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Author(s): illyaine
total rating:7.78 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Elsa 7 8 8 8
eRIC 7 7 9 9
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Jay 8 8 7 8
Jose 7 7 7 8
Kristina 7 7 7 8
manarch2 6 6 7 8
MichaelP 7 7 7 8
Neso 8 8 9 8
Orbit Dream 8 6 8 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
Relic Hunter 8 8 8 9
Ryan 7 7 8 8
Samu 8 9 8 9
Selene 8 7 8 9
Spike 8 9 8 9
Thorir 7 8 8 8
category averages
(17 reviews)
7.41 7.47 7.82 8.41

Reviewer's comments

"A rather pleasant "old-style" Catacomb level of around 20 minutes. Indeed, you get the usual suspects here: avoiding skeletons trying to push you off ledges, wraiths following you until you get rid of them, the sinking floor pillar puzzle and avoiding spikes. It is rather competently put together and is worth a look for those who want a classic, fun, yet not too taxing raid." - Ryan (27-Oct-2016)

"This level was rather hard to place for me since it's rather intense but also extremely short at 15 minutes of net gameplay time. There are good moments in the gameplay, with some nice gauntlets and especially the timed run at the end (you can even decide if you want to play a harder version of it or an easier, but there's a seperate download for each), but often the classic TR 4 catacomb gameplay gets repeated (like the pillar puzzle which is nearly a copy of the original). So gameplay definately lacks depth here, although the presentation is rather fresh and quirky - a strange mix indeed and thus hard to score. Enemies are spicing up the experience, but some of the wraiths and skeletons did get on my nerves eventually, and the shotgun secret came too late for me. The atmosphere is rather convincing, there is a nice use of fixed cameras and the lighting is quite attractive. Most of the level takes place in really small scale areas, it's not a very beautiful level but overall the visuals are rather nice. The texturing is also clean and together with the lighting it adds a new flavour to the worn-out setting. So overall a good level and short enough to not outstay its welcome, which might be easily possible with those old style games." - manarch2 (25-Oct-2014)

"For some obscure reason this builder, and a handful of other builders, have withdrawn permission for this site to host their levels. One of these builders has gone so far as to request that all evidence of his former existence here be summarily expunged. I'm not sure what point they're trying to make, as all of these levels are available for download at Obig's Hungarian site. And since they can still be reviewed here (except for levels by the expunged guy), that's what I will do. I've always liked Catacombs levels, and this one presents an eye-appealing 40-minute adventure that blazes no new trails but nevertheless gives the player a decent raid. The lighting is quite good, and I never had any problem seeing what was going on around me. It's all fairly linear, and Harry Laudie has provided a workmanlike walkthrough that kept things moving for me. I suppose I could get tired of levels like these after a while, but so far I find them all to be quite enjoyable. Play it, even if you can't get it here." - Phil (20-Jul-2012)

"The level begins with Lara being chased by beetles, and was an exciting opening. In fact, several sections of the level are quite fast-paced, and have to be done while running away from skellies, wraiths and beetles. The number of medipacks available was enough to last through these sections, making them enjoyable rather than frustrating, and the nearby wraith-killing statues were well-placed so that we get enough action but not suffering from too much health loss. Other gameplay elements were more well-known tasks, with a short pushie puzzle that can be started by propping up the floor underneath, as well as using a mechanical beetle to deactivate spikes...classic TR4 moments (and quite fitting for the title). Texturing in the level was lovely, and the green and blue tinged lighting was both suitable for the setting as well as looking nice. Objects were well placed and blended in with the environment, and the aforementioned skellies and other enemies were also placed where necessary, and not in annoying places where I would need to stand still and perform a slow-moving task while getting slowly chopped to bits by the skellie's swords. I found one secret, tucked in sneakily underneath a bridge. On a sad note, the level ended extremely abruptly in the middle of a corridor. There was no visible signs of the outdoors from here which made me wonder just how Lara managed to escape. A nice finishing fly-by tops off this short and relatively easy level nicely." - Spike (02-Jan-2008)

"More : I dunno why but I always loved Catacomb levels, and I guess I always will. We find back some of the most appreciated moments of BtBCatacombs, as an inspiration and it is really worth a look. Beautifully lighted, fluent gameplay, diversified actions (really enjoyed the acrobatic beginning). Sounds and enemies are placed exactly where they should be. Less : Secrets are rather easy to find. Debut sequence is a bit unrealistic in my opinion (due to the sky mainly). End flyby is not really perfect, however transitions are well-thought. I don't understand why the level ended like this, as if christoph decided one day to cut his level off cause he was fed up with it. 30 minutes." - Neso (24-Dec-2007)

"Raiding these Catacombs were a great delight, as the setting is done with a lot of care, and the lighting is superb. The puzzles are easy , the gameplay very fluent, not a lot of enemies but rather well used, and a great time run at the end if you are playing the hardest version. Alas, not too long level, about 30-35 minutes, the level ends with a great flyby of the areas visited. Well done." - eRIC (20-Oct-2007)

"We get a moment here indeed, a moment to remember one of the previous Back to Basics competitions. Too bad this level didn't make it back then but even now it was nice playing it. I failed though to see much difference between the easy and hard version. Anyway the enemies are beetles, wraiths and a timed run, that some might have a hard time to master. You have to find stars, use moveable objects and in other words you get the usual stuff from a classic catacomb level. It was a fun level to play no doubt." - Kristina (18-Jan-2007)

"'Moments' is the correct choice of words here,as this short level is all about them.The sort of moments from the catacomb experience that we all know and love.I'm not entirly sure of the point of this level aside from the desire to put together and/or play a 'best of' compilation. If that is the case,then this level certainly delivers and you're guaranteed a half-an-hour of action packed,reasonably demanding,entertainment. However it's hard to objectively rate Gameply as it's all been done before: wraiths pursuing you until you locate the 'cross statue' in the nick of time;skeletons trying to push you off ledges;a Crowbar to locate in order to pry Star pieces off walls;pushable objects (including the 'sinking floor' variant);boulders;timed runs.Fast and furious fun,but nothing unexpected. Nonetheless it's all put together with skill and finesse and you'll have lots of (familiar) fun. A good enough recommendation for anyone,surely?" - Orbit Dream (26-Nov-2006)

"Not a bad level. Typical puzzles easy to solve on a half-lineal gameplay. Poor weapons (I only found the shotgun near the end), correct enemies and secrets not hard to find. Sounds are poor too and lights and textures quite good. The timed run near the end can seem to be very hard, but if you use the lower parts of the ceiling near the walls in the short jumps you'll not have problems. A level which can be played." - Jose (14-Sep-2006)

"Although not one of my favorites"The Catacombs", you can't deny that this is a little gem. Apart from the timed run as that took me ages to master (played the hard version and I am not good at timed runs with jumping) I had a great time. I had to add some medipacks as the wraith wouldn't leave Lara alone, even when she climbed in the cross statue which she can't do LOL." - Gerty (24-Aug-2006)

"This level is released in two versions: one normal and one supposedly harder. I played the hard one first and the normal right afterwards. The second time around it took me less than half the time and I found both secrets, but otherwise there are so few changes that they're hardly even noticeable. This is a classic catacomb level, with all the simple charm that comes along with it and the elements that belong here. There is in fact not one single enemy here that can be killed by Lara(apart from the possibility of knocking a few skellies off their ledges if you can find the shotgun): apart from the mentioned skeletons you'll also encounter wraiths and beetles. There is a mechanical beetle that will come quite in handy and you'll also need a crowbar for retrieving two golden stars. It's a relatively easy level and not too many puzzles to be found, it's more about finding your way around in the catacombs. A charming level which is among the better adventures belonging in this category with plenty of atmosphere, lovely texturing and a near perfect use of lights. If you would like a simple, but enjoyable afternoon raid this will be well worth it. Nice, clean-cut and classic raiding recommended for everyone." - Selene (19-Aug-2006)

"If you like traditional catacomb style raiding you'll love this one. It's short, but all the ingredients are present and correct - gold stars, skellies, wraiths, the darling little mechanical beetle, spikes, boulders, a tight timed run (that made me wonder if I should have tried the easier version) and an ending that will leave you gasping for breath. An absolutely ideal filler level for when you want a nice uncomplicated classic raid." - Jay (19-Aug-2006)

"A short level that takes place in the catacombs. May not be the most exciting of places, but they often provide some good gameplay in a small package. You almost always know where to go, enemies and traps are placed well and pose a good challenge, and the rooms are done nicely too. Lighting is done well and makes the place look authentic. There really aren't any extraordinary thrills here, except for the timed run near the end (in the harder version) which was fun to do. Overall, it's a good 30 minute adventure that shouldn't be overly difficult for beginners." - Relic Hunter (11-Aug-2006)

"Almost two years after Back to Basics, here is another level that would have made a great addition to the competition back then. You get all the classic catacomb elements mixed together in a rather nice looking setting that shows all the experience of the seasoned builder that christoph is by now and it keeps the player entertained for half an hour in a fairly linear and not too difficult gameplay. The two secrets are not too hard to find and the enemies actually quite annoying because often difficult to kill or avoid (beetles, wraiths, skeletons). I found the 'harder' version of the level (which can be downloaded from the levelinfo page) to be absolutely identical except for two additional wraiths and a tighter timed run near the end." - MichaelP (09-Aug-2006)

"The level starts off with Lara being chased by beetles, you can't turn around and go back up the slope so your only choice is to fall into the hole. Luckly there is water below. Lara has to find the crowbar for the stars embedded in the walls and the mechanical scarab-we all know what that is for. I found one secret which was the shotgun. The textures are well suited for this level, lighting is good as well as gameplay is very smooth. After a long shimmy along a wall there is a good slide jumping part. Eventually you reach water, while being chased by a spirit there is only one speed while swimming so you take a bit of punishment. Once you get out of the water and pull a switch music starts, is there a battle around the corner? No, a tricky but fun run, jump and grab over many platforms timed sequence. The big doors close behind you as your running for your life because skellies, spirits and a mummy are chasing you. Thats it,it's done. So I'm left wondering, why did Lara fall into the temple and did she ever get out. I hope there is a part 2 so I can find out." - Elsa (08-Aug-2006)

"You can play either easier version or harder version of this level. I played the harder version and that wasn't too hard at all so I suggest to play that version. Of course I don't how hard is the easier version because I haven't played that but I'm quite sure that the harder version makes much more fun. This is very same kind of level as the original catacomb level in TR4 and it is designed pretty well. Highlight of this level is absolutely the timed run near the end of the level and that is really fun. It's quite challenging but I think that it's not too hard even for beginners. If not counting that timed run, tasks in this level are actually quite easy and it would have been nice if there had been more challenges in this level. This is still very nice catacomb level and worth to play." - Samu (07-Aug-2006)

"A bit difficult level to review... Gameplay is quite easy and you always know where to go. I was never stuck, which is a good thing in my book. There were a few skeletons, but I never had to kill any to get past them. The level was rather short, I finished it in about 25 minutes. Atmosphere is nice, and the catacomb textures are also nice, although maybe a bit bland for players used to customized textures. But it's a nice nostalgic touch. Play it if you want a good half an hour of raiding. Note: I played the normal version found on Laraslevelbase, not the hard version." - Thorir (03-Aug-2006)
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