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Author(s): Raidermatty
release date: 24-Apr-2011
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file type: TR4
class: Easter

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During Easter time, Lara decided to go on holiday to her big residence in Peaceful Valley, located in Germany. While she was resting on the edge of the pool she received a strange visit. A swallow with long black feathers started bothering her. As soon as it got Laras attention, the swallow went on a nearby chair and started talking. Lara was very surprised and shocked. Desperate, the swallow told Lara a message: Easter was in serious danger! The Easter Bunny was trapped in one of his rooms and he couldnt free himself! He was locked away by the evil witch Gertrude, who lives in some caves beneath Peaceful Valley. The witch wants to avoid the children to start the famous egg hunt the Easter morning, ruining the feast to every children. Something was meant to be done! Lara accepted the mission and as soon as she stood up she decided to free the bunny. The only thing left to do was to go into the caves and try to convince the witch to give Lara the key to free the bunny. But how? The kind swallow told Lara that there was a way. The evil witch was very fond of a particular type of flowers that grew in the Scarecrows garden. Maybe Lara could get the key by bargaining with the witch! Lara then started doing her work.