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Author(s): Gabriel Croft
release date: 01-Aug-2010
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Gabriel Croft

Lara is on vacation and she decides to go to a Havaian hotel on London. One Sunday raining afternoon at the hotel, Lara wants to find a nice thing, probably, an adventure, then she went to enter in the neighbor apartment, there, the things of her father are VIP and Lara cannot enter, then she tries the roof and found a letter of her father:

Lara, this history I will tell might be dangerous for you, the adventure. But, you are a brave and courage woman, and I trust you. There is a special ring, a ring of the dead of a man, Mr Moscar. He lived in a mansion, in the swamps of a haunted abandoned island of Havai. You have to pick a sacred pedestal, in the beachs of Havai, they hide a secret aquatic base with the pedestal. This pedestal is so important, it opens the portal to the haunted island! And this ring is pretty valious and you must find it, to free the atormented ghost of Mr Moscar. Free all the family of the Haunted Mansion, they were assassined by the black warrior, who are dead too, but the ghost of the warrior stills haunting the island, Lara. So be careful, and pick the ring as faster as you can ! With Love, you father.

Lara was so happy in that time because she knows the island is in Hawai, but first she has to do a visit on the beachs, on the secret aquatic base to catch the pedestal, to open the portal and finally go to the haunted island.