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bugs, comments and credits


The Lost Inca Outpost:

- In the second water-wheel room, the pool has a possible bug that makes it impossible for Lara to pull out of the water. Save before you enter this pool. If the bug appears, dive and resurface or reload.

The City of Parabailarlabamba:

- In the first rooms, the use of the binoculars can cause the game to crash.


- known bug: Right after starting the game, you have to save it and reload it in order to avoid a crash. Please do that each time you start this game. Unfortunately this does not work for everyone.

Inti Is Watching You:

- known bugs : This level uses the extended memory patch. Because of the huge areas, you will see cracks in the horizons. Modify your exe with the following settings to be sure that the level won't crash : Remap scene memory; DD presets very far; Increase per-mesh vertex limit; Increase enemy/object limits; Increase statics limit and Relocate target buffer. Please turn on the volumetric FX effects.

Pachacutec Inca's Valley:

- known bug : There is the flare bug in this level when you reach the room with the nine fires. Try to trigger as few flame emitters as possible in this room.




Outfit: Anniversary Outfit - ReNew by Po Yu Shotgun_anim (shotgun put diagonally on the back of Lara) by Mathieu Skeleton: retextured cleopal skeleton Baddy2 (Inca warrior): Mix between Indianer and Kanibal by Baddy, retextured. Setha (T-Rex) by ggctuk2005 Scorpion (Raptor) by Baddy Dog (wolf) by Golden Dawn Sas_drag_bloke: taken from the level "Revelation for a dream" by Loch Small_scorpion (small dino) by Baddy Chain: taken from the adventure "Magic Artefact" by Stasand, retextured Pushable_Object2(broken statue): mesh by Apofyse Moving_blade, floor_4blade, roof_4blade: taken from TR4 Seth_Blade: taken from the adventure "Magic Artefact" by Stasand, retextured puzzle_item2 (mask) by Stitch Switch_type8: Meshes and animation by POUCO2 Door_type1 and2, with animating 6 and 7: some meshes by Apofyse. Door_type3 by Spike Bridge_flat, bridgetilt1, 2: meshes by Apofyse Weapons by Trangel Shotgun_ammo and shotgun shells by Teeth, retextured Medipacks by Teeth, retextured Flare_Inv by Underwater Raider, modified Animating2 (millwheel) by Bojrkraider Animating8 (gong): a mesh by POUCO2 Animating9 (big millwheel): taken from a St-Francis level by TC14 Plant3, 4 (pedestals): meshes by spike Plant6, 7 (pole holder, pole head): meshes by spike plant8, 9, furniture0 (chair, broken chair, table): meshes by spike rock2, 3, 4 (bridge objects): meshes by eTux rock5, 6 (broken statue): meshes by Apofyse rock7, 8,9, architecture0 (wood furnitures): meshes by Apofyse Architecture1: taken from the level "mystic experiment" by TC14 Architecture2, 3 (statue): meshes by Apofyse Architecture4 (column): mesh by Apofyse, modified a lot. Architecture5 (strange object with a face drawn on it): mesh by spike. Architecture7, 8: taken from the adventure "Magic Artefact" by Stasand, retextured Debris0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9: plants by teme9