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Author(s): Hani Deek
release date: 12-May-2016
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Hani Deek

Note: Level package has been updated on July 11, 2016. See 2nd release note file for fixes applied.

This custom level is inspired by the level Thames Wharf from Tomb Raider III. The level looks different from the original level, but the general plan of the level is similar to the original. The level consists of three parts. In the first part Lara moves on the roofs of some buildings, and she can go inside some of them. In the second part Lara is in a subterranean area that has some large water basins. In the third part Lara comes up again to the roofs of some buildings. Like in the original level, the third part is visible (and partly accessible) from the first part. In this level it is always possible to move between the first and third parts in either direction.