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Many many minutes ago a group of dissidents had had enough of both human-and-nature-consuming way of life we know as capitalism. They locked themselves away of the cold, profit-desiring world and built their settlement with principles of altruism, communism and other isms that humans cannot make work in large populations. They thrived well, and it was said that they had truly found the Key to Happiness so many crave to find. However the dictator of one of the world's most dominant superpowers, obviously envious to these nice people, declared that their "pathetic civilization makes him laugh" and its existence is "just fake news". Needless to say the poor folk then simply vanished. Hard to believe, isn't it? But it's the truth.

As Lara returns from bubble bath at Cloud Nine, she receives smoke signals from Janice. The kind prostitute tells Lara the forementioned tale of a civilization, about the artfe... atref... artefact there and its ruins. Now normally Lara wouldn't give a dead cuss about new-age mumbo-jumbo like this, but when Janice adds "supposedly the area is covered in massacrable endangered species almost year round cherie", Janice is already left eatin' dirt. Lara squeezes herself into impractical and objectifying attire like every self-respecting video game heroine would and storms into the sub-zero caverns. Though little did she know that Janice being helpful was merely the tip of the iceberg; she needed to entice Lara out of her little mansion so that she could sneak in there and grab those mouth-watering Creamy Raisin Cakes Lara forgot on the kitchen table...