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release date: 29-Jun-2020
# of downloads: 510

average rating: 6.12
review count: 13
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file size: 13.90 MB
file type: TR1
class: Base/Lab

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Actually, Lara is in really bad shape financially. She has to pay money to her ex-husband Kurtis as a part of their divorce settlement, and thus she had no choice but to make Bernard pay for the lunch the other day. Lara is terribly sorry. But as Bernard puts it, "being sorry isn't going to help you, sweet thing." He insists that she must recover a certain fuse from his working place years back, a tiny compound where he and other old geezers repaired machinery such as boats, nuclear-equipped bipedal walking battle tanks and squeeze toys. Saying the fuse being a crucial piece of hardware would be a massive understatement; without it, Bernard won't be able to play his beloved Iron Priest, Judas Maiden, Black Faith or Sabbath No More cassette tapes anymore. Realizing the value of this little gizmo; being on par, or rather, far surpassing those dull pseudo-artefacts she has collected over the decades, Lara loads her trusty backpack with unlimited pistol clips and single-handedly infiltrates the facility at 23:58 sharp, being careful not to get mauled by the bozos there and searching for the fuse which, like everything Bernard hides, is hidden in a broken lighting rig...