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Author(s): jawi
release date: 01-Jan-2010
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Gold is power... In a small Italian village upon a river called San Dona di Piave, in his beautiful palace lives well-known mafioso Antonio de Santoriani. Although every child in the village knows the truth about him, he has never been imprisoned or caught. Why? Aurum Potestas Est. He has excellent lawyers who are able to find every little mistake in Italian law and use it against police, against people, against truth. Santoriani controls huge crime organisation, which he uses to steal money and intimidate people.

The famous archeologist, Lara Croft, arrived to San Dona to visit ruins of an old church nearby and investigate the story about a ghost of a girl living there, who is sworn to be seen there at night. The legend says, that to help the ghost find its peace, her heart needs to be found and brought to its rightful place. But the ruins are dangerous and therefore closed. Keys to the entrance holds Antonio de Santoriani. Lara wanted to visit him in his palace, hoping for his permission to enter the church, but as soon she arrived to the village, she was taken by Santoriani's bandits. They were interrogating her until dusk. Then they decided to wait overnight and see if their prisoner will be more cooperative the next day. Now, Lara can finally try to escape and fulfill her plan...