Level: Passage to Mu 3 - Arrival back home search
Author(s): Tony Tomb
release date: 23-Jul-2005
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Tony Tomb

This series of levels picks up where Passage to Mu 1 & 2 ended. After jumping through the star gate Lara finds herself on another world. Exactly where, or how far she has traveled is unknown, at least for now. As Lara delves deeper into the Mu world she comes to realize that despite their obvious advances in science, they chose to continue to embrace the old ways. From old ruins to lofty halls, temples and technology, Lara begins to piece together a clearer image of this mysterious civilization. She hopes to find some Mu artifacts in order to finally prove the existence of fabled Mu. But mostly she hopes to find a way back home Background: For those who believe, the fabled civilization of Mu originated on a lost continent in the middle of the pacific ocean. It is thought to be the mother civilization, and when this continent sank below the waves some 15,000 years ago or more, the children of Mu as they are often referred to; sailed forth and began new civilizations in Central & South America, Easter Island, Japan, China and North Africa. Even mythical Atlantis is thought by some to be a mere colony of Mu. However unlikey all this may seem, in 1988 there was a large stone tiered structure found in the Pacific Ocean, southwest of Japan that has been carbon dated to at least 8,000 B.C. pre-dating even ancient Mesopotamia, long thought to be the cradle of civilization. There are several theories about Mu and its origins. I have added my own by suggesting it all started in a galaxy far, far away. You know, Chariots of the Gods and all that ...enjoy.