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Author(s): Tony
total rating:5.73 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
dmdibl 7 5 7 6
eRIC 5 4 8 6
eTux 5 5 6 6
Gerty 6 5 6 6
Jay 6 5 6 6
Jose 3 5 6 8
Kristina 3 4 6 6
MichaelP 7 5 6 6
Orbit Dream 6 5 6 8
Ryan 5 5 6 7
Sash 5 5 6 6
Treeble 6 6 6 6
category averages
(12 reviews)
5.33 4.92 6.25 6.42

Reviewer's comments

"In hindsight, this isn't actually a bad Young Lara level and if it weren't for a couple of odd things here, it could have been a really good one. The idea of getting the skeleton to blow up the vases is a good one, but it relies more on luck and timing than anything else, and in my case he wasn't that cooperative. There was also a gem receptacle that remained empty once I finished and a torch that only seemed to serve as a light source itself, rather than being useful in its own right, as well as an impassable slope just before the two Hand receptacles, so if you haven't got them by then, you're stuck for good. I did like the design and texturing, though, and the Lara statue was a nice touch, albeit pointless. A few unanswered questions then, but not a bad little raid." - Ryan (20-Aug-2018)

"It's rather sad to see a level from 2002 with just 10 (11, now) reviews, and I can't help but wonder why. Is it a general dislike towards young Lara levels? Reading all the reviews gave me a good idea of what to expect, and I got through without a problem. The torch had me wondering as there were a few sconces that were unlit but completely out of reach, but ultimately it's there only to get you through the pitch black room -- you can ditch it when you need to (ie in the room shortly after, with the long jump sequences). All in all it's a fun endeavour, considering the limits set by young Lara herself, and it's over before it gets annoying, so give it a try. Oh, and here's my tip: I used FexInspect and couldn't locate the elusive gem, so I'm guessing it doesn't exist in the released build, but those raising blocks in the pit next to it would only serve as a shortcut to the exit so all is well. 15 minutes, 2 secrets. 02/18" - Treeble (11-Feb-2018)

"When getting insde the pyramid, I soon escape from the enemy shooting from my right (no guns or flares for young Lara), pull the lever and went into the pool room; then went into the very dark maze without flares and got totally stucked so I took a look at the walkthrough. Used the ladder to go back and get the first hand and advance through the maze to the room with fiery floor and pillars; there I got stucked again when opening the left door in the corner and couldn't go back to the pillars, so I had to reload and jump and run onto the ledge with the spikes (grabbing the edge always died) taking some damage. From this point the gameplay is fluid and I got no problems until the end, but this first part of the level was very obscure and strange. The enemies are not difficult to avoid, the design is not bad, except all that very long corridors near the end leading you back outside, and the texturization has good touches in some rooms. Correct cameras and sounds, better use the walkthrough to play this short level." - Jose (10-Aug-2016)

"Has some interesting play. Some places are good looking, such as the pool room with the first part of the Eyepiece, but some of the design is crude, such as the green corridors at the end. One plays as young Lara so there are no flares and no guns; unfortunately, there are still dark corners and enemies. A crocodile pursues young Lara on land. She jumps into a dark opening and a skeleton starts firing grenades at her. As Lara runs around in semidarkness, taking damage, vases break to reveal a torch and the first Hand. If Lara chances to step on an unmarked raised tile a door closes on the skeleton, stopping the barrage. I replayed this as a test, and if Lara steps on the raised tile immediately, a door blocks the grenades, the vases never break, Lara never gets the first Hand, and so can't finish the level. Progressing onward, next one gets to the attractive pool room. Here there seems another problem with game play. A monkey swing across the pool leads to the second Hand. Picking it up opens a door in the pool, but if Lara swims through she lacks the Eyepiece. The correct way is to ignore the monkey swing, to instead make a long circuitous route to get the two halves of the Eyepiece, thrown a switch, and use a now open door to reach that ledge with the second Hand. So what was the point of that monkey swing over the pool? Did the author think it impossible to get across it because of the slopes? I did finish the game by using the Eyepiece and the two Hands, but there was a section in a maze that required a gem that I never found. I guess the game play is exciting because you're never quite sure if you can finish this level. Very short and snappy." - dmdibl (14-Aug-2009)

"A different Egyptian level with young Lara. The graphics are rather good, the main room with the pool is very nice, but the greenish corridors at the end are ugly, and there is no lighting in the red corridors. The highlight is a good puzzle with raising blocks introduced by an impressive flyby. Several ways to do this puzzle, not sure it was intentional though. Apocalypse raider is rather short, but worth to be played for a few nice ideas." - eRIC (19-Apr-2005)

"Oh dear a young Lara level. No guns no flares. Run away from the crocodiles and try to avoid being shot by the skeleton (yes a skeleton with a gun - what a novelty) although you do need him to shoot some vases for you. There's a pitch black maze to negotiate but luckily a torch is provided so you don't bump into the resident mummy. I always think it's most unfair that you can't set fire to mummies - they ought to burn nicely. Still at least they're slow. In the twenty minutes that it takes to complete this level you need to find two eye pieces and two hands do a bit of swimming and solve a small block puzzle. It's undemanding stuff but the surroundings are pleasant and nobody expects too much from a young Lara level. Oh and I completely failed to grasp the significance of the Lara double at the end. Perhaps there wasn't one." - Jay (07-May-2004)

"Thanks to the reviews I knew what to do at the start immediately and thus this wasn't such a frustrating experience for me - actually I found the tasks here clever - maybe a bit too clever for their own good as the skeleton baddy didn't always launch grenades and that is vital for progression. The pitch black maze actually was clever - and sort of a guarantee for the author that the player can't leave this area without getting the first puzzle piece and torch also liked the raising block/pad puzzle but that's all I remember. The texturing and lighting is decent but nothing special. Even though a young Lara level and thus not a favourite of many players but not so bad in the end - worth at least a look at it." - eTux (11-Feb-2004)

"So we missed this level for more than a year hmmm sounds like some exciting discovery you come across while spring cleaning in the attic but is it? Well I'd have to say not really. It's a kind of throw back to the early days when each level practically revolved around entering a pyramid and leaving said pyramid this time only 20 minutes long and very fairly bereft of any real enemies. There are though some real little innovations namely the skeleton crossed with an SAS that fires a gun at poor young Lara as she enters the pyramid but don't be too eager to run from him as he holds the key to letting you end the level and a really well designed block raising room. There is though a chance to get stuck just don't block the gun toting skeleton behind a gate before he helps you with that little matter and you'll be fine. I collected three secrets on this quick journey and ended where I started wondering why the author put a gem receptacle in without placing a gem in the level I take it this had something to do with a short piece of maze near it that you can't access legally which may have been an extended area of the game the author gave up on." - Sash (24-Jan-2004)

"Now I know what Kristina was harping about in the 'stuck thread'. I had the same problem and I had to start this game five times before those vases shattered. Getting your hand on two Hands and The Eye of Horus and in between you do need the torch as that small black maze is pitch black. Then you are in for some nice block jumping and you really can't go wrong in here. Did see a receptacle for a gem but never found the gem. Don't understand the meaning of the double Lara statue and I couldn't see anything just before that room as it was pitch black there as well and no torch to light Lara's path. There is some swimming involved and if you keep to the bottom you can make it in one piece. Found 1 secret 02-12-2003" - Gerty (23-Dec-2003)

"So how did we manage to miss this level for more than a year? Anyway now that we found I have to say that I probably overrate it in the gameplay category because it is only a 15-20 minutes level and has several 'stuck-situations' where you cannot go back to do what you missed doing. But I did find some fresh ideas here which I really liked even though they don't always work so well such as the grenade shooting skeleton at the start (make sure it does smash the two vases for you or you won't be able to complete the level) and also the room with all the raising blocks. There is an animation error when you light the torch and a few boring hallways to run through as you collect two eye pieces and two hands and two secrets but there is also a nice (though pointless) Lara double effect. You can easily outrun the crocodiles and mummies around and I never found a gem to use but ended the level anyway back near where you started it. Interesting diversion - I certainly had fun with it." - Michael (02-Dec-2003)

"I thought I was going to hate this level at first. Unkillable enemies; much darkness; vases that needed to be shot even though Lara was unarmed; dizzy flybys and a hugely aggravating 'burning floor' room. However once I'd worked out how to have the vases shatter; how to render the nasty skeleton harmless; and how to get across the 'burning floor' room I realised that the adventure was actually rather clever and nothing like as tough as I thought it would be. In fact it's all rather neat; with some good textures and lighting effects and a smooth gameplay that never has you pausing too often. There's rather too much running along empty corridors at the end but it's 25 minutes of non-violent (excluding the sight of a 16 year old girl being sliced up by giant scissors) entertainment. Not bad at all for a first go." - Orbit Dream (02-Dec-2003)

"I am really annoyed with this level. I was stuck a whole day in this game frustrated and searching for a way to proceed. Needless to say that the solution was something I had already tried but it wouldn't work for me no matter what I did. I tried walking to room getting behind the vases but the skeleton wouldn't launch grenades then I tried running further inside the room in question with no results again. Finally after starting the game for the twentieth time I was starting to believe that I had to give up because for one more time the skeleton was shooting at Lara magically the damn thing decided to cooperate. I am sorry to say this and I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings especially the author's but this sucks. It's very risky to place a puzzle like this but if you want to use it at least make sure the rooms are bigger so the enemies will definitely throw grenades or place more enemies to help you solve it. This level gives me one more reason to hate young Lara with a few exceptions of course. The rest of the level which lasted fifteen minutes all together with one secret found was picking up two stars and getting the Eye of Horus. There are crocodiles as enemies and a mummy in a pitch black maze. I never found the gem but there was a receptacle for it. I didn't like this level and I guess it's because of the trouble I had at the start. It is a nice effort though and the textures are placed quite well. I hope the next level will be better and won't have almost impossible tasks." - Kristina (02-Dec-2003)
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