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Author(s): Nigel Redfield
release date: 04-Feb-2001
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class: Egypt

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Nigel Redfield

The Ankh of Re gives extreme power to anyone who holds it. The bearer can harness the power of nature with this legendary artifact. The potential of this is so great that is was buried in the Temple of Re deep within Egypt's deserts. The Temple of Re has never been discovered and I doubt it ever shall be. After hearing this Lara Croft decided she would have to find this so called Lost Temple of Re. Returning home she immersed herself in studying book after book about Egyptian artifacts hoping she could find one clue about where this temple lay. Searching the shelves in her vast library, one old book catches her eye. With growing curiosity she opened and thumbed through the pages until a map fell out. Picking the map up Lara grined and went to pack her bags because now she had the map to the Temple of Re...