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Author(s): Kosmos Level NextGen Thierry Stoorne
release date: 28-Sep-2013
# of downloads: 6997

average rating: 9.57
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file type: TR4
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Level NextGen
Thierry Stoorne

Note [Sep 29, 2013]: The savegame problem has been fixed; there was a missing folder. If you have finished the game without the "Pix" folder, the end would have been incomplete; please re-download the corrected game.

Mesopotomia - Year 2014
Somewhere in the desert a very mighty sandstorm has revealed an old complex. Lara awared of this discovery decided to take her jeep and went there. This complex was at least small and seemed to be empty, full of sand with nothing interesting to do or take... except that strange solar disc with mesopotamian hieroglyphs. There was even no traps to protect what she sighted. So as usual and as a tomb raider she takes it and adventure found her! At last she was screaming while a tempest was unleashed on her. Thus (a not too young) Lara is projected into the remains of what seems to be an old civilisation.