All Back to Basics levels should be played/reviewed from Aug 3 - Oct 3, 2014. The actual author of each level will not be made public until then.


Players Competition

Every player can use the competition form to submit their guesses on who built which level. Please note that once you have sent the competition form, no further corrections or newly submitted form will be taken into account. On Oct 5, 2014 the three players who guessed most levels with their corresponding authors right will be announced as the winners.


Builders Competition

On Oct 3, 2014, the scores from the rating system will be used to calculate the winning levels of the competition. The highest and the lowest scores will be eliminated to form the final rating. The level with the highest final rating will win the competition.

There may be prizes for both the winning levels and the players with the most correct guesses, as well as for all players who review all 18 Back to Basics Khmer Empire levels.