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Author(s): Tolle87
release date: 15-Apr-2017
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file type: TR4
class: Persia

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Scientists have discovered the long-lost existence of super-intelligent creatures that once ruled the world. They were known only as “The Ancients”. Nobody knew who they were or how they looked. For many years it has been just an interesting historical discovery like many before…..but then suddenly some unbelievable facts based on an old document shocked the world. It has been discovered that after their rule had fallen, "The Ancients" realized their only chance for survival was to infiltrate mankind and pretend to be cute dumb animals that we have seen every day for centuries. They were apparently responsible for many events throughout the decades without anybody ever suspecting they might be something other than just another animal species.

Will our everyday life ever be the same? Will we spend the rest of our lives suspecting our pets, dogs, cats……thinking they actually might be super-intelligent beings that are just waiting for their moment? No way! We must find out which creatures are in question ASAP. Recent discovery claims there are ten supreme leaders that have control of all the remaining descendants of “The Ancients” and that they want to renew their past glory and rule the world once again! Those ten are apparently located somewhere in Persia. They chose their destination upon learning that humans would think of Persia as the most natural place for these creatures to be seen in large groups.

After much researching, the probable location of their base was found and the best agent was sent there. After a long struggle, he managed to break into the heart of their base and get away from ten rulers, taking with him the magical plant whose seed represents not only the source of their power, but also contains all the information mankind needs. Unfortunately, somewhere on his journey back, his camel accidentally stomped on him during a break, killing him instantly, while the plant was nowhere to be found. It was obviously an unfortunate accident because nobody else could have been there without being seen.

“Damn, we were so close to stopping all this. I still cannot believe that one single camel was everything that prevented us from learning which animal is not what we think it is…..such bad luck. You surely know what we have to ask you to do Lara!” “Of course I do. I am going to pack and I am on my way....” “You sound strange...there is something in your voice that just...” “You do not see it yourself?” “See what”? “I never thought that such a skillful agent could be killed by just a piece of “bad luck”, as you called it. Either he was not that good after all or….” “Oh, I assure you, he was the best”. “…..or else it was not bad luck at all…..” “What are you pointing at, Lara?” “Those camels.....Nevermind, I am on my way….”

Level title, basic storyline and final flyby inspired by a song written by EssGee.