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Author(s): Mytly
release date: 20-Mar-2013
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According to the legends, the technology of the ancient city of Varaldun was centuries ahead of its time the Varaldunians even had factories that used steam power. Their city vanished without a trace a long time ago, and archaeologists have only a vague idea of where it used to be. But Lara Croft is determined to find out more about it. While she is investigating in the hills around Varalduns presumed location, she slips and falls down a waterfall. Suddenly, instead of barren hills, she is surrounded by pristine buildings is this the city of Varaldun? But how did she get here? Has she gone back in time, or perhaps slipped into another dimension? All she knows that this is a chance of a lifetime an opportunity to explore a long lost city when it was in its prime, and maybe even bring back a souvenir or two. And maybe that train down in the valley will help her get back home