The Back to Basics 2014 Khmer Empire Package Team

EssGee - Team Leader, objects, textures, additional animation,documentation, package assembly, original audio compositions

MichaelP - package and competition hosting and organisation

Sponge - objects, technical advice, textures, additional animation

Fluen - title level, objects, technical advice, audio mixes, additional animation

Bojrkraider - objects, textures, additional animation

Teme9 - objects

KurtisandLara - objects

TheTiger - objects

eTux - objects

Chronicles5 - on location textures - various textures for tga and objects

Horus - textures, objects

Tombraider95, Matie, Dino —BtB webpages


Sapper - update to Strpix to manage large wads - your update made wad assembly so much better

Other object and animation creators:
Danilo, juttae, Karlo002, Trix, Tauchwiesel, PoYu Chen , Horus-Goddess, Uranos1, Dark Death, Tifa Nazah, Bedazzled, mizuno_suisei, Geckokid, Apofyse, Magplus, Aya191, Core Design, Crystal Dynamics

CG Textures - such a great source of textures - some custom samples

All the fantastic TR tool makers:

Core Design - TRLE

NGLE - Paolone

TRep, esse, Leikkuri- Pyuaumch

Wadmerger - Michiel

Strpix - Turbo Pascal and Sapper

CD Audio2 - Turbo Pascal

Metasequoia - O. Mizno

TRLESoundEditor, EditWad - Sapper

Wad Reorganizer - Josep Borrut

reStrText - Qunai