Bugs & Comments

Shambhala's Pathfinder

You need to find the 3 secrets in 'Shambhala's Pathfinder to get your reward - the final secret- in the final part


Fire Path

If you reloaded a save and are stuck in the mirror room with the moving spike wall there are two timed switches to pull, one near that place you entered and another in a pit. Use any of them (depending on at which side of spike wall you are) and stay nearby until the spike wall starts moving.
You might have to repeat this action a few times.

If you have trouble when jumping with the bounce pad, use dash when running on it. You should land on the green ledge with a pedestal.
If Lara hangs in the air just reload a previous save and try again.

Monkeys don't help the player, neither will they attack first.
You can kill them but that's not useful ;)

The Devil and the Deep Dark Jungle

Secrets: In the first part of the level you can choose two different routes: one on the right, behind the votive tower and under the waterfall, and one on the left of the river; the first one is easier, but you can find just 6 secrets; the second one is more difficult, but you can find 7 secrets.

If you exit the game, then you try to reload a save a crash can occur. Load a previous save then try all the others one by one (you could try even more than once if any crash could occur again) and finally you'll be able to load the save you need. If this issue lasts, reboot your computer, disconnect the internet, override your antivirus software and try to load earlier saves and then all the other ones until you find a later save which doesn't crash. Perhaps any programs (e.g. Fraps) could affect the game when you try to reload a save.

Pushable and rising blocks:
If you place a pushable object on a rising block and you rise or lower the block sometimes the pushable doesn't seem to move (it looks like it's disappearing or laying on air), but, if you walk near this, you will find it in the correct position. A pushable object on which Lara can stand won't be affected by rising blocks. Don't overlap a standable pushable, another pushable object and a rising block or, when you'll lower the block, the second pushable will be lost. If you place a pushable over a rised block don't save and exit the game or, when you'll launch the game again, you'll never find it!

Sometimes Lara aims at empty tiles, in particular those ones where some enemy was laying.

Lara can break some sculptures: she can shoot them or, in any case, jump over them.

A bug might occur in mirror room (it was observed once): Lara doesn't reflect in the mirror.

Will Lara find her friend Walter at last? Yes she will, but he won't be quite his old self, he won't be killed and he will attack Lara with his machete. Anyway Walter can help Lara opening some doors blocked by ruins (but Lara must be careful).

When Lara reaches the top of the Boss room she must find and trigger four switches. Save before starting this procedure and then never save until the door won't be open.

Paradise Gained

PLEASE ensure that Volumetric FX is enabled!

The Princess and the Foreigner

Follow the red point needle of the compass.

Use the "Look" key to restore the camera.

From Cambodia with Love

Enable these settings in the Setup exe:
Volumetric FX = ON
Bump Mapping = ON

Quest for the Soma

Please turn OFF volumetric FX!

As well as the Soma there are three secret items of the gods to find as a bonus.

There's a multi-Sawblade trap that can go out of sync if you leave the area and come back, theoretically they can go into a position which is impossible to pass directly. There are other ways around the trap though.

Certain flip water rooms don't have a textured surface as I could find no way to do so with how they're set up and the surface reflection effect doesn't work in some flipped rooms despite being turned on.

With certain moves it's possible get back through certain very fast-closing doors before they fully shut and get stuck, this shouldn't be possible accidentally, but if you do it you are stuck.

Submersion of Angkor

Set Volumetrics FX to ON

Extinguish the torch after use to avoid random flames appearing

Sumeru Illusion

You have to escape from each of the cameras by pushing the look key.

In the four pushable blocks and rising blocks area where you can go by quad. When you bring a pushable block down from the upper area, if you go to the pushable block directly and try to push or pull it, you will pass through the block as if it isn't there (the pushable block collision is gone). Please go up the area once before you push or pull it.

Above the Khmer Islands

Volumetric FX and Bump Mapping should be ON.

If the screen resolution is too high, the game can be running in ‘slow motion’. You should choose less resolution.

There can be some savegame issues, when you reload the level. If so, begin a 'New Game' and reload your savegame from here. Then it should be running.

If you place the last object in this level the ‘Dried Lilies’, Lara says ‘No’ and makes a different animation. This is hardcoded in the .exe and has nothing to do with the package or Level Builder.

The first secret is only once achievable.
The other three are accessible till the end.

Banteay Kdei

It is recommended that all animals be killed in order to avoid a savegame bug.

Fight for the Right To...

Set Vol FX to OFF!


Turn Volumetric FX on

Keep in mind the Bazooka ammo is required to complete the game.
Save at least one rocket!

During the boss fight, if the guide fails to climb the wall, run away and back to her or save/load while standing close to her square.

None of the red rooftop textures is a monkey swing.

Save before smashing the first crates

Save at the collapsing bridge.

Save at the dancing statue before dropping to the snake canyon.

The machete guy may fall from his ledge. It's faster to reload than wait for him.

If enemy jeep drives a circle, wait until it stops for sake of realism.