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About 2000 years ago, five Egyptian Gods reigned over the cities in which their temples and sanctuaries were build: Amun, Sobek, Osiris, Thot, Hathor. Thot reigned in Hermopolis and owned the Crystal of Time, which is today owned by the American research company PSA. Scientists had found it during an expedition into the ruins of the sanctuary of Thot in Hermopolis and now they take care of it in the museum of an institute in Fayyum (Egypt). Under the ground of this building researchers found a way to a cave. This cave shall be a way to the mystical ruins of the town Crocodilopolis, where the crystal of amun is still hidden. Sobek, the King of Crocodilopolis was the owner of this crystal. In an oasis should be the crystal of vegitation, which was owned by Osiris. About the last two crystals, the crystal of wealth and the crystal of power there is known not very much. Today they aren?t no more in the temples in Dendera.