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Author(s): Aza
release date: 01-Aug-2006
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Lara reads about the legend of Jutmundus, and his sword of power, Durandal...In the year 778 the Frankish hero Orlando killed the giant called Jutmundus, and took the giants sword, as his own. Orlando himself, in turn, was killed not long afterwards. His small band of soldiers were seriously outnumbered, and eventually overwhelmed, by the Moors. Realising he was about to lose his life, he tried, in vain, to destroy Durandal by smashing the blade against the side of the mountain. But the sword did not break! Such was the power of the sword, all he succeeded in doing was to rend the mountain in two! When he couldn't break the sword he cast it into a deep river of poisoned water, where it still lies today...or does it? Having kept track of the sword, and it's various owners, throughout the eons, a mysterious order of monks retrieved it. They took it back to their monastery high in the mountains and dismantled it. The power of the sword came from the 4 holy relics that were encased in it's hilt. They are... A vial of blood from ST Basil. A lock of hair from ST Denys. A tooth from ST Peter. A small shred of cloth from the cloak of the Virgin Mary. The four holy relics were taken away to various parts of the world and hidden. Lara decides she would like the Durandal to add to her collection of artifacts; and sets off on another adventure. She eventually finds the legendary Gatehouse, the guardian gateway to the castle of Jutmundus. Many have tried, and failed, to find a way through the Gatehouse, paying for their failure with their lives. Only the righteous will prevail....