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Author(s): dennis16
total rating:7.81 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 8 9 9 8
eRIC 7 8 9 9
Gerty 7 8 9 9
Jay 7 8 8 8
Jez 7 8 9 9
Jose 7 8 9 8
Kristina 7 8 6 7
MichaelP 7 7 9 8
Ryan 7 8 9 9
Sash 7 7 7 7
Treeble 7 7 7 7
Xela 7 8 8 8
category averages
(12 reviews)
7.08 7.83 8.25 8.08

Reviewer's comments

"These two levels are the beginning sections of the full game released a year later, and as such this is mainly a precursor to what follows. Still, they provide considerable entertainment in a very realistic and well crafted environment, first in a compound of some sort and then onto an excavation site. Effective use is made of music and flybys that aid the atmosphere well, and while progression is smooth and not too difficult, it's very good fun and has a few neat touches. Accessible to all groups of raiders, I think. Very playable." - Ryan (21-Mar-2019)

"Even as for a prologue this is very coherent and consistent. I would really shorten the lab prologue since only the second half of the first level stands out, but the following part is unexpectedly intriguing and offers some clever surprises so after finishing this teaser I was motivated enough to move instantly to the full version." - DJ Full (29-Oct-2018)

"As this file is a precursor to the larger completed piece, it may seem silly to review it. But even on its own, this two-level adventure is a completely enjoyable experience. The first level, Research Center (Das Forschungsinstitut), represents clear and concise building prowess. While not being overly interesting in its design or layout, the research center displays a steady variety in locations throughout a level in a way that makes logical sense--a feat that proves difficult for many to master. This flow is vital for an effective storyline, and for keeping the players engaged. The second level, Sobek's Caves (Die Hoehlen des Sobek), continues to demonstrate the author's ability to produce effective levels, while also adding more variety and complexity to the mix. Compared to the first level, which was relatively simplistic and occasionally monotonous, Sobek's Caves is dynamic, vast, and intriguing. It is clearly a jump, whether intentional or not, from the first level. What keeps these levels from receiving 9's or 10's in my books is the architecture, which is never bad, but doesn't ever quite reach a moment of awe. My ultimate score leans more towards the enjoyment to be had in the second level. If you do choose to pick this up (as opposed to the full version now, for some reason) then make sure you stick in past the first level. The second part is totally worth it." - Xela (04-May-2014)

"If I understand well , these levels are the two first of the Crystal of Amuns game. These levels are user fiendly and not difficult, a bit on the dark side, but interesting to play, even if the first level was a bit monotonous. The progression is fluent and mainly straightforward ; near the end of the 2nd level there are two different routes , which is a quite a good idea, as I will take the other route when I'll play the full game :) The sounds are of great quality, and the looks are quite good especially the second level with some impressive caves. The author has made a very good work to mix natural caves and modern installations, and the few Egyptians parts are atmospheric as well. Good levels." - eRIC (20-Oct-2007)

"The first level in this set of two is set in a base where you ultimately reach a museum of Egyptian artefacts. The second you reach through a hole in one of the exhibits in the museum leads you to a series of underground caves with waterfalls that seems to have been taken over by a sinister archaeological dig. For a first attempt at level building this is a very good and solid achievement but I had a couple of gripes. First and foremost the almost 2 hours these lasted made me feel like a rat running through a maze, not the fact that this is non linear and difficult to get through but because it seemed like half of the environment constituted either corridors or tunnels and I much prefer larger open spaces. The other gripe is that it was all quite dark but it is hard to argue this point because you are in caves and gloomy environments where you expect it to be such. I do think though that there really is a nice flow to the levels and I definitely liked the second level much more especially as some of the enemies really took me by surprise and made me jump and the way you get to trigger waterfalls to appear was a nice touch. I found all 6 secrets." - Sash (31-Mar-2006)

"Although this is a good level it's too dark for me so I had trouble finding my way in it and the flares weren't enough. There are confusing areas all around and many ways to go at once, something I dislike. The level's setting is something between a base and Egyptian underground plus the enemies are crocodiles, guards and workers that you would find in a base. I really hate hurting my eyes to try and play a level and even though I was waiting for it to become brighter any time soon, it never did. There aren't many items to find, mostly switches and plenty of waterfalls near the end. The monkey swing in the area close to the Portal Guardian puzzle wasn't necessary because the player can easily jump onto the sandy ground to proceed. I found one artefact and six secrets. It is a good game but not my kind of level." - Kristina (15-Mar-2006)

"The first level has Lara on a base/museum/city environment where the gameplay revolves around hidden buttons and closed doors, but it doesn't get boring because the environment itself is well designed. Nothing extraordinary, but there's good use of music and those who love TR3 will particularly enjoy this level. The ambients have dim lights, but you will only use one or two flares to get through. As you reach the museum soon you get to an excavation site and the second level has Lara in these caves where she has to look for the entrance to a temple. The setting is really nice, reminding a lot of Nevada Desert in TR3, but it was too confusing yet a linear level. Textures and lighting here are better than on the first level, although a few of the textures seemed out of place (such as the metallic panels). It also had lots of music throughout. All in all, this was a good pair of levels, and I hear it's a first so congratulations to the author! 80 minutes, 2 secrets. 02/06" - Treeble (20-Feb-2006)

"Eeeeeer, huuuummm, I don't know what to say about this set of two levels. Why? They are so different each other... The first level didn't like me, only a serie of square rooms and corridors where you only had to do the same tasks: pulling switches to open doors or place keys to open doors; it was tedious for me. Second level is very very different, quite good; a complex of dark caves with varied of tasks; even you can advance through the level till the end and don't visit all the places the builder have create for the players; I didn't like lighting flares all the way, but even so the second level is very playable and better than the first for me. So the punctuation I give is in the middle of the punctuations each level deserves." - Jose (24-Nov-2005)

"Das Forschungsinstitut (Research Center, 7/7/8/7, 50 min., 2 secrets): This starts out in a Base and a rather dark one at that, but persevere as it gets better and flare pickups do eventually show up. Enemies are various bad guys and a few crocodiles as you move on in a rather fast paced matter from button to door to button to door, occasionally pushing a box around. Additionally some cameras make progression very straightforward. You need plugs, a key and a card and I am not sure I liked the burning run to the water bit (or was there a smarter way?). The sewers and the museum near the end are nicely designed and you find a portal guardian and the Crystal of Time there. Die Hoehlen des Sobek (Sobek's Caves, 7/7/9/8, 50 min., 1 secret): Much like the first part this is fast paced and straightforward progression, this time in caves and all the time you seem to get in deeper and deeper. The setting feels more real than part one and more work went into texturing and lighting. Enemies are crocodiles, bats, ahmets and many workers and dogs. The ideas of triggering the waterfalls and the timed trapdoors where a nice touch. This is trouble-free and fun raiding that has you busy longer than you might originally expect without getting too boring or too tiring. Definitely worth a look and good to hear the author will work on parts 3 to 5." - MichaelP (30-Oct-2005)

"This is a linear, uncomplicated level with no real surprises and if that sounds uncomplimentary I apologise because I certainly don't mean it that way. We need builders to bring us this type of thing; if all new levels were made with only the highly experienced raiders in mind it would be a terrible shame for the newbie raiders, so thanks dennis16 for a nice, atmospheric and well built, very playable level." - Jay (26-Oct-2005)

"This was more to my liking and not because the level I played previous was pretty difficult. So far I can tell this is a first level and I am impressed. Although it is rather straight forward and could use some challenges like more puzzles I had a great time roaming around this underground complex. The story reveals itself and I loved the outfit Lara was wearing. Textures were great and it made me feel like I was indeed on a dig way deep underground. The set was gloomy and the added sounds were a plus. I didn't find all the secrets so this will be on my re-play list for sure. 17-10-2005" - Gerty (26-Oct-2005)

"Can these really be the first levels that the author has created? If so then I am impressed. The gameplay is fairly linear and is not very difficult with no real puzzles. Enemies are well placed, with effective custom textures, and take you by surpise on a couple of occasions. I did like the fact that there is a lot of variety in the secenarios that Lara finds herself in. Lara starts in an office environment and has to work her way underground and through some underground caverns complete with bridges, currents and waterfalls. The levels look fabulous throughout and have a very effective atmosphere in the many different locations. If this is a first attempt then the author just needs to add some puzzles to make future levels more challenging." - Jez (17-Oct-2005)
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