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Author(s): Pedros
total rating:7.78 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Gerty 6 8 7 7
Jay 8 6 9 8
Jaypee 8 6 9 9
Jose 5 6 7 8
Kristina 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 9 8 7 7
Obig 9 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 9 7 7 7
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 8 9 8
Ryan 8 7 8 8
Sash 7 6 8 8
Sutekh 9 8 7 7
vienna 9 8 9 9
Yoav 8 8 9 9
category averages
(15 reviews)
7.87 7.27 8.07 7.93

Reviewer's comments

"It seems that each new level, this author places more and more difficult tasks in his levels. Not a good beginning: unmarked climbable walls, unmarked traps. In the room with many levers, if you make a mistake you'll have to reload from a place when entering in the room. Certainly there's an abuse of the timed runs, but all doable. The curved running jump over the slope with the teeth spikes at the top was really a nightmare for me, not extra guns to fight with all those enemies; etc. etc. etc. Definitively, not a level for everybody and not pleasant for me. On the other hand, I liked the architecture and texturization; and the atmosphere had good touches too, but this features are not enough to consider this as a good level. Recommended only for expert players." - Jose (19-Oct-2016)

"A fun Egypt level. I'll get the downsides out of the way first. I had a sound issue as Lara kept making weird whinnying noises when she bumped into walls and the ambient sound seemed magnified. Also, the gorillas were a weird bunch. One minute they stood there looking gormless, the next they went ape (zing!). Okay, the whining is over, here come the positives. A wide variety of tasks such as traps, switches to use, a block puzzle and a lever puzzle to keep you thinking. If you like Egypt levels (I bet a few of you do), then this is worth a look." - Ryan (03-Sep-2016)

"Very nice fast-paced level, I liked bright rooms. Unmarked climbable walls are little minus. Timelimited tasks were hard (especially jump to upper levels to get key). Blockpuzzle was hard but there is a bug. You can by jumping to block's corners to go forward even the space is closed. I would have hoped a shotgun to default weapon or possibility to get it (like a seacret) One thing was odd - one corridor has invisible land and you cannot jump to get big healt pack." - vienna (06-Jul-2016)

"This is a quite reasonable Khamoon level in appearance,although there are noticeable texturing errors (especially the lack of any indication as to what surface is climable and what isn't);and several rooms,although appealing in appearance,exist simply to run through. Enemies are centaurs,gorillas and crocodiles - and they're all well placed and assist greatly in increasing tension.Lighting is disappointing as it's virtually absent;and the atmosphere is subsequently lacking in places,even though the grandiose architecture does its best to instill awe.It's gameplay which sells this adventure,though.The variety of tasks on offer is really quite impressive: switch puzzles;timed runs;hidden underwater levers;spike door gauntlets;a few tricky jumps;and,especially,a sizeable pushblock puzzle of such immense complexity that it undoubtedly takes the honours as 'toughest pushable puzzle I've yet encountered'. I left this adventure with my brain in very great danger of overheating - but it will stay in the memory for many a long year. Overall,this level is probably for the more accomplished raiders;but provides a very decent set of varied challenges,and is probably this authors best." - Orbit Dream (25-Jan-2014)

"Here's another older level that I had fun playing. The late and lamented Sutekh has provided a thoroughly documented walkthrough, without which I would have given up on a thoroughly confusing block puzzle. The surroundings are reminiscent of TR1, and I spent about an hour here. Enemies of note are gorillas, centaurs and the occasional crocodile. Nothing innovative or out of the ordinary, but still a fun raid with plenty of light. Recommended." - Phil (01-Aug-2012)

"This should have been titled 'The Tomb of Illusions' as I don't think I have ever seen so many fake doors, false floors, hidden traps and unmarked climbable walls. But truth is I got used to them quite quickly and finally found they added to the gameplay. Said gameplay isn't very easy, to say the least. The enemies are tough and there are very few medipacks and no weapons. There are also a couple of very tight timed-runs and one very tricky jump through a blade trap. You'll also find two very clever puzzles, the moveable blocks one being maybe the best I've ever seen (when coming to moveable blocks puzzles, that is). Aesthetically, the level is average. There are some very beautiful rooms, but the lighting is a bit too flat for my taste. As for the atmosphere, it is rather solid but mainly due to those potential hidden traps and the way you can't make a step without fearing stumbling upon one of them. All in all, a fast-paced level I indeed enjoyed very much playing." - Sutekh (04-Mar-2005)

"After exploring the City of Khamoon in Tomb Raider I Lara realizes she knows nothing about Khamoon himself so she heads off to find his tomb where she comes across many obstacles trying to keep her from the tombs many secrets. Not only are there spikes and huge blocks of stone blocking the path there are also huge creatures half man and half horse that shoot deadly fireballs. Will Lara make it out of Khamoons tomb alive? Of course and with a few new antiques to display in the mansion when she gets there." - RaiderGirl (30-Oct-2003)

"Pedros created a great level again. I love his levels there are always a few new ideas involved them. As well as the traps! I can see him laughing when in the beginning I wanted to get the Medipacks and I fell down or was punched by the spikes. I liked very much seeing the centaurs from the TR1 and the gorillas were also superb. You should not kill them always. The rest of the enemies are crocs. In the room with numerous levers I jammed for a while as the cat-heads slammed me. You have to direct Lara according to the heads on the right side they have green eyes. The ladders are well hidden. I also spent some time in the room with moveable blocks. The Egyptian textures are nice and the added sounds are great too. You have to collect 2 Ankhs for getting the real one in the end. Meanwhile you must get Egyptian keys as the Osiris Cartouche the Seal of Anubis and the Eye of Horus. I didn't find a Secret - probably are there no Secrets? Some skills are needed for this level mostly for the timed risen platforms but they are not dangerous. I strongly recommend this level all of you don't miss it!" - Obig (27-Sep-2003)

"Unmarked climbing textures unmarked spikes invisible pits - hmmmmmmmmmmm. And why is Lara whinnying like a horse every time she runs into a wall? OK that was the moaning bit now for the plus points. It is of course lovely to be back in Khamoon and fascinating to see the gorillas and centaurs again after so long an absence. I thought this level got steadily better as it went on and I particularly enjoyed the quite complex block puzzle. If you like your TR1 style raiding you will certainly enjoy this one. 20.09.2003" - Jay (22-Sep-2003)

"Find a way into a brightly lit tomb collect two ankh keys and run towards a third to end. This sounds pretty straightforward but along the way you will come across a really well designed lever puzzle that is easily solved if you keep your Eyes opened hint hint there is also one of the better enigmatic movable block puzzles I have had the fortune to solve I did however have a whole lot of trouble with one smartly designed jump through a set of clanging metal teeth that had Lara dying often but once Krissy gave me the confidence that it was possible I got it on my second attempt. There are a couple of downsides though firstly and foremost there are no secrets which is criminal in my mind and Piotr should be lashed to within an inch of his sorry life for not including any secondly the cool looking gorillas you meet here react oddly either trying to climb blocks repetitively without any success or standing totally still if you shoot them from the front on occasion and thirdly the other enemy you find besides a handful of crocs are Atlantean centaurs and although they work fine unlike the gorillas Lara seems to imitate their neighing sounds every time she hits a wall these last two things are actually more entertaining than anything so they didn't really bother me but that no secret thing was un-bloody-excusable! This gave me a good 50 minutes of fun but still left me a little unsatisfied for whatever reason at the end." - Sash (10-Sep-2003)

"To be very honest I am of two minds with this level. There is a major sound problem and I was sorely peeved as some walls one has to climb you couldn't see so jumping towards what seemed to be a climbable wall isn't that bad but at a certain point I got a bit mad. I got very frustrated about that lever puzzle as I saw those green eyes appearing but in my game I just had to push every level apart from the middle ones on both sides as pushing only the ones with green eyes didn't work. You know if you do it right Centaurs will appear 4 of them. There are also some gorillas but in my game they got stuck. In the water you will meet some crocks as well. Getting two Ankhs and some other artifact will get you to the end. There are some timed runs and timed blocks not frustrating hard but not too easy. Also some block pushing that at one point also got me a bit frustrated. Be careful with your health as there aren't that many medipacks lying around. 07-09-2003" - Gerty (10-Sep-2003)

"A different level with difficult puzzles that need thinking about them. Not too many enemies although the horse like creatures were innovative as was a the collision sound when you ran into a wall. The sound did get on the nerves a bit but is easy enough to change or just have silence. I did take some time to find the last climbable wall before the ankh stones are placed and then the cleverly hidden trap door. Overall enjoyable" - Jaypee (10-Sep-2003)

"When you start to play the level you remember the old TR1 game in Egypt levels this level is almost copy with the same enemies and objects if you love the old levels of TR1 you really will enjoy this." - Yoav (07-Sep-2003)

"Quite a treat! This was a very enjoyable 45 minutes level starting out under a pitch black night sky in the desert entering the Tomb and solving a few really creative puzzles like the one with many levers and especially a very clever movable block scenario. Also the short timed raising blocks and the caves in between were well done and special mention needs to go to the Gorillas and the Centaur enemies although there were a few too many of the latter and Lara's sound when running into a wall was the same neighing the centaurs uttered. What I did not like so much were the very subtly marked climbable walls and the levers that blended into the walls extremely well and some of the rooms were rather square empty and uniformly textured but in terms of gameplay I did have a great time so give this one a go." - Michael (06-Sep-2003)

"Starting with Lara sliding down some rocks we find a tomb. There are some good puzzles like the one with the levers and cats but you need to be careful because you can't reset it. The moving blocks are many in a small room but there is another way to get around and solve that puzzle. You need two Ankhs and another artifact that is named Eye of Horus but it's not the usual one also some new enemies you will be facing are centaurs and gorillas. There is a problem with the sound and when Lara bumps on something she makes the creepy sound the centaurs do while dying. The centaurs are horses with guns that you need to be careful of because you lose health fast. The gorillas in the room with the many levers get stuck some times and might not attack Lara which isn't a bad thing; the look very real though. It's a nice level and I rated it a bit high because it has good elements and the atmosphere is nice. The only problem outside is that you can climb the rocks and get the 'end of the world' bug but you see that even without climbing. Take a look at it." - Kristina (05-Sep-2003)
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