Bugs & Glitches

General Bug: The Element Puzzle

The element puzzle brings with it a nasty bug: if you pour the water, the sand/ashes or the wine into the bowls and save afterwards, the contents of the bowl will disappear after reloading. In the case of the sand/ashes and the water this doesn't affect the gameplay. However in case of the wine it will impede on gameplay as you need to light the wine with the torch to complete the puzzle.

So, don't pour the wine into the bowl unless you have the torch at hand - do nothing in between pouring in the wine and lighting it to ensure you won't be stuck in a dead end.

This bug could not be avoided and appears in every level where there is a full element puzzle.

Abandoned Theater

In the grey building where the rose is, if you fall from one of the two breakable tiles you'll have to reload an old savegame.
There's a place where you must shimmy to reach a ladder. If Lara refuses to shimmy more to can grab the ladder, try to grab the crack in another place (a bit left or right) and the problem is solved.
It can happen that Lara get problems to pick up the lasersight. If so, turn her a bit with the left or right arrow keys and she'll get it.

Aurum Potestas Est

Due to a bug which could not be corrected the water textures don't animate in this level.

The Black Lodge

Lara's guns and flares will not function in the blinking rooms due to a protective spell used by the demigods. You may sometimes get an odd visual glitch where Lara will hold the guns in her arms - but it does not affect the flow of the game, and can be easily fixed by drawing any weapon after leaving the blinking area.

Sometimes the second demigod is able to escape from the area she's enclosed in. This prevents her from activating a very crucial trigger and therefore it is impossible to continue the game. You can see this if you don't get a camera hint when returning to the room she was in after using the waterskin. Reloading an earlier savegame and doing the sequence again will solve this. This is a rarely occurring bug, but caution is advised.


If you experience crashes when reloading, make sure you replace the title.tr4 file from the BtB download with the standard trle title.tr4. It has now also been included in the download package for this level.

Clockwork Orange

In one room it can happen that Lara refuses to move across from shimmying along a crawlspace onto a ladder to climb. If this happens to you, then restart the short shimmy sequence again and try to drop into the shimmy position as close to the ladder as possible and when you hang drop immediately start shimmying to the left and it should work.

The Heart of Venice

There is a knife trap which prevents Lara from climbing up a ladder. After pushing a switch she will be able to climb up. It may occur that the knife stops without giving fully access to the ladder. Don't approach the knife in this case as it is still deadly for Lara. Just press the switch once more and stop the knife again.

Kill Jill

Finding at least one of the five Secrets (blue roses) in this level will make one part in the level a lot easier.

Legacy of the Lament Rose

Do not save the game if you extinguish the burning torch item (before using it to light a torch) around the first mask piece.

Make sure you kill the demigods you encounter, as the next one in the game only activates when you kill the first one, and the later one carries a crucial item for progression.

Palace Dionysus

This level has a cutscene triggered by shooting a bell. If you use the lasersight to zoom in, Lara's field of view may be different when the cutscene ends (zoomed way in). Enter and exit the inventory or use the lasersight to zoom back out if you have this problem.
Some of the fences do not work 100% properly. I did my best to fix them, but it's still possible to jump past them. Do so at your own risk, you'll probably end up stuck in a part of the level you're not able to play yet. So do yourself a favor and mind the fences! :)
This level has timed runs using the pulley object, which isn't exactly designed for timed triggers. The pulley keeps going after you pull it the first time. Also, if you don't make it the first time, you may need to pull it twice to reset it.

The Power of the Dragon

If you experience a crash shortly after picking up the crowbar, make sure you replace the title.tr4 file from the BtB download with the standard trle title.tr4. It has now also been included in the download package for this level.

Sunken Venice

At times the level may have some background rumbling which is due to a rollingball triggering something. It was not possible to fully avoid it, but it does not exist through the entire level.

Venice Vino Vendetta

For an unknown reason, the valve switch has to be turned twice, if it is used for the first time.


Comments & Credits

Kerstin (Codo) Ghost (DEMIGOD3), Dog, flying pidgeon (ANIMATING2), Key Items 1, 3, 4 and 12
Rüdiger Audio Tracks 026, 028, 029, 030, 031, 034
Po Yu Tomb Raider III Jungle Outfit Remake
(subtly recoloured)
Baddy Spikey Ball, Wall-mounted knife blade, TR3 rat
Piega Chandelier, Resetable Jump Switch
Karlo002 Wardrobe
cornchild tr1 falling block
Alex171515 Scooter
Die Basis Swinging Box
maax_87 Load and Save items
teme9 Palm from nature package

There are several new objects in BtB Venice that are based on older objects. Proper credit will be given here:
Mafia Guys (BADDY1 and BADDY2) by Nadine L are based on Army Men (TRC) by Baddy. Carneval Mask Ghosts (WRAITH1 and WRAITH2) by Nadine L are based on Po Yu‘s face mesh from the TR3 Jungle Outfit. Some objects and animations are taken from TR 2, 3, 4 or 5 and modified or remade. The rest is done from scratch by Nadine L.

After the Back to Basics competition 2010 the wad and texture set will be released to the public.


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