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About 2000 years ago five Egyptian Gods ruled the cities in which there were their temples and sanctuaries: Amun, Sobek, Osiris, Thot, Hathor. Thot reigned in Hermopolis und owned the Crystal of Time, which is today owned by the American Research Company PSA. Scientists had found it during an expedition in the ruins of the sanctuary of Thot in Hermopolis and now safely store it in the museum of their Institute in Fayyum (Egypt). By conicidence the researchers discovered and entry to a cave under the building, which they believe leads to the city of Crocodilopolis, where the Crystal of Water is supposed to be. Sobek, who reigned over Crocodilopolis, owned ths crystal which should still be in the ruins. Somehwere in the Oasis there is also the Crystal of Waters that was owned by Osiris. Not much is known about the remaining two Crystals, the Crystal of Prosperity and the Crystal of Power. They are no longer in the temples of Dendera. Presumably they were uncovered during the cold war by the Russians or Americans. Lara Croft had read about the expeditions in Fayyum in the newspaper and decided to find those artefacts. Also, she desperately wants to find out what plans the research company has with them.