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Create a Classic 2019 - Legacy of the Scion


release date: 05-Nov-2019
# of downloads: 1864

average rating: 9.12
review count: 25
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file size: 37.50 MB
file type: TR4
class: Egypt

author profile(s):

DESIGNER NOTE: Unfortunately there is a (very) small chance you will encounter a bug while playing this game. At a certain point in the level you will need 3 scarabs to continue. For one of these Scarabs you must climb a statue. When almost at the top, there is a chance Lara won't grab the ledge. If that happens, go down and make sure to obtain the other two scarabs first. This savegame-file will load you on top of the statue with the other two scarabs in your possession. You will also have all pick-ups available to that point. No secrets are included in the save-file, though all can still be obtained at this point.

Story: After the whole Atlantis business Lara manages to recover the remaining pieces of the Scion as a trophy. For months she tried to reassemble the Scion, though it seemed a lost cause. Too many pieces were missing or were too damaged in the explosion to be repaired.

Until recently, when Lara dreams became haunted with strange and violent visions. While initially dismissing these visions as mere nightmares, it appeared the Scion was calling out to her, slowly recovering itself from the explosion and urging Lara to explore the place it showed. The Scion almost appeared... sentient.

The visions were fragmented, like the Scion itself. But always ended the same. An ancient temple in lower Egypt, not far from the City of Khamoon. So Lara decided to return to Egypt in search of answers and find out what really happened to the mighty Atlantean empire in its final hours...