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Author(s): Leandro Dubost
release date: 23-Feb-2002
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Leandro Dubost

Joana Platz was born in 27/03/1975 in Rio de Janeiro, daughter of Marcos and Karla Platz, two important names in the diplomacy of the country. Daughter of rich parents, Joana doesn't need to have a job. If she wants something, she has it! Single, Joana isn't a girl with many friends and she doesn't believe in true love, as her boyfriends (there were few, but there were) showed interest in her money, not her love. A way that she found to spend her money was travelling around the world. In one of the excursions to Rome, she got interest in history and got tomb raiding as a hobby, a hobby that she can't control. In one trip to Mexico, Joana met Lara. They agreed to raid the tomb together, but Lara got the artifact and since then Joana is upset with her friend. All the artifacts that Joana conquered were lost. Most of them were stolen in the travels back to home. One of her biggest conquests was, as she says, the Clock Of The Ages, and she always says that was her discovery, and not Lord Croft's, Lara's father. You play as Joana,and you must enter Lara's mansion unarmed,avoid her guard-dogs and steal the Clock back.