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Author(s): Tony Tomb
release date: 23-Jan-2006
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Tony Tomb

When last we saw Lara, she had traveled through many areas of the Mu homeworld, to finally reach the outskirts of a city, the city of Mu Chaka. Along the way she had come across several inhabitants of this world, although unfortunately, so far most of them had only wanted to eat her. She had located a few artifacts as well, but sadly many were needed in order to proceed to her present location. Lara had also seen many strange blue crystals growing out of the ground in the wild places, but also inside some of the fantastic structures she had investigated, almost as if they had been cultivated. It seemed to Lara that these crystals were not only the source which powered the Mu technology, but they also seemed to be the reason for life on this planet. By now, Lara had had enough of this Mu world. Fascinating though it was, her attention was now turned solely to finding a way back to earth, and her hopes of locating the technology to send her home lay ahead in the city of Mu Chaka.