Tomb Raider Legend Notepad

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