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01 Escape to St Paul's (3 secrets)

Lara has finished a difficult mission in an area of London, and now she must find her way to return: the only possibility is to reach St. Paul's Cathedral, and it won't be easy.


02 An Adventure in the Night (2 secrets)

According to some sources, Lord Singler, a descendent of the Templars, is in his fortress, guarding a Gold Key forged by his ancestors. According to some legends, by melting this key, one can learn the formula of transforming metal into gold. In the city there is a group of mercenaries (SAS) that is performing experiments and they want the key at any cost. They have already stolen one key to enter into the fortress, but the second key is in the possession of the Damned, a group of fanatics, whose kingdom is in the subway tunnels.

Lord Singler, a great friend of Lara, calls her to ask for her help in finding the Gold Key before either of the two groups can obtain both keys to enter the fortress.

Lara is once again on her way to recover the Gold Key among numerous traps and enemies.


03 Hell Hath No Fury (5 secrets)

Disaster! Lara's favourite crowbar has been stolen by a London street-gang that is known to have a hideout in an abandoned complex of tunnels and rooms beneath the city.

The complex was part of the old Mill Lake Underground terminus. The station has long been disused, having closed when the tunnels collapsed. The whole area is now due for re-development and is, for the most part, fenced off from the rest of the city.

This will not deter Lara from getting revenge on the gang and retrieving her beloved crowbar.

Using a commercial wheelie bin as a jumping off point, she climbs over the fence and lands on the other side. At the end of the street is the barred gate of Mill Lake Station. All she must do now is get inside.

Filled with anger and a desire for revenge, Lara sets off on her crusade to recover her property. Pity the fools who stand in her way for, as we all know only too well, Hell hath no fury like a woman robbed of her crowbar.


04 Key to the Mutant's Locker (5 secrets)

As Lara runs for her life from the mutant life-forms she has discovered inhabiting the London tubes, she finds a locker that requires a special key.

Help Lara find that key and return to that locker to claim the prize that is contained inside.


07 Lara and the Pit (3 secrets)
Me: Hi Lara, guess what… I’ve built another level for you to explore.
Lara: Oh okay. Where is it set? Somewhere warm and sunny I hope. A nice exotic location, with lots of temples and tombs stuffed with ancient artefacts...?
Me: London.
Lara: London?! Are you kidding? I’ve been to London – it was dark and raining! I’m not going back to London.
Me: It’s not raining.
Lara: It’s ALWAYS raining in London.
Me: Not this time it isn’t. So… will you play?
Lara: (Thinking) What’s the level called?
Me: Lara and the Pit. As in Quatermass and the Pit.
Lara: Who?
Me: Never mind. I can’t help my age.
Lara: And the story?
Me: Legend has it that several thousand years ago an unknown civilisation built a city where present day London stands. This city was destroyed by an earthquake…
Lara: In London?
Me: Yes. Look, who’s telling this story, you or me?
Lara: As it’s such a bad story, I’m sure it must be you.
Me: Thanks. Anyway, the ancient city was covered by rubble and eventually built over. So to the present day. Whilst workmen were replacing gas pipes in a road at the side of the Thames, a huge hole suddenly appeared in the ground. The police are looking into it.
Lara: That joke is so old.
Me: It’s still funny though.
Lara: So there are police around this hole. And I bet they have guns.
Me: Indeed they do. They have sealed off the area and are shooting anyone who goes near the pit.
Lara: Including me.
Me: Of course. But you have to go and take a look anyway. That’s what you do. I’ve often thought you have a death wish.
Lara: Yeah right. It’s not like I have a say in these matters. I’m just sent off to dangerous places by you evil builders.
Me: Stop grumbling. You know you enjoy it.
Lara: May I ask what I’m looking for down this... pit?
Me: The Key to Eternal Happiness.
Lara: The Key to Eternal Happi... what’s that?
Me: A key. When you find it you’ll know the level is nearly over and you’ll be happy. Anyway, enough talk. I’m putting you in at the beginning. There.
Lara: I’m not playing.
Me: Well just stand there like a lemon, why don’t you?
Lara: (Sulking) There’d better not be any of those men with ape-heads!
Me: Ah I forgot to mention. There's been a bank robbery nearby and a bunch of baddies with ape masks are running around the area. Oh look - one's gone down the pit! Seems you might have company down there.
Lara: It just gets worse...






05 Jobmond & Co (2 secrets)

Some have speculated them to be former giants of the motor industry. Others have suggested that they were a guild of experimental artists. One nutter even claimed that they were an invading fragment of an alternate reality. As solid facts went, however, nobody knew what Jobmond & Co actually did, or for what purpose they used the cluster of buildings assumed to be their headquarters. Lara decides to take the initiative and investigate. Unfortunately, things only get stranger.



06 Another Metro Station (3 secrets)

Lara is in a Mystic Temple as usual in her adventures, and she is suddenly transported to a weird location by some sort of warp gate.

You must find an artifact so as to bring Lara back to the Temple to enable her to finish her quest.


08 The Escape (2 secrets)

Lara has just taken away some important artefact from her enemies for which she has been searching.

Now she has to escape from there, alive.


09 Docklands (1 secret)

Alister found out that somewhere in London's docklands there is a secret way to a hidden treasure of Queen Victoria. Lara is curious now and starts her adventure...


10 Following a London Sect (3 secrets)

Lara is in London where strange events have happened. An old subway station being renovated was flooded without any logical reason and construction of new railways was stopped because the workers came across some catacombs which weren't described in any plan of the underground. Furthermore a sect has occupied a temple above the station and since then has been trying to open a door towards another world to bring Hell to Earth. But where did they come from?