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Author(s): Yasin
release date: 27-Apr-2001
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average rating: 6.85
review count: 24
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file type: TR4
class: Egypt

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Long ago an ancient city excisted. With its wealth, fame and power the city kept on living trough many years. The emperor of this mighty city was an unmercyful man called Sanus. Many say he practised magic to slay his enemies and protect the city. Mystical creatures and demons were said to protect Sanus and his throne. It was certain that even the citizens were affraid of Sanus. This fear lead eventually to the fall of Sanus. Riots and rebels started to cause chaos and terror inside the city. To punish the citizens Sanus called out the creatures and demons, but the more he used his magic, the more cursed he became. Darkness slowly took over the city. Sanus himself had seen the end of his life due to the curse. He wanted to keep his city intact and therefor combining the three elements he casted a cloaking spell over the entire city. So it will remain hidden from the outside world for eternity. The city became forgotten in time, because others believed it got totally destroyed. Lara croft, superior archaeologist, discovered some information about the forgotten city. With a vital clue from ancient scrolls and books she decrypted the next line: When darkness comes, Light is revealed. Also encrypting the three elemental objects her adventure begins. The search for the forgotten city of Sanus.