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The Lost Inca Outpost (1 secret)

Follow this passage to the Lost Inca Outpost, the key to everlasting peace awaits you.


La Guardia del Monstruo (1 secret)

The Villagers in a small village in Southern Peru have got a new tourist attraction, and Lara, feeling very adventurous, decides to go and check it out for fun, but she soon realises that she has got more than she bargained for...


The Mystery of Oiccaprac (3 secrets)

Lara searches a mystic talisman in Peru.


The Mask of Ettal Otaihccam (3 secrets)

Lara is in search of the holy death mask of the Inca God Ettal Otaihccam. It is said to be located in a cave in the Peruvian highlands.


The Death Mask Of Kween Quizi-Kal (3 secrets)

This episode from Lara's past is set after the "Paraiso flashback" in Tomb Raider: Legend.

After the incident at the ruins near Paraiso and the apparent deaths of several of her friends and colleagues, including Amanda Evert, Lara was reluctant to leave Peru. She felt that if she left then, she would never return - and Peru was special to her, she had accompanied her Father on several occasions while he was looking for the lost city of Vilcabamba… As Lara and Anaya Imanu; who apart from Lara was the only known survivor of the ill-fated expedition; were walking through the town square in Paraiso back to their lodgings, when Lara heard children singing a nursery rhyme about "Queen Quizi's Magical Mask". She had never heard it before and asked Anaya to tell her the story:

"Peruvian legends tell of Kween Quizi-Kal - a ruler as known for her beauty as she was for her kindness - who was beloved by her subjects. When she died they carved out a magnificent mausoleum for her in the mountains that surrounded their lands and they fashioned a bejewelled Death Mask for her so she would be as beautiful in death as she had been in life. To keep out thieves they also furnished the mausoleum with traps and guardians to protect her. Of course whether any 'traps' or 'guardians' are still operational would be very doubtful, if they even existed in the first place! Several sites have been put forward as the possible location of her mausoleum. Actually, one of them is only a few miles from here..."

So, Lara decided to find the fabled mask...


Pachacutec Inca's Valley (2 secrets)

The valley of Pachacutec Inca, the Peruvian king, lays somewhere in the mountains of Ollantaytambo. According to the legend, Pachacutec Inca left a valuable Incan golden object in the valley, it is called the idol of Pachacutec.It is believed that if fallen to the wrong hands, the idol has the power to call forward an ancient evil, which could bring the hell upon earth.It is Lara's turn to find the idol, which is guarded by the remnants of the ancient civilization.


Sweet Memories (3 secrets)

Back in Peru, because that place kept a special place in Lara's heart, our heroine is exploring the wide mountain range when suddenly the ground gives way and she ends up in a strange place. Obviously part natural and part man made by some ancient tribe. However beautiful it may be, she still has to find her way out of this place, which at first hand seems easier than it is...


The Riddle of Pacha Camac (3 secrets)

Many men and women around the world spent most of their life hunting for the Sacred Mask of Pacha Camac, the Incan Creator God. This Mask was believed to make its owner able to create life. Other people said it would protect its owner from diseases, others also saying it was only a pretty, but rusty piece of metal. It was believed to be hidden in a temple deep in the Peruvian jungle, and that to get it, you would need to demonstrate all your skills to solve a riddle designed by Pacha Camac himself, of which Incan engineers found sketches drawn by the God and built it as Pacha Camac wanted it to be. Many men and women around the world tried to retrieve this Mask. Among them was a woman named Lara Croft...

Journey through the Andes (4 secrets)

After a lot of research Lara has found the location of a famous golden statue, which her father had searched for for a long time, so she decides to leave for a journey through the Andes (Peru) where in a temple in a lost village the statue is believed to be. It seems to be an easy task for Lara but the temple is well protected by a tribe of indigenous cannibals that will kill anybody who enters the temple and so it will be very difficult for Lara to recover the golden statue.

Etalocóhcilihc (1 secret)

Thousands of years ago the great Inca King Retto'Pyrrah lived in the city of Etalocóhcilihc. This city was built in a system of caverns deep in the mountains. The greatest and deepest of the vaults was however avoided by all the inhabitants of Etalocóhcilihc as a group of primeval species dwelled in there. King Pyrrah enjoyed sending murderers and thieves down into the pit to watch the monsters feast on their flesh. One day however King Pyrrah's beloved wife Epans Sureves accidently fell into the pit in the great vault and was immediately torn apart by the hideous monsters. As a memorial to Epans Sureves King Pyrrah ordered his bravest warrior to place a gold idol of Epans Sureves on a tall rock pillar in the middle of the pit, where it should remain unreachable for human and beast.

The Lost Tomb of Secrets (3 secrets)

Lara is in search of ''The Lost Tomb of Secrets'' a tomb that is believed to hold many items and treasures of archaeological interest. A spirit of an Incan priest who has the power to summon up dinosaurs haunts the tomb. Lara's quest is to find and eliminate the dreaded T-Rex so that archaeological work can be made in the tombs depths.

Water of Life (6 secrets)

An old legend says that in a remote valley of Peru, at the foot of the Andes mountains, a tribe named the Jivaiti-Jivaitipas had built a shrine to collect water from above that is supposed to give life and healing wherever it runs. In fact, the Jivaiti and the Jivaitipas never really came to an accord to know what to decide. Only they built and sealed a cistern to retain a part of this water, and worshipped it, which was of no use to them when hard times came... When Lara arrived in this forgotten valley, the first thing she noticed was the perfume of death that was over the desolated place: deadly water, no bird singing, bones scattered on the ground… and this unspeakable feeling that danger is around the corner. What will come out of this mess?

In Cuzco (1 secret)

When visiting Peru Lara meets her father's friend Cavero del Brivo. He was also an archeologist once, but now he is too old to continue this job. So he tells our heroine that he has found an old hidden village in the jungle near Cuzco. "Where can I find this village? I always search new adventures" she says. Cavero gives her the direction. "O. K.", Lara says, "I'm going to prepare myself to visit this village. Maybe, I will find some gems or a little bit of gold, or whatever! What do you think?" "Er... Lara", Cavero answers, "There are also natives in this old village. I think they don't like modern technology..." "Ah, very good", she replies, "Don't forget that I'm a little girl and I want to have some fun!" The next day Lara prepares herself to set off for an new excursion. She gets on her Ducati and drives into the jungle. She drives to the point which Cavero has told her about. A big waterfall valley. Unfortunately Cavero has forgotten to tell her where the exact entry is. So Lara walks around in the valley. Suddenly a trapdoor opens beneath her feet and she falls into a big, deep hole...

Incatacombs (4 secrets)

Early Peruvian civilizations believe some objects, called Wak'a, as being alive and sacred. Used for rituals and ceremonies, they are now lusted after by raiders, and we all know one very well. Let's wander about a Peruvian structure, half temple, half catacombs, with Lara raiding for what she usually raids for... relics.

Lost Treasure of Primal Breathe (4 secrets)

Lara inherited an estate in Peru. She travelled there to bury the dead.
Life is a precious gift, everything we really have.

The City of Parabailarlabamba (4 secrets)

Have fun!

Chupacabra's Lair (5 secrets)

Deep in the Andes, in the heart of an old maya city, lives the CUPACABRA. Lara will try to find him... Unless he finds her first.

???? (4 secrets)

Lara finds herself in the middle of nowhere, in an unknown place. Travelling through ruins, she enters a temple where mysterious things occur...

Inti Is Watching You (4 secrets)

Lara needed a Sun Artefact to save the world once again from the wrath of an angry god. She remembered an old temple in Peru that she had discovered when travelling to Vilcabamba. She had had no time to visit it then, but she had been able to see that it was dedicated to Inti, the Inca Sun god. Perhaps she would find what she needed there.