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Author(s): Piper
total rating:5.79 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 5 6 6 5
EssGee 6 6 6 6
Gerty 6 7 6 6
Jay 6 6 6 6
Jose 5 6 6 7
Kristina 6 7 6 7
MichaelP 5 6 6 5
Obig 6 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 5 6 5 6
Ryan 5 5 6 6
Sash 6 6 6 6
Sutekh 5 5 3 3
category averages
(12 reviews)
5.50 6.08 5.75 5.83

Reviewer's comments

"There are some good ideas, specially in the room with the spikes near the end, but the gameplay was not so good for me 'cause the unmarked climbable walls and the unmarked traps. Another good feature was the change between outside areas and inner areas; the texturization is ok, except in the outside areas with the small triangular surfaces. There are also several ilegal slopes too. Enough guns and ammo, well balanced enemies, enough flares for the dark areas, the worst was the absence of puzzles and the stuck moments 'cause the unmarked ladders. Anyway a playable level you can try." - Jose (02-Jul-2017)

"The outside portions of this level aren't all that attractive and there are some sticky slopes around. Luckily these are generally balanced out thanks to the nicely lit and textured inside areas. There are no puzzles as such, it's mainly a fetch quest with brief exploration aspects, but I suppose it could be worth a look for something generally simple and undemanding." - Ryan (24-Jun-2017)

"I was ready to write this level off to start with;what with the very poor outside areas and completely unfair unmarked climbable walls. However,this adventure picked itself up somewhat as it progressed and even threw in a few cunning challenges and puzzles (especially the sneakiest 'hidden in plain sight' pick-up I've ever encountered!),and I was kept reasonably entertained for the duration. It remains very scrappy,but at least it did what custom levels ought to do and built to a clear-cut Finale with a worthy objective." - Orbit Dream (24-May-2009)

"The author takes us on an exploration of an egyptian Tomb. We explore indoor and outdoor areas. The inside rooms are better than the outside areas, where we are exposed to huge paper thin walls, expansive end of world views and and a mine field of illegal slopes. Lighting is also poor in these outdoor areas. There are also unmarked climbing walls and unmarked spike traps and a lever that gives no clue as to what it is for (I never figured that one out). You will get adequate flares and firepower to deal with the persistent skellies that inhabit this place. There's dogs and scorpions and a Hammerhead shark to contend with too. Your mission is to find one Disc, lots of Stars, the Eye of Horus and a couple of snakes puzzle pieces on your way to locate the Amulet of Horus. Gameplay is fairly simple - no real puzzles as such. Highlights are the better made last few rooms as you get close to the Amulet. Not a bad effort by the author on the interiors but outdoor area design needs plenty more practice." - EssGee (10-Mar-2007)

"A journey through different Egyptian temples and outside areas that connect them together, all in a straightforward way with plenty of various artefacts to collect in order to open the next places. The outside areas do not look very good, the lighting is bad and the thin walls that surround them kill the illusion of a real place, but you don't spend a lot of time outside anyway. On the opposite some of the inside temples are nicely textured and have a good atmosphere. The secrets are not difficult to find and you get enough weapons and ammos to get rid of skeletons or dogs. The tasks to perform are of the easy kind , the only difficult riddle was due to an unmarked climbable wall." - eRIC (09-Sep-2005)

"The minute I started this level I knew I had played it before but it still is a nice game to play again. This time I ran through it as I knew a bit where to go and what to do. There are climbable walls that are unmarked, but you'll figure out which one you have to climb. The outside area is rather crude, but there is potential here. Lara is hunting for some artifacts, to unlock doors and gets hindered by dogs, scorpions, skeletons and even a shark. If you are observant the secrets are easy to find, that means enough ammo for the enemies. Keep on building Piper. 27-02-2005" - Gerty (13-Mar-2005)

"What a lovely load screen this has. The level itself is an undemanding, but pleasant and fairly classic raid. Skeletons, scorpions, harpies, jackals, even a shark to deal with and a few artefacts and three secrets to find in the space of about 45 minutes This would be a very good level for the less experienced raider and, given the youth of the builder, really is very much to be applauded. Keep up the good work Piper you obviously have the potential to be a very good builder indeed." - Jay (24-Feb-2005)

"Skeletons jackals harpies an Egyptian setting inside and outside and no real puzzling but to find items to open up your route sounds kind of boring for nowadays standards but it really isn't. Sure it isn't knock down riveting but you will definitely get almost 40 minutes of enjoyable raiding just keep your eyes open for the key items along the way as they can be hidden in full view. My only gripes would be one untextured climbing wall and that the secrets were almost too easy to find but on the whole a pleasant non-thinker of a level." - Sash (26-Jan-2005)

"A very easy level if you are patient enough to search walls for unmarked ladders and don't mind a bit of trial and errors when it comes to (unmarked) traps. These were the main flaws of this rather nicely made little episode gameplay wise. I especially liked the room with the ladders and catwalks which while not extraordinary shows the author's potential (as I gather from my co-reviewers she's very young). You'll go straight on from beginning to end meeting scorpions skeletons (easy to eliminate if you find the easy first secret) harpies Anubis' jackals and a shark which shouldn't have been there (a crocodile would have looked more believable). The setting is rather poor very patchwork but there is some work on the lighting and colors. There are a couple of illegal slopes and a pool I couldn't exit so don't forget to save from time to time especially when outside. In short if you're not too picky on settings and atmosphere a perfect level for beginners." - Sutekh (24-Jan-2005)

"This level is totally Egypt-styled. We are adventuring in Egyptian temples sanctuaries and their surroundings searching for the Amulet of Horus which we can also gain at the end. The walls are climbable at many places even if there seem to be no ladders. In the water where the shark is look around well because both parts of the Eye of Horus are there. The textures are beautiful but sadly there are no added sounds. But maybe they are not even necessary for these surroundings. The enemies are scorpions skeletons jackals and harpies but we'll also get the Crossbow and the Shotgun in the secrets of which I only found two. I advice this level to everybody it was an easy but good adventure; though maybe some harder challenges could have been added to it. :) You can find a Hungarian walkthrough (as we don't have English version) savegames and pictures here: " - Obig (18-Jan-2005)

"A truly classic style Egypt level by a very young builder. It does show how her skill is advancing versus her debut but there remain a number of gripes like the fact that the outside areas just don't look very good there are several unmarked climbable walls and death traps and the script has not been properly modified. That aside you get a fun and rather busy 40 minute linear level. With plenty of artefacts to collect and place to advance and three secrets thrown in for good measure (crossbow shotgun and Uzi). Quite a variety of enemies too (scorpions skeletons dogs harpies and a shark). Nothing out of the ordinary and a bit dark in places but a solid effort and we can only hope Piper sticks with level building as the talent is all there." - Michael (16-Jan-2005)

"I would say this is a sympathetic level with the gameplay in Egyptian style. Not much to do a few items to find but I liked the way it's done. Some of the textures weren't well placed and overall the level needed some 'real' puzzles and challenge. The players should be looking out for unmarked ladders and watch out for the illegal slopes. I found two secrets in about twenty five minutes. I'd urge people to try this level." - Kristina (04-Jan-2005)
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