Lara was surprised when a huge cloud of snow and ice suddenly appeared on the horizon. She quickly started to look for some shelter in this northern wilderness, but the only one she found was a dark and unwelcoming cave. "Still better than freezing to death" she thought and jumped inside. She soon discovers that the cave is not empty and its inhabitants come from times long past...

Summertime Sadness

The game takes place in one of The six Celtic nations: Britanny. It's the end of summer and Lara Croft is travelling through the Broceliande forest, also known today as Paimpont forest, in France. There are some rumours that say this is the resting place of Merlin, and that the Holy Grail could perhaps be hidden here. The whispered tales also speak of flooded tombs and a giant cave with a secret entrance that would be found in an old farmhouse. After some hours of exploration, Lara finds the farm ...

Nordic Challenge

Lara's training room is undergoing a restoration, so she is going to the property of her friend Hansen, to improve her fitness. She must overcome all the traps to successfully recover the Frozen Flame and finish the race.


Search for the Last Realm of Thor

Somewhere in a northern country, Lara must seek the path which takes her to the last realm of Thor.


Hammer of the Gods

According to norse mythology, Glaosheimr was part of the realms of Asgard, where Odin's Hall of Valhalla was located. Valhalla was said to be the final resting place of the great viking warriors. In the Hall of Glaosheimr were twelve high seats where the council of Asgardians would meet. Legend tells of the Chalice of Odin, a holy grail to the Vikings, which was said to have been cast down from the heavens by Odin himself when the council of twelve raised their glasses in a toast of respect to their much revered god. In search of the mythical Halls of Valhalla, Lara Croft, renowned archaeologist, has been exploring nordic fjords. In a remote backwater she discovers a dam-like fortress preventing further progress along the fjord.


Save the Dwarves

Lara has heard that the dwarves who have helped her before, are imprisoned. She goes to help them. Of course, she has to complete some tasks. Don't save and load the game between placing and igniting the dry leaves.

Leprechaun's Hideout

The legend tells us: Catch a leprechaun and be rewarded with his gold. What a trophy for Lara.

Ultimate Challenge of the Northern Gods

Lara Croft is in search of Thor's chalice. This relic has been hidden in the lost world of Niflheim, under the control of the Northern Gods. The mysterious Guardian of the Key of Niflheim will help Lara in her quest, but she isn't aware of all the challenges that lie ahead. Get ready for the ultimate challenge!


Six Feet Under

Lara is searching for the gate to the legendary place called Avalon, which shall be hidden under a mysterious graveyard.

Return to Jerpoint Abbey

Whilst having a holiday in Ireland, Lara gets word of old monastery ruins in Jerpoint. The locals tell her that the monastery has been built on the foundations of an ancient heathen temple and that the place seems to be cursed. For only a short while after the benediction the conventuals disappeared and finally, in a thundery night, the monastery caved in altogether. Among the locals the place has been considered to be sinister ever since. Strange sounds resonate there at night and weird lights have been spotted nearby, not even beasts and birds dare dwell in there. Naturally, Lara gets consumed by a spirit of adventure hearing this, and shortly thereafter finds herself in the former cloistered courtyard...


Lara received word from an old scholar friend about a myth. The myth told the story of an old Chalice, called Jormungr, that oden would use to give mortals the ability to be god like. To protect this Chalice oden gave one of his valkeiry gaurdians the Chalice and sent her off. To protect her she made her home deep in the mountains, the only way to get to her was by watering the tree of life alloweing access to her. But thats no easy task. The villagers of the viking village became possessed by the ice queen to retreive the chalice for her. Thor recieved word of everything happening and was sent down to retreive it for his father, knowing it was endangered.

Will Lara be able to find the Chalice and keep it protected from the ice queen?


1158 - The Septentrion, a big merchant ship containing barrels of fine liquor and a chalice of great price, belonging to the rich Hanseatic league disappears. Rumours spread that the ship was raided by remnants of the Vikings. 2013 - Lara is searching for a necropolis north of Scandinavia...

The Oath of the Icy Tower

"Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death.
I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory.
I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness.I am the watcher on the walls.
I am the shield that guards the realms of men.
I pledge my life and honor to the Icy Tower, for this night and all the nights to come."

~ George R. R. Martin

Far to the North a giant tower has been built in order to prevent souls from coming back to this world. It was called the Icy Tower. Over centuries armies of warriors swore an oath to never lower their guard, protect the tower from the dead and keep the living safe.

It was not until thousands years later that a newly positioned leader grew tired of his duty and tried to flee with his men. They abandoned their oath and therefore became cursed. And so they were forced to stay in the Icy Tower forever till the end of time.

Nowadays there are more demons in the world than ever. Lara Croft believes that an axe belonging to an unnamed norse god, the founder of the Icy Tower, is the key artefact to bring back peace. If it was placed on Earth, the demons would retreat once and for all. And so she sets off to the border between the world of the living and the world of the dead. She must face her own fears and retrieve the axe. Her deeds will remind the guardians, how one should fullfill his oath.


The Cottage in the Valley

During a trip to Ireland Lara lost herself in the wildness and found a strange cottage in a valley.

Nidavellir, the Land of the Dwarves

There have been several earthquakes in a small Norwegian village, whose inhabitants lived as the ancient Norse. The last major earthquake cracks open and the people have been abandoned. In the village now only live wolves. Lara will investigate the origin of earthquakes. It is said that in this town there is an entrance to Nidavellir, the land of the dwarves.

Frozen Winston

Lara locked Winston in the freezer for too long. He is now frozen forever. Lara wants to help Winston because she can't live without him. Lara does some research and she discovers a legend about a powerful wizard who lived in the 1000's. He lived in north Britain. This wizard has been imprisoned and the legend says that whoever sets him free will be granted one wish. Legend also says that this wizard built a timeport that allowed him to travel in time. So, Lara goes in search of this timeport and travels back to the year 1000. She will try to set this powerful wizard free from imprisonment so that she can wish to have poor Winston thawed.

The Frozen Fire under the Sea

One day, when Winston and Lara are talking about her past adventures from Avalon, Winston recalls a myth about a fire - a frozen fire. Nobody knows the power of this artifact. Immediately, Lara is interested in this artifact and wants to find it. Lara has engaged a mysterious guide to help her find the frozen fire.