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Tomb Raider Revelations 2 - The Golden Mask by Roli
Akcy 9 10 9 10
DJ Full 7 8 9 8
eRIC 9 8 8 7
Gerty 8 8 10 8
Jay 8 8 9 10
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
Jose 8 8 8 10
Kristina 8 8 8 8
manarch2 7 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 8 9 8
Obig 9 8 9 9
Phil 9 9 9 9
Ravenwen 10 9 10 9
Ryan 9 8 9 9
TheStig 8 7 8 9
Treeble 7 7 8 7
young Lara Croft 8 8 10 9
release date: 30-Aug-2006
# of downloads: 2277

average rating: 8.50
review count: 17
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file size: 89.90 MB
file type: TR4
class: nc

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Reviewer's comments
"This is a very enjoyable and fulfilling game that gradually increases in challenge, difficulty and complexity as it progresses. The first three levels are rather simple to follow though nonetheless entertaining, but it really gets itself into gear in levels four and five with a whole host of timed runs and block puzzles (I found the multi-level push puzzle in The Golden Valley to be well thought out despite the tedium of pulling and pushing). Every level is pleasing to the eye also, and I had a good time here." - Ryan (28-Jun-2017)
"The Way: Roli's craft awakes though texturing is sometimes a bit odd - it seems the guy noticed how underdone it was so he cared too much and went straight to overdone. This is a dense, colorful little world, and really enjoyable. The Shiva fight is more than satisfying and the only definitely wrong thing is certain off-portal transparency. The Tomb of Golden Mask: Possibly a remake of the AOD tomb level, a shorter one and very straightforward but we already have a plot twist. The secret ladder could be marked better and I would use the underwater theme without repeat. In the Desert might be what Titia looked at and thought "I'll show you how to do canyons", however this little one has proper mood already. But this is Egypt, not Wild West, so I was surprised when cowboys and Indians appeared anyway. The section has intense platforming and after a classic TNT breach we land in The Tomb. Not only I thought the author should work on smoother level jumps but the place also looked like Roman or Greek cistern, after which we hop straight to The Golden Valley which resembles like Peru. That last one has something I don't like: unmarked death triggers and climb inconsistency. The shading could be less intense or we could get more flares, and the final pushable was clever though it could have one less level to cover. Instead I liked the moment when a block became climbable, haven't seen that one for quite long. And the boss enemy was really fitting. Eventually I grabbed the reward and happily found out this time the levelset includes a proper conclusion. SUMMARY: Still with seams and lacking texturing transitions, it's a huge visual step forth, but the plot is really poor compared to the author's previous works - the whole thing feels like he just grabbed a bunch of unrelated levels and forced them into a common release. Overall a nice short varied thing to take on before or after Roland's major pieces." - DJ Full (26-Jun-2016)
"Talking about diversity! This level set was amazing! The puzzles are pretty simple, the key is usually found within the proximity of the game you need to open, those types of chores were similar and I kinda got used to that, so there's no problem and the complexity may be easy to medium. There are about two-three timed runs, one of them will require a lot of jumping and some climbing so prepare yourself! Some minor issues that I had were the raising block puzzle at the end of the last level, it was pretty soliciting and time consuming because I got it wrong the first time so I had to consult the walkthrough. Like I said in the beginning the diverse areas in this set will keep anyone hooked into playing. One great thing you'll find in all the levels is the extraordinary use of color! I was simply delighted to walk through such well designed locations with nice textures and lights, kudos to Roli for his artistic sense. In conclusion : I would recommend this set to all who are looking for a great adventure!" - young Lara Croft (25-Mar-2014)
"I leave this level set with mixed feelings. I was actually enjoying my time here, although the levels are notably simple you're always on the move to the next objective, so it's always clear where you have to go or what you have to do. The levels get increasingly bigger until we reach the turning point: a three layered pushblock puzzle near the end of the fifth level. It might have been on me, but I did happen to read the reflected floors wrong so when I thought I'd finished the puzzle I was left in a dead end. I then checked the walthrough to realize I had moved the cube to the wrong spots and had to do the whole thing all over again. Other than that, any gripes I might have had were quite minor. There was one timed run that also seemed to be a bit too long, but proved to be fun to attempt and not actually difficult to execute. I particularly loved the inclusion of some of the movie tunes. 100 minutes, 2 secrets. 03/14" - Treeble (21-Mar-2014)
"This five-parter is a clear improvement over the first level of the Revelations series, but it seems to be a bit overrated for me. The levels get longer and longer (10/10/15/20/30 minutes), mostly with increasing difficulty but also quality. While the first level was easy but rather fun, although with too inappropriate dark shadows throughout the whole level, the second level mainly consisted of a very large room where some levers were placed on top and at the bottom and Lara has to backtrack all the way when using one of them, which was very boring for me, made worse by the fact there were no cameras and only rough guidance by the arrow textures. Many objects were half-floating in the air and the object design didn't work so well with the graphics; in general I didn't like the atmosphere of this level which contained of too eclectically chosen elements. Both first secrets (one in either of the first levels) are hidden via an unmarked ladder which wasn't very nice. The third level was visually the most appealing with a great desert/canyon setting and a nice starting flyby that sets the mood, but there were some low walls and thus created end-of-the-world moments; I also think some areas (e.g. the swamp) were too boxy. The snake pit at the end was a good idea but it was way too dark in here. The fourth level was the most flowing of the five, with straightforward and rather fast-paced gameplay and some really atmospheric areas (e.g. the pool room or the room that later gets flooded); still it was too dark for my taste and I found a few beginner mistakes like paper-thin walls; there were no real enemies in this level despite the heavy weapons found in the other parts. The fifth level starts with a fantastic flyby of a lava river and perhaps was the most atmospheric of the set - nicely reminiscent of the TR Gold level "Furnace of the Gods", but right from the start the gameplay felt a bit flawed, with unmarked spike traps, a timed run that can be skipped with some easy jumps up the side blocks and finally an overly long block puzzle that can be twice as long if you (like me) misunderstood the hint in the mirror. In the room where you find the mask, there are more unmarked ladders, but I liked the pushable block that turns to a solid one using a flipmap. The two mazes in this level were more than unnecessary; just like in the previous level, there weren't many enemies and only towards the end, most of which can only be avoided (the golden cats) or be shot with the pistols (the knights) so that I never found a real usage for, say, the grenade launcher, which was a bit disappointing. Summarizingly a solid 75 minute game that definately has its moments and shows glimpses of the builder's skills in designing great looking rooms, but many areas seem to be mostly uninspired and gameplay often feels too ordinary and pedestrian. Found all five secrets." - manarch2 (15-Feb-2013)
"Here's another gem that I somehow missed the first time around. It's a five-parter, and each of the parts is different so that a variety of settings is provided, all of them quite pleasing to the eye. The first three are mere tuneups, requiring fifteen minutes or so each, but you'll spend close to an hour each in the last two. The difficulty level also intensifies as you progress, so that when you're getting close to the end you're faced with some death-defying tasks and mind-bending puzzles. I particularly liked the multi-level pushpiece puzzle near the end. Levels such as these are the reason most of us play Tomb Raider - to have an extended gaming experience that's rewarding and challenging and - best of all - costs us nothing other than the fertile imagination and untold hours devoted by the builders for the benefit of the raiding community. High recommendations." - Phil (30-Dec-2010)
"A quest for a golden mask composed of 5 levels , the first 3 being rather short and easy while the last 2 longer and more challenging. I really enjoyed then some of the smart puzzles along the game and the actions with plenty of small challenges. The great timed door in the fiery golden lava area was highly enjoyable and not very hard, at least easier than the shortest one in the previous level where you have to flip a switch and hop on blocks. Many traps in the last portions of the game, it is quite possible not to loose health at all while dealing with swinging spikey bags and blades, too bad there is also a 'booby trap' without any warning in the beginning of the last level. This particular level is the most atmospheric of the set , also the most convincing textures wise, as the others are a mixed bag except for the desert level which is coherent. Texturing and lighting are average, yet decent. Recommended to play for the variety of environments and for some good ideas. The 2 mirror rooms in the end are great." - eRIC (24-Feb-2008)
"The early levels are rather short and easy, but as we move on, the adventure gets more and more difficult with numerous traps, great timed runs and puzzles. I especially liked the mirror floored ones. There weren't many enemies but they were varied, and fit to the atmosphere of each level, a couple of shivas, cowboys and indians in the desert, wraiths, beautiful golden cats, and some strange stationary ones who didn't pose a treat but they were cool nontheless. The crawling skeleton was a nice touch. The last level was quite dark, and I ran out of flares, so a few more could have been helpful, still I liked it the most. Great texturing and good music throughout the whole adventure. Fantastic job Roli, congratulations." - Akcy (20-Nov-2007)
"The first level"The Way" lasted fifteen minutes and had shivas, a guardian key to find and many boulders. The setting is attractive and I found one secret. The second level"The Tomb of Golden Mask" has hands holding lamps on the walls which were a great effect. The setting resembles the tomb from AOD, it had underwater areas and a rolling ball plus tinmen and lasted ten minutes. I also found one secret. Third level"In the Desert" was twenty minutes long and had a dark pit full of snakes and unfortunate travelers that you see their remains, cowboys and Indians as enemies and the setting was desert like. I found one secret here. The fourth level"The Tomb" was longer about thirty five minutes with many traps, spikes, spike bags, fire traps and moving blocks. There were only bats as enemies and very few enemies in general in the entire game. I found two secrets. The last level,"The Golden Valley" had golden rivers around and a long timed run that you had to jump on blocks through one of those golden rivers, climb a ladder and jump again on blocks to master it. You need to find two masks and there were some nice mirrors on the floors that gave away switches and positions of objects or openings. At the end there were bulls and skeletons plus some creatures from the waste up only, creepy. I think the best level was the last one. Give this one a try." - Kristina (09-Apr-2007)
"This is a beautiful and well-constructed set of five levels, which uses many elements (textures, sounds etc) from all the originals and features a very pretty Lara model. In her quest for the Golden Mask, Lara explores an impressive variety of locations that are genially combined to make up a quite inventive and entertaining game. Many areas that you get to visit bring up memories of the classics, however at the same time they have a special uniqueness about them, a new feel. The enemies do not disappear, like in the first TRs, and several of the traps and trials that you have to pass through remind many classic gameplay moments. The lighting effects are very good, but some areas were too dark, making the gameplay a bit stressing. The first three levels are rather easy, especially if you are an experienced player; but with the start of the fourth you realise that there is a complete change in the scenery, as you are called to pass a series of tough traps, solve challenging puzzles and make it safe through areas that are not friendly at all. This feeling builds up as you move on in the level, and reaches its zenith in the last one, which is a real revelation. What a magnificent way to end this level series, in a beautiful golden realm that is a reminiscent of Furnace of the Gods from TRGM, only the puzzles and trials in this one are much tougher! Among other interesting things that you are called to complete, you have to make a quite long and tight timed run which involves jumping above lethal gold, pole-climbing and ladders; and special mention should be made about the two very well-set and inventive mirror-room puzzles in the second half. Absolutely recommended!" - Ravenwen (25-Dec-2006)
"This 5-level adventure is fantastic. The textures are various and beautiful, and also the added sound that are mostly from Legend. The challenges become more difficult gradually with each levels, but not so much that it would disappoint anybody. I can only congratulate to the author, it can be seen that the standard rised higher and I am sure that he will yet surprise us with great adventures. Keep it up Roli! :) 1. The Way: This is level is for warming up a bit. There are falling rocks, swinging blades and wraiths. It is important to get the MP5 and the Laer Sight, but you will also need a stone and a key for getting on. The enemies are only two more Shivas. You have to look out well in the environments, because you always get some clues about where to go or where to push moving objects. There is only one secret on the level, the Shotgun. 2. The Tomb of Golden Mask: This level is also great. Mostly we are exploring a main room, in a sunken temple. We have to go up and down the upper floor several times while pulling levers, but we'll get some hints where to go also here. :-) We have to walk the tightrope here too. The enemies are some bats and ancient warriors. The textures are great on this level as well. Here you get some infos for the moving of the statues also, just look round well. :) There is one secret on the level. 3. In the desert: I liked this level very much. TR3 Nevada was always one of my favourites. The author gave it even a little more colour. The enemies are vultures, cowboys; among them gunmen and even a horseman too. But if you blast the latter one he won't have enough time to get onto the horse again. There are also redskins with tomahawks and some snakes in the deep of an chasm. You have to find two keys in order to move on and there are two secrets too. There is a glitch at the 4th secret. If you don't look out how to jump up onto the rock, you may get stucked, so you better save before. :) Anyways, the level has a great feeling. :) 4. The Tomb: The challenges are already harder here. There are not much enemies, but there are more of puzzles and they are various. You have to pass through moving spiky bags, even underwater, and there are also timed runs and jumps on the level. You will get the Grenade Launcher in the secret, but you don't need it on this level. The textures suit the level and the are various. The last but one room of the level was a great idea. I almost fall back when I stepped onto the floortile and the skeleton crawled onto it opening the door. LOL 5. The Golden Valley: Now this level is hard. There are many challenges that has to be solved within a tight time frame, although the first can be cheated so it can be made without using medipacks. The enemies are bats, knights, skeletons and some immortal golden lions. Many of the puzzles are annoying, but this is something that we need a little bit. You have to run from falling balls and spiky mangles and also you have to find the way in the labyrinths before the wraiths eat us up. Neither the end of the level is easy. You have to avoid death while sliding down, and also there you need to find a way to reach the helicopter. There is a block-pushing on the level, and also something new: how to make a movable block climbable. :) You can find a walkthrough, savegames and pictures here:" - Obig (20-Dec-2006)
"This one can be played without the included TR4 exe file, now I don't know if this was the patch or just the EXE that goes with the LE as I only played it on the Mac, so Mac players, no problem with starting this one up. All the levels are beautiful done, eye candy that is for sure, but they are a bit bare. Here you visit beautiful areas and there is only item to be found or one manoeuvre to do. The next level takes place again in a beautiful crafted huge room and now we have some more action, as there are levers to pull and cages to rise. Probably did some illegal jumping down towards the ground floor cause I never figured out what the levers did and what the arrows were for. Afterwards I understood that the arrows do give a direction, instead of a camera shot, I like this new idea. The desert area is also huge and I obviously missed one secret here. The last two levels in this epic have more action, more to do and more to find, especially in the last level. There are new things to see and new puzzles and I do like the mirror floor idea. However the puzzle with the pushing pawn, that one eluded me for quite a while though, but I got it finally in the end. Nice use of flip maps and also the added music is a big plus. I loved the textures that are used here but there is one gripe I have that overall it was too dark and even the flares I got, they must have been of poor quality as they burned out too quick and I needed more than I found." - Gerty (13-Oct-2006)
"The Way (6/8/8/8, 15 min, 1 secret): A bit of a dark start here, not too much to do with a few enemies and a few boulder traps. Choice of objects and audio works really well though right from the start.
The Tomb of Golden Mask (7/8/9/8, 15 min, 1 secret): Very AoD like level with a huge central room that Lara gets sent up and down and around in. Nicely designed flooding of the area.
In the Desert (7/8/8/8, 20 min, 2 secrets): Total change of place, now in a rocky desert outside. There are Cowboys and Indians to fight, a cool snake pit and a nice explosion.
The Tomb (8/7/9/9, 30 min, 1 secret): Clearly a step upin the challenge of this adventure. Boulders, spike bags, teeth doors, burners and more traps are in your way. You get to push blocks around, flood rooms, use ropes and even four very quick 'element rooms'. Again it is a bit dark in places but serves the atmosphere well. Great fun this part!
The Golden Valley (8/9/9/9, 30 min): The grande finale even beats the previous part. Very impressive River of Gold that you have to maneuvre around and a fabulous and not so easy timed run/jump/climb to master. Also a nice idea with the mirror floor rooms, even though the push object sequence gets a bit tedious. And the pitch black little maze was rather unnecesary too near the end. But the catbull and the seahags in the ground make up for it.
All in all, an impressive series of levels with nicely growing complexity and challenge. Definitely worth a try! And I thought the Load screens were all very well done too." - MichaelP (08-Oct-2006)
"Another level with the "exe" modified which produces more slots to save the games, enemies doesn't disappear, a red environment when you light a flare,... In the second level I missed some cameras to show the actions of the wall switches. In the third level when I saw the horse I think that the cowboy should mount, but I didn't happen and when the man died the horse disappeared. In the fourth level I didn't need to use the second pole in the lava room with two poles (?); it was the best level for me. Last level is quite dark, but where are the flares? The very long timed run over the yellow is not good 'cause till the last moment you don't know if you succeed and it's normal that you have to reload many times or save many times during the task ignoring if you'll get it. But architecture and scenaries are very good, as textures too; puzzles are simply and well known but funny; no much pickups and a lot of traps make this adventure very playable." - Jose (05-Oct-2006)
"This five parter starts off quite gently, with no difficult actions to achieve and short, linear levels, but gradually gets more devious and challenging until the final level, which is really exhilarating. The Way: The initial rooms are rather dark, but when you light a flare they're full of beautiful colours - not to mention boulders. Just as I was beginning to be lulled into a false sense of security by the magnificence of my surroundings, I got trapped in a small space with two angry Shivas, which improved my concentration no end. The Tomb of Golden Mask: More gorgeous scenery and a few enemies to deal with. Tightrope walking too and I admit I'm not a fan, but it's a small personal nitpick. In the Desert: You get to play cowboys and Indians with the local baddies in this part. Also there's a torch to find, but I think it was just to provide some illumination in the snake pit. Yes, I did say snake pit. Enjoy. The Tomb: Ouch, there's a swim through spike bag alley in this part that takes a bit of doing and a really nicely devised timed run, plus a great animation of a skeleton dragging itself on to a trigger tile to open a door. The Golden Valley. It sounds like a delightful pastoral setting but the golden part refers to the deadly waters and the whole place is an assault course with a definite spiky theme. There's also the most incredible timed run, some excellent variations on the mirror room and a maze inhabited by tin men and fire wraiths. I took several goes to get down the slides past the slicing blades and finally achieved it with some health left, only to be gored to death by a bull, lol, but finally managed to struggle outside to find the helicopter and end the game. Good fun." - Jay (02-Oct-2006)
"Very nice set of levels that start fairly easily and slowly gain momentum until you have to ask yourself, in the end, if you'll be able to make it - but that's because of the severe shortage of medipacks, which is why this otherwise perfect game gets a 9 for gameplay. Good variety of settings and tasks, ok lighting, timed runs, puzzles, some enemies and an atmosphere... I liked Revekations 2 from the beggining to the end, safe for that lack of medipacks. Be advised but don't leave it aside, it's worth your while." - Jorge22 (10-Sep-2006)
"A great effort here from Roli and a thoroughly enjoyable level to play. Each level is well thought out and the game flows in a progressive (if a little linear) way. Nice use of a customised TR4 executable to get infinite draw distance, different flare effects and health bars too. I liked the very cinematic opening, and nice choice of ambient music. Camera work is of a high-standard and also well placed to help the player (showing the paths for timed runs etc). The texturing and lighting are verging on stunning, but I found the texturing of the last level the golden tomb a little flat in places (though still superbly lit). Locations have been given atmosphere without being excessively dark, and I appreciate the effort taken in the 'tomb of ancients from AOD' style chambers. My only real gripe is the odd combination of objects/enemies in places. The majority of the environments feature roman-gothic textures and objects, but mid game you find yourself fighting Indian shiva's. While these help with the action, they seemed moderately out of place. Be warned also, that medi-packs are small in number here. The later levels feature some great puzzles and a few occasions where I really did jump out of my seat with surprise. I only found myself stuck on two occasions. Firstly where I couldn't find the detonator key for some dynamite, and the second was on a frustrating jump sequence up a set of steps to a timed door in the level 'The Tomb'. I completed the levels in approximately 4 hours 20 minutes. Overall an outstanding third release here Roli, that I really enjoyed playing. I look forward to your next levels. Thanks TheStig(Dave)" - TheStig (08-Sep-2006)