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Author(s): Aza
total rating:7.55 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 8 9 9 8
Cain 10 7 9 10
Duncan 6 6 9 10
eRIC 7 8 8 8
eTux 6 7 7 8
G.Croft 7 7 8 8
Gerty 8 7 8 8
Jay 7 7 7 8
Jose 4 5 7 6
Kristina 5 6 7 7
MichaelP 7 6 7 8
Navi 8 7 8 8
Necro 9 8 8 6
Obig 8 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 6 9 9
Pastie 8 9 9 9
Phil 8 7 7 7
Ryan 6 7 7 8
Sash 8 7 9 8
Staticon 7 7 8 8
The Aussie Adventurer 8 7 7 8
category averages
(21 reviews)
7.24 7.05 7.90 8.00

Reviewer's comments

"It's obvious that the builder was still getting the hang of what the Level Editor was capable of, as I didn't have nearly an enjoyable time here as I did in his later efforts. The textures are bland and uninteresting (although the gigantic crocodile-like structures are doubtlessly impressive) and the gameplay became tedious fairly quickly. There's more than enough to do (indeed I spent over an hour in total here), but the backtracking and wandering around elements of the gameplay were far too irritating and I found myself wishing it would end around halfway through. There is a neat trigger tile puzzle near the end, but that didn't really ease my negative thoughts about this level as a whole. Still, it's easy to see the potential that would later be developed." - Ryan (24-Feb-2019)

"Not good this level for me. The architecture to create the crocs was cool, but except for the 5 tile triggers puzzle, the remaining gameplay was tedious and boring. First a very huge area I wasted a lot of time to explore, findig always dead ends and a lot of backtracking; also when I released the ropes I had to repeat all the same tasks and movements a very long way back to get there and use them. There are some nasty underwater mazes, and many path lead to nowhere. Not very clear the climbable laders, I never used the revolver or the shotgun 'cause the type of enemies. The texturization is very monotonous, always with the same brown textures in all rooms. The best was the good use of the cameras and sounds, pointing always where to go. Aza released some good levels I enjoyed, but I can't recommend this one." - Jose (25-Oct-2016)

"The looks of this level fit the facts: a fairly obvious first effort from a builder who would eventually do much better. He also wrote his own walkthroughs in the early days, and I found that I needed one here to keep moving forward. Much of the action takes place around an immense sunken crocodile edifice, and going back and forth throughout the vast open areas got a bit tiring after a while. The textures were crude as well, so although the gameplay was engaging and in fact required about 70 minutes of my time from start to finish, I had no visual rewards from playing the level. Still, a number of good ideas are demonstrated here, and I'm glad the builder continued to hone his skills for his later releases." - Phil (03-Dec-2012)

"Here we have a level, which has an architecture that is completely different from any TR4 level I have ever seen. The level consists of a huge surreal looking cavern with a gigantic crocodile structure in the middle of a pinkish lake and several more or less hard to access areas in the walls and even the ceiling of this huge cave. The architecture is amazing and the game play is very good, but a bit complicated and I was totally lost at times. There is good camera work and it shows you what to do next for the most part, but on the other hand there are areas Lara can climb or grab, that I would never thought possible if I wouldn't have read the walk through. With the walkthrough at hand the level isn't really that hard at all. There are a few underwater mazes with tight areas, where one has to swim perfectly in order not to drown, which I thought was the hardest part of the level. All other tasks like a double rope swing are manageable without problems. The enemies consist of a couple of harpies, crocodiles (of course) and demigods. I thought it was funny that Lara (after seeing a camera scene) swims into the gigantic croc's butt thinking of finding a secret, and finding nothing else in there than 2 crocodiles that will attack you. The lighting seems to be a little on the flat side at times and the level is very bright, almost too bright I would say. That and the hard to see climbable areas would be my only complaints here. The sound and atmosphere is good. Definitely an unusual and stunning level that everyone should play once. Highly recommended!" - Blue43 (01-Aug-2010)

"What a bitch of a level! This is probably the most difficult level I have played to date and I had to rely on the walkthrough for most parts (I'm sad to say). This was one well thought out level and I must admit, I didn't like it at first. I found myself in one large pool of water with no clear pathway of where to go. I had to use the walkthrough to get me going through the maze of passageways and then I could do some on my own before having to go back to the walkthrough for aid. Design-wise it could have been better. There were large areas and most of the walls were textured the same. Even the smaller rooms and simillar textures which I guess added to the atmosphere but I found it a little boring in places. I also didn't like to keep back-tracking especially when I released the 2 ropes and had to repeat the first section of the level again. However I did enjoy playing it and even with the help of the walkthrough it still took me a good 2 hours to complete. If you're up for a challenge this is highly recommended. The puzzles and gameplay do this level a huge amount of justice." - Necro (14-Jan-2008)

"i was plesantly supprised to see my old friend jauns levels so i downloaded them all straight away. this level has amazing game play and i very big concidering its small size the lighting is perfect and gives a real atmasphere to the game the textures were great to. the best thing about this game was the large crocidile witch i called "cain". some secrets were quite hard to find witch kept me playing again and again. i loved the scale of this level the crocidile room is HUGE. thanks for making it jaun... You are not a number you have a name!!!!! and its jaun!!!--cain" - Cain (08-Sep-2007)

In this level, the map centralizes around a giant croc. The croc is only a big landmass floating in the water. However, its little cousins are all over the place, which can be expected. The layout of this level is quite good. The design revolves around the big croc in the middle moving from point to point, completing certain tasks. It is a massive level, and should be searched from top to bottom as there are little tid bits that don't really move the level along but are good for items and exploration. Texturing is pretty good except for a couple which don't really indicate a wall is climbable. Lighting is ample and is used proficiently. Camera flybys are good and help move the level along. The atmosphere is great considering it mainly one huge room and the secrets are really hard to find. Make sure you watch out for the crocs coming out the big crocs behind :) All in all, a very nice level with good exploration qualities. If I had to give this level a grade, I would give it a B, a distinction. - The Aussie Adventurer (27-Jun-2005)

"This was an enjoyable 100-minute romp round a massive water-filled level with a gigantic crocodile statue as its centrepiece. It is a bright level which leaves Lara looking a little flat some of the texturing is a little bitty (and missing completely from the ceiling in the secret room in the croc statue) but nonetheless shows great promise. I liked the way some of the jump switches were hidden - I was running about for some time before finding them. Truly devious use of shadow ;-). But the best thing for me the eternal beginner was that I could play it without frustration. I look forward to more levels from this author." - Staticon (06-Mar-2004)

"I don't know why I like this level but I like it. Although unique in its own kind it remembers me some of the levels made in 2001. This one is built with a custom wad the enemies are those from the Cleopal wad plus the crocodiles with a Catacombs atmosphere. I like this vastness to explore the swims the hidden areas the use of the skeletons that go down from the ceiling the puzzle with the tiles that trigger the opening to a well lighted temple at the end. Although the areas are huge the exploration was always pleasant and not boring and I was lucky enough to finish in 2 hours of elapsed time. Have found only two secrets and three weapons and also missing textures in the secret area inside the big crocodile statue." - eRIC (28-Sep-2003)

"The action centres around a huge water filled room with an equally large and rather wonderful stone crocodile statue in the middle. Plenty of swimming and exploring to do in various tunnels and rooms that open off the main room hampered by lots and lots of crocodiles (as you would expect) a few skeletons a demigod or two and the odd harpy. All in a day's work for Lara really. Quite an inventive level and certainly a very decent offering from a first time level builder. If it has a downside at all for me that would be the amount of running around in the vast area but do give it a try - there is much good raiding to be had. 20.09.2003" - Jay (22-Sep-2003)

"Well this level gave me a good laugh! It takes place around a huge crocodile which you can get access to both through his mouth and through his behind! :o A nice little level with swimming jumping and of course a lot of crocodiles the smaller ones I mean. Not much gameplay though I would have liked to see some more puzzling. No the attraction of this level is definitely the big statue and is worth playing just for the laugh." - G.Croft (18-Sep-2003)

"Despite of this is a huge level and you have to run and swim a lot I loved it. You have to collect 3 Pharos Knots a Horseman's Gem and the 2 pieces of the Portal Guardian. Jumping over the 2 ropes was a bit annoying: the second rope should be 2 ropes away from the first to the left. Pulling a lever in the end was a bit odd as you should pull the one behind Lara's back. The 2 huge crocodile statues were nice both in the water and the last room. The enemies are Skeletons Crocodiles Harpies and Demigods. Unfortunately there are no added sounds but I liked the sometimes average textures they fit well to the level. There are no timed runs but you have to swim well. The large distances and luring out the crocs made the gameplay a bit longer. I didn't find a Secret and I think I missed the Uzi somewhere as I found some Uzi Ammo in the end." - Obig (18-Sep-2003)

"This level for me is what raiding is all about the sheer size is amazing I don't want arrows on the floor or walls to tell me what way to go I want to roam about and discover things for myself the croc in the main room is a work of art (also very funny) there are not too many enemies so you are not running about with your guns out all the time you actually have time to enjoy the level. Admittedly I had to e-mail the author (pre walk through) for 2 of the 3 secrets only to find out that this is his first attempt at building a level! I could rave about this all day so I won't only to add if you liked Tomb Raider1 download this level now." - Pastie (16-Sep-2003)

"This level is initially rather confusing as you need to have a good look around first to find your way. The level is huge. But once you do find your way the progression is smooth. Lara needs to find a gem and three knots the last one is dropped by a demigod. Puzzles are not difficult. Lara needs to pull levers and watch out as one of them is a trap ;). Other than that there is a lot of swimming and Lara needs to look out for air holes in some maze like areas. Lots of useful pick ups to find (shot gun crossbow revolver etc). I found two well hidden secrets. Cameras were added at the right places. Sound was a bit poor. Enemies were diverse (harpies crocodiles skeletons and demigods). Graphics were ok some rooms seemed a little large and empty. The central pool is a matter of taste. You should give it a try it's not bad at all." - Navi (14-Sep-2003)

"Yes it's a lovely (and rather cheeky looking) giant Crocodile; yes the challenges on offer are rather fun and inventive and yes the atmosphere is quite unusual. But my God this just goes on and on and on! I always enjoy coming back to an earlier part of a level from a new direction later on (or viewing it from a different perspective) but after a while each re-visit here became quite tedious and if it hadn't been for a friendly and patient informant I'd have given up and gone off to watch the Telly or something. Even with a Guide close at hand there were many places I never explored and I had the distinct impression that there were several challenges I never got around to seeing. Anyway give this one the once over by all means; but be prepared to sacrifice the rest of your day." - Orbit Dream (12-Sep-2003)

"I didn't like this level. It doesn't have many puzzles the distances to cover are absurd and the traps are not very well made. For example I was stuck for some time in an area with a jump switch that was a trap but because it seemed possible to go down to a room somehow and there was a climbable wall involved I would never think it's a trap. The danger music isn't a good hint in this situation because it could have just mean attention. The enemies are a few skeletons and crocodiles and the items to collect are knots pillars and the portal guardian. Be careful because if you miss an item there is at least one situation you will get trapped with no way of going back if you miss; that is another down side of this level. I don't like levels with impossible situations and this it is a good example. I found one secret the grenade gun and the huge crocodile in the lake looked like a dog to me at first. I wouldn't recommend this but then again you might like it." - Kristina (11-Sep-2003)

"Already by the name of the level you can tell 2 things - 1) there will be a lot of crocodiles (Sobek is sort of a god-crocodile) - 2)There will be a lot of swimming (crocodiles -> water you know) involved - so if you don't like either of those things this might not be the perfect level to play. The setting is rather impressive - the huge crocodile statue is really the highlight of the level and you can swim in it from various entrances (I was laughing out loud when I saw the crocodiles swimming out of the statue's bottom lol) and explore it inside out. The whole sanctuary maybe might be too vast and it's tedious to swim or run around these long distances but overall this is a rather enjoyable - fun debut level. The lighting could be improved and there could be a storyline so Lara's visit here would make sense. Try it not bad at all." - eTux (11-Sep-2003)

"What a great idea to make such a enormous crocodile out of stone in such a huge underground cave and lake. And yes crocs are the enemy here as are some skeletons but if you are clever enough there is a shotgun in the water to find and later you can get the crossbow if you will. Getting some pillars and a gem as you need those to open even more doors. Glad I was stuck for quite a while almost at the end so in the mean time I did some more diving and even more exploring. There quite a few holes underwater but watch out also crocs. It felt if I traveled around the world so vast is this cave and I had a good laugh seeing those croc appear from that stone crocs bottom. There are some swims there that are breath taking and will have you reload in order to find the proper way through those underwater corridors. Watch out as there are some walls that you need to climb and there are no signs to say this is the wall. There is another croc made out of stone guarded by some demigods and getting another knot and placing that will end the level. 09-09-2003" - Gerty (10-Sep-2003)

"Okay Sobek was an Egyptian deity with the head of a crocodile (I looked it up). And boy this level has croc's up the wazoo (couldn't resist). This is a small download under 3 MB but it's a huge level. With a lot of imagination the author has created something I am certain to remember. The croc objects are wonderful and there are some beautiful rooms. The downside is that the level is larger than the amount of gameplay it provides. For me just too much wandering about with too little to do. With a few more punches and surprises I think this could be as good as it gets. I hope we see more from this author." - Duncan (10-Sep-2003)

"Unlike Mikey I loved the vastness of this level which is all but set in one massive watery cavern around an enormous and brilliantly built sharp teeth bearing crocodile floating in the water. The architecture of this croc is only enhanced by the sudden and hilarious moment you pick up a knot only to see a camera pan across to a door open in its bottom and normal sized crocs swimming out and I thought tapeworms would have been horrible imagine crocs up there ouch! The route taken is a really smart one and I had immense pleasure finding my way around and seeing how areas were accessed that seemed impossible the only thing that was probably unfair is a climbing wall that really wasn't textured as such but if you pass it you will feel like you need to look for some different way than you are going and hopefully will stumble on it this happened to me and I found it quite fast. Near the end you leave this area behind and come across another large croc but on dry land you don't though really interact with this one like the first and not long after to end which for me was after 70 minutes. I also found only the one secret but left one jumpswitch untouched as the drop was seemingly fatal but I never did try with full health so maybe there is another secret here somewhere thankfully the crossbow was not a secret and was found before the room with skeletons falling from the ceiling you will also come across a few demigods at the end a couple of harpies and of course crocs but they never got in the way of the game too much but still gave enough thrills when you least expected. I thought this was a really fresh level and loved the setting there's just something about enlarged objects get your mind out of the gutter it's probably because I come from the country that thinks it's a good idea to construct giant bananas pineapples and many other things for you poor tourists." - Sash (09-Sep-2003)

"Now THAT is one big crocodile! Nicely constructed and a neat idea to have Lara run jump and swim on around and also inside the 'beast' sitting in a huge body of water. And I also liked the rather clever overall course that had to be followed to successfully collect a gem two knots and a portal guardian in order to meet up with the croc's brother and two demigods before you reach the end which for me came after about 90 minutes of net gaming time - and that brings us to the main problem of this level: the distances to cover are simply too huge. Very very quickly this becomes rather tedious and even though there are some camera hints (at times rather subtle) you will spend minutes upon minutes searching and exploring and making your way from one corner of the level to the other corner and back. And you will certainly also be drowning a few times on those long swims although air holes are provided for. Watch out for the occasional sneakily hidden jump switch - one of those offered me the one secret I found. The choice of textures for climbable walls is a bit unusual and there are rather few enemies (harpies skeletons) except of course for all the crocodiles that roam the level in abundance. All in all this is a smartly constructed level if just the rooms could be all about half their size it would be so much more fun." - Michael (08-Sep-2003)
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