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Author(s): Agnes
release date: 22-Jul-2005
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For thousands of years everything had been going smoothly in the fantasy world Sudeki. But then came the time when war broke out between the good Tetsu and his bad brother. The powers of the Good competed against the Bad and, to the surprise of all, the final battle ended in a draw. The result was that Sudeki was divided into two parts and suddenly, two worlds in two spheres existed which were nearly identical. The one is Hasklia, the world of the Good, the other is its dark mirror image Akloria. After that ruined incident thousands of years went by in which Hasklia and Akloria developed separately. However, in the end at this millennium the borders between God and Bad started to fall to pieces. It all begins with the attack of the population by unknown creatures in some rural regions of the kingdom Illumina. As the attackers cannot be located, the people want to protect at least the capital Ilumina, a magical shield for protection is developed. However, for it the people still need some crystals... Lara starts looking for the four crystals?.. There`s 2 Secrets in Illumina 2 Secrets in Shadow World 3 Secrets in Castle 1 Secret in Inside the Castle 1 Secret in Metal World All together: 9 Secrets.