The Lost Tomb of Pandora  
Lara traveled to Greece. She wanted to find The Lost Tomb of Pandora and her mystical box.Can she survive all traps and find the prize?

Athens, Anafiotika district: Research below this colourful site unearthed an ancient theatre and some parchment scraps of a tragedy script. The piece was left unfinished since the wrath of Apollo has brought all monsters of the plot to life and cursed every theatre mask in Greece. Lara is up to find this cursed tragic mask, which can bring fortune or misfortune to its hapless wearer...

Amalthea Island  
In Greek mythology, the goat Amalthea bred Zeus with milk. As a child, while playing with one of his rays, Zeus accidentally broke one of the horns of the goat. To compensate Amalthea, he gave power to the broken horn so, the owner would grant him everything he wanted. Hence the legend of the Cornucopia emerged. Lara found documentation about the Greek temple where the cornucopia is hidden in a very small Greek lonian island...
House of Riddles  
Lara starts in a water area.
She has to find a way out.
In the small town she has to
complete many tasks. Have fun.
Little Santorini

Lara is looking for the Box of Pandora, a powerful artifact whose legend tells that it should be hidden somewhere in a lost temple, underneath the island of Little Santorini.

To Atlantis  

Is Atlantis real? There are many rumors but thanks to Lara's research also new indications. According to ancient scrolls there is a portal to Atlantis in the Cascade Caves in Greece.
"Shines the eye of Atlantis in the starlight and Poseidon and Zeus are present with rain and lightning, so the portal to Atlantis will open up."
Lara grabs her backpack and gets ready for an unforgettable adventure.

Arcadian Dream

High on the hills atop the pastoral plains of Arcadia on the Peloponnese peninsula lies the forgotten village of Episkopi. Having lived in harmony with the ancient ruins for countless centuries, the villagers consider themselves caretakers of the local shrines and temples, dedicated to Artemis, Hephaestus, and Poseidon. Out of reverence for their idyllic home, the villagers have strived to keep even tourists at bay, and have little need for the outside world.

According to legend, Arcadia is the home of Pan, and these lands are considered sacred to him. Some even believe that Pan still frequents the sacred forest on the outskirts of Episkopi. The story goes that taking even just a bite out of an apple from Pan's Forest will whisk one away to his mythical realm. When Lara reads of this, her curiosity is aroused, and she packs a bag immediately. Intending to make this a quiet and respectful raid, Lara arrives just after sunset. She finds the peaceful village already asleep,
the evening casting an almost dreamlike glow over the ruins. And so the raid begins...

That was Then, This is Now  

“Ah, my wayward traveler, I see you have stumbled upon what remains of my temple. Yes, this is Cronus, the god of time. You may be aware of how my son Zeus has overthrown me and the other Titans before banishing me – and he didn’t even send a Father’s Day gift this year! But this doesn’t concern you, mortal…or does it?

You see, I still have power here, enough to divide by zero and crush you in a black hole. Or, you could be a good mortal and help me restore my power – don’t worry, I don’t plan on waging another godly war, I just want to reason with my son, who I fear is about to make some very poor decisions. Who knows, you might be doing your fellow humans a favor in the process. As you recover my power cubes, I can create time portals to bring you to the past, where the temple was still intact. If you can work through the flow of time like me, you should be able to restore me completely. Oh, and be a dear and try not to damage the temple much further - the pieces are quite timeless.”

The Labyrinth of the Minotaur

It tells the myth that Daedalus built a labyrinth to imprison the Minotaur inside and Daedalus offered human sacrifices to the Minotaur. Until he offered as a sacrifice to Theseus, who managed to kill the Minotaur and escape the maze. According to my research the labyrinth may have existed and could hide inside something more than the minotaur... It's time to go find the labyrinth...

Khalepa Ta Kala  

Lara is vacationing at the Dolphin Resort in Greece. It's a resort where people can relax at the beach, do some shopping, and go spelunking in the ruins. There was a rumor that the Golden Fleece was hidden in the resorts ruins. There was another rumor that with 9 Secret Seahorses (3 Bronze, 3 Silver and 3 Gold) a secret path will reveal itself.

Naturally, Lara wants to check this out and search for the fabled Golden Fleece. Collecting the secret seahorses also sounded like a fun sidequest. Unfortunately she can't afford the access to the ruins! She needs to pay the excursions shopowner 12 Gold Tablets to pay for access. Perhaps there is some truth to these rumors... But as Plato once said, Khalepa Ta Kala, or "Nothing beautiful without struggle"

Remnants of a Nemesis  
Legend says that the Delphi Shrine was build where Apollo once slain his ancestral enemy, the Python Dragon. Therefore, the most important Oracle of ancient Greece, Pythia, was named after the monster and found her home at Delphi. For centuries she foresaw defeats and victories to common people and powerful men alike.

However, modern archeologists have never been able to locate the exact site where Pythia held her rituals, nor to prove the source of her power. A mystery too promising to hold Lara Croft from action…

A Big Fat Greek Adventure  

Lara is in the Greek town of Karastraki trying to save her investments during the Greek financial crisis. One evening, she finds herself in a bar, chatting to Stelios the not at all stereotypical Greek waiter, having drunk a few too many ouzos. Stelios tells her the premiere of the town’s very low-budget production of “Mythology Mishmash” is being held that night in the local theatre.

They would like some more mythology related props for the stage and Lara claims she can get them from a real mythological palace. But first she needs to get into the theatre…
Sanctuary of Chaos  
Chaos, the primeval void, is nothing but a formless, shapeless expanse. It also contains the material with which the world we know was made by dividing order from disorder. Unfortunately, the cycle of creation soon ends. The ancient powers protecting our world are weakening and Chaos will soon spread and cause untold damage.
Our reality is in peril, as it might be engulfed into abyss. Moreover, some people have been recently experiencing peculiar visions of total annihilation. Lara Croft, being one of them, decided to visit the place she saw in her vision – the Sanctuary of Chaos, somewhere in Greece. Will she find a way to stop Chaos from spreading and save the world once again?
Beyond the Labyrinth  

A newly uncovered section of Knossos palace has revealed something that seems to be the mythical labyrinth, although only a small section of it is currently accessible. However, in this section is a pit leading further down, and initial excursions seem to suggest more structures below; it seems the labyrinth is not the end of the mysteries of the palace.

The archaeological group that discovered it have pulled back to prepare for a deeper search, but Lara headed straight for Knossos as soon as she heard of the discovery, in hope of being the first to see the depths. Lara ponders what might be uncovered. Legend speaks of a dancing floor built for Ariadne at the heart of Knossos (by Daedalus, who also built the Labyrinth); perhaps the heart lies deep below? Perhaps the truth of Ariadne herself can be found there? Mistress of the labyrinth, mistress of the dance, daughter of king Minos and assistant and lover of Theseus, but some texts suggest more to her than that, including that she may have been a great god herself...

The Greek Files  

Weird events are taking place in Greece, voices from the Underworld are heard on the surface. Lara hasn't forgiven Pierre DuPont for his latest actions, but she decides to help him on a last adventure that will take them both to an ancient realm connected by thousands of magic teleports. What lies beneath there, it's still a secret that no one has dared to unearth...

Stairway to Hell  

Eras time ago:
There were Titans Cronus and Rhea, who once ruled the universe, later they had children gods Hades, Zeus and Poseidon and goddesses Demeter, Hera and Hestia. When Hades was born, Cronus swallowed him as he had swallowed his other children at birth. However, Zeus escaped this fate, and he tricked Cronus into taking a potion that made him vomit up Hades and his siblings.

Together these gods and goddesses rebelled against the Titans and seized power from them. After gaining control of the universe, Zeus gained control of the sky, Poseidon took the sea, and Hades received the underworld. Hades is the god of the underworld, the Kingdom of the Dead. Hades was the only god not to reside on Mount Olympus, dwelling instead in a dark palace beneath the earth and intended to remain in there forever... Many eras have passed
and new kind of beings, human were born, and as these beings are mortal, none of the gods were allowed to intervene into human's life. And so the true story became mythology and people gained the rule over the world...

It was a usual nice sunny sunday at Croft's Manor and Lara relaxing outside at the garden drinking coctail and enjoying the sunny weather while Winston suddenly run in with a phone giving it to Lara:
???: Lara, it's me Kurtis, I need your help right now!
Lara: Oh, it's you, so what have you done? I can't help you from every stumble you make!
Kurtis: No time for jokes Lara, there have been very bad reports from Greece near Elis. There were some weird creatures observed. I went on expedition myself and saw it on my own eyes, one of those creatures was hunting me and fortunately I got rid of it but I am wounded and unable to help you.
Lara: Em...creatures?
Kurtis: Yes. I hope I am wrong but I have only one explanation for that.
Lara: Ok, I am all ears.
Kurtis: Elis is a place where there is a Hades temple nearby and I have worries that the creatures found a way from underworld.
Lara: Are you serious?!
Kurtis: Listen Lara. It is said that if an immaculate soul will be once spirited away into the underworld, a portal between underworld and our world will be created.
Lara: Ok then, It's my turn, you relax, I take it over...
Kurtis: Thanks Lara and one more thing, be aware of the Cerberus, the protector of the underworld. Good luck Lara.
Lara: Hm, just between us dear friend, once that creature meets me he will be really surprised!
And so Lara is taken to the wilderness of Greece and is about to go the way through the nature and temples to reach Elis, The Temple of Hades...

Kolonaki's Square  

Lara is travelling in Greece to find Pandora's Box in Kolonaki's Square in Athens. What will she really find out?

The Horn of Amalthea  
Legend says that one day Zeus broke off the Great Horn of Amalthea, the goat that sustained him throughout childhood. Zeus then blessed the broken horn, so that any owner finding it would be given anything they desired. Lara is trying to locate the horn, better known as the Cornucopia, or the eternal symbol of abundance.

Beaten and bruised, in a strangely familiar place our adventurer climbs out of the water to stand before a temple somewhere in Greece. Breathing in the ancient air Lara struggles to remember how long ago she came down here, or even for what she had come for.

Something about a Myth? She vaguely recollects reading about how Gods would send enlightened disciples on a never ending quest to keep their minds occupied, thus from ever reaching their own God-like potential. Convinced of her ideas Lara dives once more into an adventure to hopefully uncover another truth from the ancient world.

Dionysian Rite  
The Greek city of Elkida was known for the special wine its inhabitants produced, but recently, after a serious drinking, everyone went missing. Lara decides to investigate the matter as she belives a certain ancient drunkard god may be involved.
City of Sands  
During her vacation in Greece, Lara was recognized by a soon-to-be archeologist named Vincent. Eventhough he was disturbing the early tea Lara had, she was thankful after all - for that he gave her some interesting information about a deserted village near the place she was staying, called "City Of Sands".It was meant to be just an ordinary vacation, but Lara couldn't risk the ruins being explord by someone else. But a familiar face was one step ahead of her...
The Secret of Rhodes Island  
Lara goes to holidays to the Island of Rhodes in Greece. There she meets Pierre and she soon gets suspicious about what are his intents on the island. Maybe there are some ancient artefacts hidden.
Eurybia's Gift  
Once upon a time, in the old Greece, there once was a sea goddess named Eurybia whom a temple island was built in her honour. In return, the sea goddess offered a special magical gift for the humans, a gift with powerful spells. However, Poseidon himself, by pure envy, sunk the island with a curse so that no other human could ever see the temple again, nor find the mystical gift... but unexpectedly...

the sea goddess, after so many years, countered his supreme god, and so the island has risen once again as also Lara Croft, who decides to explore it... What mysteries does this unknown domain have to offer? Will the island sink in the presence of this remarkable explorer?

The Path to Olympus  
On the Mount Olympus lived the twelve Olympians. This mountain in northern Greece was said to be where the gods built their homes and palaces. Any of the gods could live on the great mountain summit, but no human was ever allowed there. According to the ancients, the access to the Olympus would be hidden in a lost temple. Lara Croft hopes to find it. She has no idea that this trip could be one with no return.
The Tale of Three Brothers  
There is an old legend about the ancient Sword of Trinity, created centuries ago by three brothers. Legend says they mastered the ancient magic of creating worlds and ages unreachable by any conventional means. After they died, their spirits kept living inside these worlds and only the one who manages to reunite them will be able to obtain Sword of Trinity.

After much effort, Lara finally managed to find an entrance to their ancient chamber which connects all those magical worlds... Oh yes, there are also rumours that brothers are still roaming together around the Sword, guarding it in some kind of afterlife demonic form, but that couldn't possibly be true, right?