An unusual walk through the district of Cannaregio to discover the “darkest” side of the Venetian tradition. In its long history, the city hides plenty of legends, traditions and hidden facts that this small tour for BtB 2010 allows you to discover: ghost stories, mysterious homicides, quarrels between angels and demons develop in an evocative way in your imagination, leaving you in the middle of an enchanting fairy tale!

Venice by night is a romantic and mysterious place. This tour of Venice features an itinerary that will take you on a journey through the hidden Venice where you will not only hear intriguing stories that will bring a chill to the night's air, but you'll also be entertained solving the mystery of the Abandoned Theater. This time, the Mayor of Venice has called Lara because strange deaths are occurring near an abandoned theater in the district of Cannaregio. Neighbours no longer leave their homes, and mafia gangs rage in the neighborhood of this damned theater. Lara goes to see what happens ...

Gold is power... In a small Italian village upon a river called San Dona di Piave, in his beautiful palace lives well-known mafioso Antonio de Santoriani. Although every child in the village knows the truth about him, he has never been imprisoned or caught. Why? "Aurum Potestas Est". He has excellent lawyers who are able to find every little mistake in Italian law and use it against police, against people, against truth. Santoriani controls huge crime organisation, which he uses to steal money and intimidate people.

The famous archeologist, Lara Croft, arrived to San Dona to visit ruins of an old church nearby and investigate the story about a ghost of a girl living there, who is sworn to be seen there at night. The legend says, that to help the ghost find its peace, her heart needs to be found and brought to its rightful place. But the ruins are dangerous and therefore closed. Keys to the entrance holds Antonio de Santoriani. Lara wanted to visit him in his palace, hoping for his permission to enter the church, but as soon she arrived to the village, she was taken by Santoriani's bandits. They were interrogating her until dusk. Then they decided to wait overnight and see if their prisoner will be more cooperative the next day. Now, Lara can finally try to escape and fulfill her plan...

Bartoli is dead and for revenge his brother Bortali steels the best Venetian wine bottle from Lara's wine cellar. The wine is from a very good year so she wants her bottle back and travels to Venice to the also bad wallpapered mansion of Bortali. Ofcourse Bortali does not give up his bottle of wine together with a refund.

The Black Lodge is a place where dark spirits dwell. It exists alongside the world we live in, but only rarely can a mortal actually enter it to learn about its secrets. And those who try, lose their mind in the process. After their success of corrupting people in other towns like, for example, Twin Peaks, a couple of the spirits picked a new target for their mischievous plans and Venice got to be the unlucky one.

Unfortunately for them, Lara happened to be in town for the Back to Basics 2010 competition and decided that a portal to this scary place mustn't open under her watch! The only way to stop this, however, is to enter the Lodge itself, retrieve the key to lock it and throw the key away! But Lara must beware! Once she's in the Lodge, she has to play by the rules of the spirits...

Lara has to find the Mafia's Headquarters and destroy it because the Mafia has threatened to light all the explosives they have placed beneath the city of Venice.

Every year it had been the same challenge for Lara's best friends: What do you present as a Birthday gift to somebody who already has everything she needs and then some? But then they came across this agency, which offers a visit to a small town, where the 'contestant' will have to master a series of tasks and challenges to eventually reach the exit. That sounded exactly like what Lara would enjoy and so they signed the contract and presented it to her at her next Birthday.
Indeed, she was overjoyed and very much looking forward to this fun little adventure ahead of her - and quite curious which challenges it might hold...
If you manage to pick up more than half the secrets, you can choose to have an easier finale of the adventure.

All is quiet in the city of Venice. Too quiet. No birds serenade the people as they go about their business, the air is still as death. Something is brewing in the watery city. Something dark.

On one of her many yearly vacations to exotic lands and such, Lara Croft finds herself on one of the few dry streets of the famous italian city. Rumors have spread of an evil growing in one of the more abandoned sections of the city.

None of good standing would dare go to the sections given back to the water, only the gangs go there. And only in force. With little to do besides lounge in the cafes and drink the expensive coffees, Lara decides to follow the rumors and see what there is to them.
Some time later, after going in circles, intimidating those who think their information too valuable and following false leads, her steps take her to an old man of the church. From him she learns of the whispers which are circulating among the people. A new gang has arrived, one with a plan to usurp power from the current crime family and establish themselves as the unconditional rulers of the famous city's underground. The old man tells her of something that actually carries weight. This new gang has taken up residence in the sewers beneath the theater in the abandoned section of the city. Only accessible by boat, and then you'll undoubtedly get your head blown off by the crime familys body guards, but a strong swimmer might be able to infiltrate the compound successfully.
It has been a boring vacation so far, in the sense that no one has shot at her yet. Lara returns to her hotel, grabs her guns and heads off towards the abandoned section of Venice...
But, unknown to all, even the gang itself, something is about to go horribly wrong. His name shall not be mentioned for it's lack of importance, but what he has done sings loud. None saw him, but all felt the effects. Thinking himself alone in the mask chamber, and not knowing the power of the seemingly inanimate masks, lifts one to examine, and all heck breaks loose.

Lara has accidentally found herself trapped below the streets of Venice. She will have to find her way through the canals in order to locate a door to Venice.

Lara accidentally (as always) stumbles upon an old book in the National Library in which she reads about the Heart of Venice, a powerful artifact in shape of a heart which was in possession of the first Doge Paolo Lucio Anafesto, the chief magistrate and leader of the City of Venice. This artifact should give power, wealth and prosperity to its owner.

Legend has it that it can be found in Venice at a place where three doves are flying around above in the sky but only if you are in possesion of the ashes of Paolo Lucio Anafesto which can be found on a cross in a church. So, Lara is heading to Venice to find the ashes and the place where the Heart of Venice is said to be hidden. Of course,there are also some Italien guys she is waking up.

Intending to forget about the troubles of everyday life for a while, Lara takes a trip to Venice to enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of the City of Bridges. As chance would have it, however, Lara discovers that the once so quaint city's atmosphere has suffered a drastic change. Lara decides to investigate the cause of this and is certain that the strange, colourful crucifix holograms spread throughout the city have something to do with it. Are they an omen of the town's imminent doom?

There are only very few people who know the legend about the Wine of Cydonia. Most don't believe any such wine ever existed. The Wine of Cydonia is told to be the finest and most delicious of all liqours, but sadly only very few bottles of this very special spirit have been made. Rumour has it that there is one bottle of the Wine of Cydonia left - but it is kept by a group of ex-Mafia criminals known as the Knights of Cydonia who are said to inhabit an abandoned theatre somewhere in Venice.

Lara, thinking she deserves a good drink more than anyone else, sets out to Venice in order to find the Wine of Cydonia.

Lara is called to Venice - bandits terrorize the city and grouped together in the theater Fenice. She is going to have to battle to overcome these bandits and restore order.

Since the beginning of time, Eros the Greek god of Love and Passion, fought Erida the Greek goddess of Hate and Malice. They never could defeat one another, and fought throughout most of time until the Greek god of gods, Zeus, sealed each of them away forever into two seperate blooming roses. And had his slaves carry them off to separate ends of the world. Only to ensure that they would never cause anymore destruction to growing race the of man.

Ever since then, the powers of the seal only became weaker and weaker. Until their power could finally be used by the hands of whoever wielded these powerful artifacts. But the power of the roses would consume the person who weilded it as a weapon, making them more and more like these two powerful emotions each of the roses possessed, transforming them into the Greek gods of legend.

Lara just got back from training for any adventure she sets her mind on, turns on the TV. As she was watching her regular scheduled programming, when a worldwide broadcast appeared. The broadcast was about how many people believed the end of the world was near. Claiming that according to the Revelation Book from the Bible, the upcoming of the anti-christ will bring evil actions constantly. Towards the end of the program, it started to mention that a lot of crime is coming from Venice, almost in just one area, an old abandonned museum that used to be a very prostigious mansion. Once the program was over, Lara pulled out a book, and reminded herself that the occurences sounded similar to the powers of the god roses of old. She believes that the seal on this rose is too weak to keep around. So Lara believes the only way to destroy it is through an ancient mythical weapon, which she has one, Excaliber of King Author(Legend). Lara is then packing her bags to go retrieve the rose before anyone else does.

After her adventure with The Dagger of Xian, Lara Croft collected a lot of documents and informations about many precious properties gathered by Bartolli family over the years. She discovers, that in one of the Bartoli’s estates in Venice, another powerful artifact has been hidden. According to the legend, the mysterious Carneval Mask is capable of cursing anyone who dares to use it.

Unfortunately, accces to this antique manor is strictly forbidden, so Lara must find another way to get inside, under the night’s cover. Shortly after Lara’s arrival, one day before the Venice Carnival, someone barricades the door and makes her imprisoned inside of the hotel room…

Pretty soon it will be carnival time again in Venice. The city is gearing up to this huge festivity that attracts tourists from all over the world. Folks at the town hall are panicking, as the famous Carnival Mask that should be on display in the town hall, has been stolen. A note was left behind that the thieves wanted a large sum of money before this Sunday. Having not much time and knowing that Miss Croft was in town, they asked her help in this grave matter.

The mayor and the chief of police showed her the letter and all they could tell is that it the suspects of this hideous crime probably lived in the rundown areas of Venice. Now it is up to Miss Croft to find this Mask so this festival can start on time.

Just relax in beautiful Venice...That is what our adventurer and Tomb Raider Lara Croft was thinking. But right upon her arrival she gets attacked by some strange bad guys. Apparently those folks smell a treasure whereever Lara shows up - it seems too odd to be true that she would simple come to Venice without any hidden agenda.

Whatever, Lara remains calm as usual and explores the streets of Venice nonetheless, runs into the occasional puzzle her or there and finds a few hidden artifacts as well, like this strange mask, the heart of Giacomo Casanova or these jewel roses. Whether Lara can managed to get all these artifacts is up to you. Good Luck!

Legend has it that above a bath of wine, the Greek God Dionysus will bring any person back to life at the cost of their heart. Bartoli's men have saved his heart for this very purpose, and they intend to resurrect their leader beneath the next full moon. Lara catches wind of the rumors and decides to head to Venice to prevent any such thing from happening. She's also heard rumors of the legendary Pan's Rose surfacing within a nearby Dionysian cult. Lara will have to deal with both Bartoli's men and the cult members in order to escape Venice alive.

Lara heard about a mysterious opera house, in which a phantom should have murdered 2000 people at the premiere of an opera called 'Don Juan'. The Phantom set the opera house on fire. After that accident the Opera house had been closed, the phantom never had been found. Lara travels to Venice to visit this opera house but there are some inhabitants who don´t want her to enter the house and reveal it secret.

On an early, foggy morning Lara was in her thropy room. She was standing in front of a display case with the title 'The Dagger of Xian'. The dagger was one of the most interesting and powerful artifacts - The Dagger of Xian can give the powers of a dragon to the person who drives it into their heart. Suddenly, the telephone rang. Lara went out of the thropy room to pick up the phone. Before she could say anything she heard a nervous voice talking very quickly.

'May I speak with Lara Croft, please?'
'It's Lara Croft. How can I help you?'
'The heart of the dragon... It must be destroyed!'
'The heart of the...'
'Dragon, dragon! It must be destroyed with the Dagger of Xian! It'll take the power from the heart. The dagger has been in the dragon's heart for too long. Its soul has been surrounded with the ancient power and became too strong. When the dagger has been ripped from the heart of the beast, it didn't become dust, it just shrunk. Some monks have hid it, but it has been found by the Fiama Nera. The heart must be destroyed or the dragon will reborn!'
'And do you know where it is?'
'It's under the Opera House of Venice. Be very fast, your time's running o...'
'Hallo? Hallo?'

Next day Lara found an article in a daily newspaper about the Opera House of Venice, people are saying that it is posessed by ghosts. Another article has been written about a man, who was a member of the Fiama Nera and was killed while talking to someone on the phone. The reasons and the murderer are unknown, however Lara suspects that the man's murderers are the members of the Fiama Nera. Now they surely know where Lara will go and they want to stop her.

Lara travels to Venice and the adventure begins...

After the explosion of the antimatter in Rome, people thought the Illuminati Brotherhood were destroyed, but the Church knew that it wasnt true. The Brotherhood is in Venice and the whole city, including the Churches, is under their control. The Illuminati had stolen many Ancient Venician Artifacts to show the world their power. All people around the world had heard these breaking news in TV, but no one, even the police can't do anything. No one ... except Lara Croft!

Mafia Godfather, Salvatore Luccio had been one of the most feared men in Italy. Those foolhardy enough to cross him had met a swift and brutal end at the hands of his henchmen. But now old and riddled with disease, Luccio lay on his deathbed in his hometown of Venice. Close to death he was suddenly visited by an apparition of an evil witch who offered to give him eternal life if he could give her the Fliorenti Rose.

The Fliorenti Rose was a beautiful ornamental flower kept in the garden of a Venetian priest. The legend was that it was a key to a portal to the underworld. Several centuries before, the witch had removed the key from its holder and soon after a terrible storm hit the city. As the storm raged the witch’s servants, ghostly demons, were released from the underworld and brought terror and death to the city's inhabitants. Many of the Venetians fled but a group of brave men remained and fought the witch, took back the Rose and returned it to its receptacle. Immediately the witch’s servants were drawn back into the underworld. Without her servants the witch had little power and she returned to her lair beneath Venice and the city became normal again.

Forward to the present day and workmen renovating a library in the city opened up a long-forgotten passageway leading down into the depths of the earth - and the witch’s lair. Disturbed from her sleep the witch visited Salvatore Luccio and offered him immortality in return for the Fliorenti Rose. Luccio agreed and sent his henchmen to steal the Rose. The witch then cast a spell on Luccio, making him immortal but in doing so removed his heart. She told him if his heart was ever returned to him he would become mortal again and die. Luccio ordered his men to guard the heart and fled to the witch’s lair from where he continued to run his Mafia empire. In the city above, the witch’s servants once again took over the houses and streets, causing the Venetians to abandon their homes. Only Luccio’s henchmen remained to guard his heart. Is there anyone who can find the heart, return it to its owner and destroy both the witch and the Godfather?

Croft Manor 2010, Lara sits comfortably in front of a crackling fire with a cup of Jasmin tea in her hand, when she accidentally sees on TV what's going on in Venice. Lara obviously loves Venice and cannot believe that this is happening.She does not hesitate, jumps up and almost spills her tea. After packing a few things she is off to Venice. Can Lara solve the problem there?

Burglary and robbery in Lara's villa in Venice!
A big amount of money has been stolen. Because a bottle of red wine is missing, too, she instantly knows, who the puppet master of this robbery is: Luigi Briatore. Mafia boss, gourmet of wine and a longtime nemesis of her.
Time to get back what is hers from his villa...with a vengeance!

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