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level list

'unpatched' levels (playable for Mac users)

no levelname - number of secrets download
01 The Lost Inca Outpost (1 secret) TR4 file 15.41 MB
02 La Guardia del Monstruo (1 secret) TR4 file 8.36 MB


Complete package - including all unpatched levels


TR4 file


34.63 MB

 'patched' levels (requires the patched tomb4.exe)

no levelname - number of secrets download
01 The Mystery of Oiccaprac (3 secrets) TR4 file 13.73 MB
02 The Mask of Ettal Otaihccam (3 secrets) TR4 file 12.01 MB
03 The Death Mask Of Kween Quizi-Kal (3 secrets) TR4 file 11.47 MB
04 Pachacutec Inca's Valley (2 secrets) TR4 file 15.95 MB
05 Sweet Memories (3 secrets) TR4 file 27.78 MB
06 The Riddle of Pacha Camac (3 secrets) TR4 file 13.17 MB
07 Journey through the Andes (4 secrets) TR4 file 9.22 MB
08 Etalocóhcilihc (1 secret) TR4 file 19.33 MB
09 The Lost Tomb of Secrets (3 secrets) TR4 file 11.94 MB
10 Water of Life (6 secrets) TR4 file 12.74 MB
11 In Cuzco (1 secret) TR4 file 13.52 MB
12 Incatacombs (4 secrets) TR4 file 14.90 MB
13 Lost Treasure of Primal Breathe (4 secrets) TR4 file 11.55 MB
14 The City of Parabailarlabamba (4 secrets) TR4 file 13.49 MB
15 Chupacabra's Lair (5 secrets) TR4 file 14.77 MB
16 ???? (4 secrets) TR4 file 19.36 MB
17 Inti Is Watching You (4 secrets) TR4 file 16.73 MB


Complete package - including all patched levels


TR4 file


263 MB


builders' list in alphabetical order

A christoph B Die Basis
C Dutchy D eRIC
E Horus F jonson
G Kitkat H leroy
I MIKKI J mugs
K Neso L oxy
M pouco2 N Roli
O TC 14 P Thierry
Q TimJ R userpaul
S Von Cory
Have fun!






1. Make sure you have a clean copy of the level editor on your hard disc!

2. Don't forget to download and install the audio package!

3. You can download the patched tomb4.exe here

4. Download the required title_btb08. If you wish, you can also download the BtB load.bmp and the uklogo.pak.

5. Download either the single levels on the left or the complete packages:
unpatched TR4 levels
(includes: title_btb08, load.bmp)

patched TR4 levels
(includes: title_btb08, load.bmp and patched tomb4.exe)

6. Important: Please do read the bugs site!

For detailed information on how to install the levels, follow the installation on the left.