Builders' Competition

1st place: Moonlight Legacies by Kosmos // average score: 9.3654 2

2nd place: For a Handful of Red Sand by BigFoot // average score: 9.2315

3rd place: Memories of Steampunk Fashion by Drakan // average score: 9.1548

All levels with their respective builders:

Last Train to Paris José
Ghost of Professor Belshazzar Yoav
For A Handful of Red Sand BigFoot
Vanilla Sky Ward Dragon
Moonlight Legacies Kosmos
The Book of Four Elements Thot
Memories of Steampunk Fashion Drakan
Lost in the Canyons tombraiderxii
A Rift in Sedona Chronicles5
Madness is not a Shame uranos1
Deathmatch in Lost City Erogan
Tower of Power SSJ6Wolf
Ghostbuster – Volume 1: Let there be Water Soul
Punk Heart mugs

Players' Competition

1st place: Blue43 - 6/14 levels corectly guessed

2nd place: Matie - 5/14 levels corectly guessed

3rd place: Sethian - 4/14 levels corectly guessed

Big thanks to everyone who reviewed all 14 levels in time:

Akcy // Blue43 // Diz // dmdibl // eTux // Jay // Jerrod // Josey // Magnus // manarch2 // MichaelP // Mman // Mytly // Phil // requiemsoul // Scottie // Sethian.