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1. Download the audio package (35 MB) and convert the provided mp3 files into wav files by double-clicking on start_me.exe. (The wav files will be converted automatically.) Copy the wav files into the audio folder of your trle folder. Audio package download: here

2. Most of the levels need a 'patched tomb4.exe' which can be used for all levels that used the memory patch. You can download the patched tomb4.exe here. Most likely Mac players are not able to play these levels. For detailed information which levels require a patched version, follow the download link on the left.
No need to download the tomb4.exe when you download the whole package with all 'patched' levels as the package includes this tomb4.exe.

3. Download the required title_btb08 (10 MB) and put it into your data folder. If you wish, you can also download the uklogo.pak file which belongs in your data folder and the BtB load.bmp which should be placed in your TR root directory.
No need to download these files when you download any of the packages as both packages contain the title_btb08 and the load.bmp

4. Download either a single TR4 level and copy the downloaded level into your data folder or download the whole package with the 'unpatched' TR4 levels here: unpatched TR4 levels (34.63 MB) (including the necessary title_btb08 and load.bmp; remember that you can use your own tomb4.exe to play these levels) or download the whole package with all 'patched' TR 4 levels (including the required tomb4.exe, title_btb08 and load.bmp) patched TR4 levels (263.15 MB).

5. Important: Please do read the bugs site!

To get to the level list and individual downloads, follow the download link.

* Donít forget to enable Vol FX and Bump Mapping.

Have fun!




important note
Make sure you have a clean copy of the level editor on your hard disc!