Last Train to Paris

This story is a pre-adventure to "Angel of Darkness". After her near death experience in Egypt Lara has become more cold and calculating, with a darker, tormented soul full of distrust. After spending a few years away from the outside world, Lara receives a call from Von Croy asking her to travel to Paris to meet him in his apartment. As everybody knows, Lara then decides to travel to Paris to meet with him, but at the train station, Eckhardt's thugs will try to prevent Lara from taking the train. While flying in an airship over Vienna, Lara will try to reach the station...

Ghost of Professor Belshazzar

Lara is hosted at Professor Belshazzars home for a long weekend. A few hours later, Lara feels that something is in the air. Her sixth sense tells her something mysterious happens...

For A Handful of Red Sand

This adventure is a uchronie. In a world where science took the place of religion, men learned to evolve rapidly and conquered the solar system.
The first planet on which humans set foot was Mars... and the first words were "all that for a handful of red sand." In fact, Mars is desolate, lifeless, but perfect for a colony.

Today, while the atmospheric converters causes thunderstorms on the surface of the red planet, a group of terrorists, the Titans Space, takes advantage of the chaos to steal an important manuscript in the Martian capital Museum of Terraforming.
Lara will do everything she can to recover the precious manuscript through caverns and underground Martian facilities and use the energy from the Shrine of Time to activate the teleporter which will allow her to get back to Earth.

The Shrine of Time is an important complex of tombs and crypts.
A legend says they were built in the future and launched into the past.
Many people talk about effects of lighting and strange apparitions and even monsters they saw inside the funeral network and a mysterious small gold key. We don't known who is buried in those tombs and whether the occupants are human or not.
To make a long story short, this place is dangerous and for this reason the keys to enter were lost...

Maybe enough to make Lara understand that Mars isn't only a handful of red sand.

So take your guns and the next spaceship for the red planet and enjoy this little steampunk Martian world.


Vanilla Sky

Ninja pirates have been using a luxury airship as a cover to smuggle antiquities of dubious origin. It is suspected that they may even be smelting some of the artifacts down to extract their valuable metals. The Natural History Museum needs to get those items back but all of their attempts have failed thus far, leaving them desperate enough to hire a legendary tomb raider to retrieve the stolen artifacts.

Lara Croft books herself a ticket under an assumed name and patiently waits in her room until the shipment has been loaded and the airship is on its way. Her plan is to wait until the time is right so that the ninja pirates will be far enough away from port that they cannot summon reinforcements. At that point, she will begin to thoroughly explore the ship, dispatch all of the ninja pirates, and commandeer the vessel so that she can fly the antiquities back to the museum.

Of course, that's assuming things go according to plan...


Moonlight Legacies

Lara has discovered the location of Selenia, the majestic city of water, landlocked in the heart of the mountains.
Legends say that the Moon is the queen of this place.
The heart of Selenia is lifeless for a long time and Lara will have to show great tenacity to make it beat again.
Cradled by the moonlight, our famous explorer will dive into a world where the border of reality has become blurred.
She will visit the supernatural floating station of the city and its magnificent cistern.
If she is careful, she may be able to bring a trace of the knowledge of the ancients : the moonlight legacies.


The Book of Four Elements

Gregory Pawlaczyk, a Polish archeology professor of the culture and science palace Warsaw, has disappeared last week.
He became famous for his discovery of a Victorian 'time machine for lost spirits' which he tried to get working again.
His work was strictly criticized in the science community because it could have fatal consequences for human kind.
Supposedly, there is an old script called 'The Book of Four Elements' in which it is written how the mysterious time machine is used.
This book is located at a still unknown place where only he can enter who passes the 'legendary examination rooms of the four elements'.
Some even tell that dark creatures, monsters and dragons guard this highly attractive book.
It is assumed that there is a connection between these rumors and the disappearance of Gregory Pawlaczyk.
The professor was last seen near the coal mine in Suszec, in the south of Poland.
It is temporarily closed off because of landslides and cave-ins after an intensive storm.
The airing vent is the only way now to access the mine.

After receiving notice about her former archeology professor, Lara is determined to search for him and the book of four elements.
A new and thrilling adventure in Poland begins...

Memories of Steampunk Fashion

Lara remembers: When she arrived in a half-imaginary half-real world. After a long rocky road, she will have to find many artifacts to discover the key that will allow her to take the train and come back to Abbingdon.

Lost in the Canyons

During one of Lara's many adventures, she stopped to stay in a small town. There have been problems in this town, as there had been power problems going on for quite a while. A factory in the canyons used to supply power to the town. There had been problems going on in the factory and the people who went to investigate never returned, concerning many of the townsfolk.
Out of curiosity (with nothing better to do during her stay), Lara decides to explore these canyons and figure out what's been going on. Find the 3 keys to the factory (by exploring the canyons, caves, and mine-shafts) and solve the mystery behind the abandoned factory.
Collecting the secrets will aid you and help you along the way. Trust me, you'll be glad you took the time to find them later. ;)


A Rift in Sedona

Lara is called to Sedona, Arizona to investigate a mystery deep in the desert. In her research, she discovers folklore claiming that the veil between the worlds is thin there, centering around a place called Bell Rock. Recent visitors to that area have vanished without a trace, and others have witnessed strange weather patterns and lights in the sky. What begins as a casual summer raid turns into a journey far wilder than Lara intended, as she is suddenly whisked away to a parallel universe!

Lara becomes an unwitting participant in one of the experiments-gone-wrong of the Red Falcon Research Facility, an underground lab run by ninja androids. Their recent experiments in teleportation have been accidentally opening unstable bridges to our Universe! Unsupervised by humans, who were recently overtaken by the rogue machines, they will stop at nothing to protect their territory from this unintended intruder. Lara must do battle with the fearsome robots and navigate the twisted logic of their facility, in order to escape back to her own Universe...


Madness is not a Shame

Lara is in a madhouse. But she is sure, she isn't mad. A survey among the voices inside her head confirmed that fact. So she decides to escape. Will it be an escape from the madhouse or an escape from her own imagination? Who knows?!

Deathmatch in Lost City

Lara travels to the Lost City to search for Professor Shi. He has built an evil machine capable of producing demons. Lara must stop him, but when she comes to town the laboratory has been destroyed by an accident and demons and mutants roam free in the streets. Will Lara avoid Hell on Earth?

Tower of Power

Everyone in the area has been pushing for the construction of the town of Tiesto for some time, and things have gone smoothly so far. Unfortunately a large, fortified tower has suddenly appeared in the center of the town, and strange things have been happening to the people and animals nearby. The tower has begun to drain power from the area. Lara takes the elevated train over to Tiesto to see if there is a way to break into the tower and stop the chaos...

Ghostbuster - Volume 1: Let There be Water

"Dear Ms. Croft,
Zudotakikato Takatojinkato, the famous show-Ninja was taken prisoner of two nasty ghosts!
He came to our city to inaugurate the brand-new windmachine with one of his performances but yesterday, at the final rehearsal he suddenly vanished!
While looking for him everywhere we suddenly heard screaming noises coming from the abandoned mines...What we saw there left us speachless: A brand new structure appeared and on the floor it said: Lourah Croft! (I am sure they meant you though)
The core of this structure is a door leading to the ninja's cell, but in order to open this door, 4 watertanks below this structure have to be filled.
We already did most of the work, as we wanted to free him ourselves but the ghosts are really serious that they want YOU to solve this puzzle - no matter what we do now, they appear and make it undone.

Please help us as soon as possible and free Zudo!

Yours sincerely
Sir Rudolph Dickson Delahunt III, major of Antropolis"

Lara: "Winston, prepare everything I need for the journey to Antropolis. Zudo saved my life back then in Egypt and now he got to feel the wrath of the wraiths - the wraiths he rescued me from."

Winston: "Alright Ms Croft, and don't forget them how to write your name properly..."


Punk Heart

Lara has stowed away on a balloon voyage to Punk Land so that she can steal the Punk Heart. She will also need to find a Zephyr Key for the return trip. Strike a match and let the adventure begin.