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Bugs & Comments

Level: Finding Zorba

If Lara dies at the first rollingball and the game is blocked, press F6 or P to reload a savegame or restart the game..

Level: Heirs of the Medjai

If there happen to be textures stretched across the screen (see picture on the right) just save the game and load the newly created savegame so they will vanish.
Heirs of the Medjai

Level: Passage of the Amulet

Please make sure you deactivate Volumtric FX in the setup!

Level: Sunken
After sliding down the ramp (see picture), first check if the trapdoors above are working like the ones in this video.

If they are, then do this run before you do anything else. Because if you get furhter and then go back the trapdoor run might get impossible to do.


Level: That One Door

Saving while standing on the edge of pillars in rooms with deadly floors below could immediately set Lara on fire on reload.

Don't forget to take that Mechanical Beetle along every time you used it!!

Level: Tut's Golden Armour

The reset function for a timed lever is clumsy. It would be best to save before initiating action.